"hello? hello spring? spring, is that you?" 

the other day i passed a man on the street in a charcoal pea coat wearing a dark green beret and brown leather boat shoes. he was eating chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone and was crossing the street at 72nd and broadway. he was sort of squat but also terribly classy. his paisley scarf was tied cravat-style around his neck, and he sported a terribly lovely, amazingly bushy, wiry white beard. i thought for a second that it was almost positively the ghost of ernest hemingway. i am considering it a springtime good omen, though it is ridiculously too cold out for chocolate ice cream.

a few other things making me terribly happy this week (warning: mostly silly and unnecessary things ahead):

△ passover food! passover food! i'm sorry, i just really love passover food. △
 △our wanderlust is returning after a depressing cooped-up season indoors. huck is ready! △
△ i tried my hand at that stupid imadeface app in a moment of severe boredom the other night. i took me a full twenty minutes to put these together and not only does it look nothing like us, it didn't even make me feel like i'd accomplished anything? so surprising. also, to quote brandon when i showed him my masterpiece,  "oh . . . uh . . . okay." 
△ number of days this month where i haven't had to wear my level-three down coat to go outside and where the sun has shone her pretty face for longer than an hour: TWO! two is one more than one anyway? △ 
△ nearly two weeks later and this photo of huck at the intrepid still makes me stupidly happy. 
△ i am hatching a plan to move us down to the flatiron district when our lease is up later this year. basically it requires that brandon's long-standing belief that he would one day win a trillion dollars in the lottery finally come true. 
△ ranunculus and irish soda bread with fig butter. it feels springy in our apartment at least! 
△ there is a homeless man bleating like a sheep at me from across the room right now. (don't worry it is thursday-writing-in-cafĂ©-day, i am not at home!) i don't know, but it's something! △
△ his holy highness the king of cuteness just keeps on getting cuter . . . and also more demanding quesion mark? ;) △
△ sunshine beaming down on the cabs on sixth avenue yesterday. that sunshine felt so. freaking. good. △

△ some really, really fun things in the works this summer! i can barely contain myself. △ 
△ brace yourself. this place gets weird when it warms up. △
 △ theeeeeese boyyyyyys! 

and yes, all of these photos are crummy cell phone photos you've likely already seen on instagram because i'm laaaaaazy. 

oh also these!


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE huck's little suspenders! so cute! not so cute are those horrifying creepy bunny people. hahah!

    and isn't imadeface so fun? looks like some happy times around you!


  2. Love these photos. Especially the first one. He's such a cute cool-looking kid ;)

  3. What is this intriguing fig-butter that you have and where in phoenix do they sell it? I must find it. I must try it.

  4. Sooo cuuuute!

  5. I just. I just really liked this post. It made me feel all sorts of happy and spring. Even though it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

  6. i just really enjoyed this. so many great and random things.
    your kid is the cutest.


  7. Found your blog through sincerely, laura. It's amazing. And funny. And awesome. So happy to be your newest follower.

    The Nautical Owl

  8. Your commentary is awesome :D
    I love your husbands response to your imadeface masterpiece. That's exactly what my husband would say...

    1. I feel like Natalie may have preemptively known that because that's pretty much the same facial expression his imadeface portrait is making.

      I'm also so ready for spring, this last stretch of winter has been far too gray and grumpy. BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!

  9. huck with the umbrella is maybe the cutest thing i've seen all day. that kid just gets cuter and cuter, i swear.

  10. I loooooove writing in cafe makes my soul happy:) Your little one is adorable and full of spunk, isn't he?

  11. PRETZEL CROISSANT from city bakery!!! Yes. So good, seriously the best.

  12. This just made me laugh out loud multiple times at my desk. thanks :)

  13. Ha, your illustrations remind me of Daria!

  14. I love ranunculi too (spellcheck taught me that word, I was going for ranunculuses). We bought a ran. plant at home depot this week for our balcony table, it's making me so happy. Aren't they amazing!

    We are also dog sitting this week in our apartment...I keep thinking of you and your dogs...dogs in apartments are crazy!!! Cats FTW!

  15. I'll take your crummy cell phone photos any ol' day of the week! And can we just continue the conversation about the picture of Captain Huck steering? modeling? the Intrepid?! I feel like I need to set a personal goal to make that face at least once a day. xoxo

  16. I love your photo dumps and Huck's funny faces. Gosh he's the most adorablest.

  17. Pleaseeeeeeeeee universe, let me move to NYC.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Your pictures illustrate my dreams.

  18. Gosh Natalie! I love your blog. It makes my day! You're such a fun person!

  19. You live in the best place and have the cutest son! Jealous girl over here.

  20. pops of spring! flowers! umbrellas! sun!! yes! enjoy!

  21. He's so cute. And I don't mind seeing your Instagram photos again! ;) love your blog!


  22. Huck kills me.. I get my daily cuteness fix from that boy! And I actually think your imadeface pix look really good!

  23. Henny is so cute :) i love seeing his little face :) yay for boys!
    i need some of that fig jam and some awesome bread - it's SNOWING here today after having 75 degrees earlier in the week. this is not cool...

  24. picture of huck @ the intrepid - best thing I've seen all week.

  25. My two-year-old just pointed at the picture and said "Elmo!" c:

  26. Huck is super stylin, just like his Mommy. I love his little pants and suspenders.

    Also, I do kind of think that the imadeface pic of Brandon looks like him. Haha.

  27. It's neeeever too cold for chocolate ice cream, though admittedly I might not eat it outside this time of year ;)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  28. WOMAN!


    Where did you get that gorgeous blue "Cold Drinks" thingie in your hallway? Coveting!

    (Beautiful post, as always.)

  29. He's so well dressed! A very fashionable kidxx


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