while hunting around on ticketmaster the other day for a surprise christmas gift for the holbserino (a surprise gift which he would have been SO SURPRISED ABOUT had he not already tricked me into spilling my guts... i swear, brandon and his christmas mind games... and i cave under pressure so hard), i happened to spot tickets for a band of horses acoustic set at the manhattan center. i freaked my freak and bought them on the spot.... didn't even bother to text brandon to see if he could get off work early or anything... and then i realized immediately after it was too late,  that's THIS TUESDAY!?!?!

one mad scramble to find a sitter later and, taduh! it's like we're cool people who do cool things or something. 

it was a very beard-y night. BEARDS!

i listened to a lot of band of horses while living in idaho and yearning for the next part of life to start, and it was kind out-of-body to hear it live, only here. somewhere else entirely. i love the transformative experience of a really great chord progression, and i especially love living in a city where all of my favorite bands perform on the regular. this acoustic set was magic. 

and now, here's something pretty for your wednesday afternoon.
i felt really timid about recording until i realized i was like the only person in there not recording. hah
(sorry so shaky?)

p.s. someone on instagram requested some general specific. ya welcome!


  1. so funny you posted this... my friend posted SO many instagram photos last night from practically the same spot in the crowd... you could have been neighbors at the concert ;)

  2. YES! Band of Horses + beards (ginger and otherwise) = recipe for awesome sauce!

  3. i love how music can be so nostalgic especially when you're in a better time in your life and you can reflect back to a past time and be instantly transformed there and be even happier about where you've been and where you are now. does that make any sense at all?? anyway, great gift idea!

  4. i LOVE band of horses. so jealous!!

  5. I used to LOVE Band of Horses -- the first two albums were amazing... then I sort of forgot about them. Thank you for posting this and reminding me how much I adore their music!

  6. True Story: I've never heard any of their music. Pretty excited to check them out! i love what you wrote about listening to their music now, as a more complete person. sometimes i'll go through playlists from college or while on tour and i think how very different i must have been to have listened to the music that i was. but if i hear one of those songs - woosh, right back to that moment. (i was going to write something about how i'll sit for you guys anytime bc i'm in the uws, too, but then that felt abnormally creepy to write in a blog post comment box of someone i don't actually know. so instead, i'll wish you easy babysitter finding forever and ever ;)

  7. I LOVE The General Specific, and of course Band of Horses, too. Great post, wish I could have been at that show!

  8. I love Band of Horses.

  9. Detlef Schrempf! DETLEF SCHREMPF!!


    Which is to say, Detlef Schrempf is one of my fave songs from Band of Horses (my husband introduced me to their lovely music several years ago). I'm rapt you guys got to go, yay!

    And please, more vids of you singing! You have a beautiful voice. I'm a singer like you and sometimes, like you, I wonder if I was a coward in not pursuing music more seriously (I'm currently a soprano soloist in a chorale, on the side, so...I guess I'm pursuing it in a way, but not know?).


    If you like Band of Horses (OMG, sounding-like-Amazon much?!), methinks you'd like Sun Kil Moon, if you don't already. Two of my faves from them are Moorestown and Carry Me Ohio.

  10. Aaah so jealous! BOH is one of my favs and i love love love this version of the funeral.

  11. That's so amazing that you were able to see them live! I love Band of Horses! The Funeral!!!

  12. This would be have been a dream come true for my husband too! Way to go.

  13. They're one of my favorite bands, yet I talked myself out of buying tickets to see them here in Chicago a week or two ago. Sounds like it was a great show! I love last minute plans like that, too... so fun!

  14. ahhh the funeral. that song is just so good. and hearing it live? even better.


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