perfect weekends are hard to come by. here is how ours went down. 

on friday night brandon looked at me terribly seriously and told me that it was going to be a relaxing weekend.

i was not to accept any social engagements.
we were not to leave the upper west side.
above all, we were going to take it EASY.

normally these kinds of declarations would make my hands go straight to my hips because, look. but actually it all sounded rather nice to me, so i patted brandon on the head and said, okay. you win this time, red.

so that is exactly what we did! n o t h i n g.
in the end it was probably the loveliest, most restorative weekend i've had in a good long while.
here's what all we did while we were busy not doing anything at all.

// a lot of our friends have spent recent weekends going apple picking upstate. i've super enjoyed all their photos on my instagram feed! they are not redundant one bit! but every time brandon or i start to talk about renting a car and making the trek up ourselves, we mostly just shrug at each other and ask, "why?" but these apples i picked up at trader joe's the other day--hand picked, even! (by somebody else)--tasted pretty darn good to me. eh, we'll make it up there one of these days.

// saturdays are for staying in your pajamas until as long as possible. huck and his "puppy-penguins!" are becoming one of those situations where i need a decoy set for when it's time for a wash. 

// a little fresh air after lunch at one of our favorite chinese places. central park was made for weekends.

// brandon and huck are movie-goers. any time a new movie comes into town (that isn't the smurfs, that's where i draw the line), they go together and check it out. this time i was invited (lucky me!). and when it was over we walked out of the theatre right behind george stephanopoulos and his wife. they probably weren't there to see cloudy with a chance of meatballs, but bygones. 

(p.s. if you like puns, then THIS MOVIE. i laughed a lot harder than i expected to. but then, this is humor-specific humor. brandon was all, this isn't that funny natalie, and i'm like, but it's a leek! in a boat! get it?)

// i got an itch for some serious baking this weekend, so as soon as we got home huck and i whipped us up some pumpkin bread. heavy on the chocolate chips, we know what we're doing.

// sunday morning cartoons and brandon's insane bed head. huck caught up on his backyardigans, i caught up on the second season of girls, a good time was had by all. (that ocd plot line totally stressed me out beeteedubs.) 

huck's at the age where he's really empathizing with the characters on the shows he likes, and embarrassing situations are hard for him to watch and gosh, it's cute. 

// ever since i discovered that a penny on the needle was all our record player needed in order to stop skipping, the record player has been back in action. when i was pregnant with huck i found this great vintage winnie the pooh record at the brooklyn flea market. we busted it out sunday afternoon and the sound of those old pops and fizzes and the look on huck's face as he listened was so good i about burst.

ready to be super productive this week or what?!
as my mother would say, 
"produce things!"

(i'm totally going to produce some more pumpkin bread because dang that junk was good.)

other bits of announcements:
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  1. Your weekend sounds super relaxing and brilliant. Sometimes, nothing beats doing nothing :)


  2. Everytime I see the Leek in the boat trailer I laugh for hours. "Aaaah!" Love it.
    -Emily Hansel

  3. How relaxing! It can be so nice to tune out the world and focus on family for a little bit. Love the pictures! :)

  4. So lovely. And, I randomly felt compelled last night to tell you that you seem like such a genuine soul with just a good and loving heart and I'm so glad for the ways you choose share it with us. Happy Monday!

  5. i am dying for a relaxing weekend. it's been all about stress with me lately. also, what's your pumpkin bread recipe? because it sounds delicious.

  6. deja vu right there... we had our no-social-activities weekend AND watched the last 2 episodes of girls too! Hannah Horvath is ONE weird girl. so is marnie. AND so is Shoshanna (but she's a hoot, so it's ok) but I still can't get enough of the show! we shoved all social activities into Friday night (naked and famous concert at terminal 5, engagement party on avenue A, and secret late night ramen on Houston) but Saturday was a stay-in-yo-pj's-all-day day, and we made over 100 dumplings on sunday. high five to THESE kinds of weekends!

  7. I definitely would have had a bit of a fan girl moment had I seen george haha, brings me back to my high school government class days!

  8. Sometimes its good to just relax and do family stuff. Im glad you had a perfect weekend :)

  9. Where is your sweatshirt from?? The one you are baking in. It is to die for.

  10. ohmygosh, Huck is too cute. I also went through that phase, much later in life and it was not nearly as cute! I still can't watch Boy Meets World. Oy.

  11. That bed hair is crazy! He's like a man boy... ;)

  12. Now i want to make pumpkin bread! :) thanks for the inspiration.

  13. honestly, i love nothing more than your writing. and you make me miss ny in the best way possible.


  14. What a perfect day! I love your shots of the park. You can practically smell autumn in the air :) And Huck's penguin shirt in the second to last pic is too cute! Where is it from?

  15. I love those weekends where you get to be still and not accomplish much besides basking in the glory of family. Those weekends really are the best.

    I love that Huckles enjoys the Backyardigans. I can't stand 99% of what's become of kid TV these days. (What, praytell, happened to Fraggle Rock? And Looney Tunes?!) But Phineas and Ferb makes me smile, and those Backyardigans? They're really something else. Especially when I watch it with my 4 year old niece and she starts singing along. (PS Watching with the 4 year old niece is the only time I watch Backyardigans. Just needed to put that out there.)

    This weather lately has got me sickeningly excited for Thanksgiving; I'm going to enjoy the weeks that lead up to it, but DANG if I'm not going home and making a paper chain count-down until my Thanksgiving festivities begin!

  16. Love spontaneously perfect weekends. It's like a nice restart to life

    Nice to see so many happy pictures



  17. a perfect weekend indeed. love slower weekends with less structured schedules! leaves time for all the warm, fuzzy family stuff to really take centre stage. good work, Holbrook family!

  18. This was a perfect New York weekend. Maybe we will get one or two more before it's too cold to do anything fun.

    Brandon's bedhead is amazing. What a guy to let you post that on the internet! He must like you a lot. This is what pretty much all of my weekends look like, so I definitely feel the love for pjs and pumpkin bread and not leaving your neighborhood.

  19. sounds like a lovely weekend! i'm glad you listened to brandon.

  20. Sounds dreamy, My husband and I took our 23 month old apple picking and came up with the grand total of two apples. All of the good ones were too high up for my husband to climb up to. We ended hitting up the grocery store on the way home since I was all mentally salivating for some Fall-themed-cinnamon-apple goodness! So, don't feel bad about skipping the orchard!

  21. This sounds amazing!! Sometimes low key weekends are the best! I think it's so adorable they hit up the movies together!! Loving Huck's PJs!!


  22. Sounds like absolute heaven, Natalie! Also, I love your couch. Where is it from??

  23. I loved Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, I went and saw it with my husband for my 22nd birthday haha! Who cares if I was the oldest one there! Plus I just caught up on Girls also, the OCD thing also made me feel weird. Whats up with the counting to 8 thing?!


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