make that an off broadway show.

we'd been meaning to see peter and the starcatcher on broadway for-everrrr. we have such soft spots for the boy who wouldn't grow up, and when we saw that a peter and the starcatcher date was available through HowAboutWe, our new sponsors, we jumped at the chance to finally see it. 

it's no longer on broadway, it's now off broadway at the new world stages, which is probably THE raddest venue i've ever seen. it's literally a multiplex . . . for plays. five shows going on all at once. it felt like such a uniquely new york experience down there.

the show itself is wonderful. i have a pretty low tolerance for broadway musicals--my secondhand-cringe gene is hyperactive--but this one blew me away. the bursting into song was minimal and well-used and the performances were all amazing and seriously. we ate the whole thing up. i haven't heard brandon laugh that hard in months.

so . . . we took a lot of photos in the lobby area during intermission. nights out just the two of us are so rare that we kind of get a little goofy pretty much right away. this has been such a huge blessing, getting to reconnect with that redheaded stinker of mine, so i will happily subject you to ALL of the stupid photos we took together. 

of course you should never take photos inside of a theatre, especially not of the stage . . . which means that as a cardholding ornery person i am contractually obligated to take at least one photo while inside anyway. so, here is that.

this post was sponsored by HowAboutWe, who have a special promo for new members in nyc. sign up for a new membership before 10/31 and get a free 3-hour cleaning from Get Maid. (having your house cleaned for you while you're out on a date? genius.) applies to new members only. Get Maid is available everywhere in manhattan and select areas of brooklyn and queens. click HERE for details.

p.s. on me
h&m shirt (a few years old)
madewell high riser skinny jeans
bass weejuns
bag c/o halston


  1. Pretty sure Brandon is almost always wearing some variation of jeans, button-up shirt and tennis shoes... so we don't need to know what he is wearing. ;) (p.s. This is my hubby's uniform too. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!)

  2. Just FYI, no "s" on "Starcatcher" :)

  3. Can you talk a bit more about this service? I went to site but don't want to enter my info in order to be able to learn about the "dates," and the majority of the FAQ is focused on the singles side of the site. I'm genuinely curious--how is this different than just buying the tickets (be they Yankees, plays, or whatever) yourself? What is the membership component? Do you pay to be a member and then pay for the dates themselves? Thanks!

  4. You guys are adorable! Love your matching jaunty look in the third to last photo. Yay for date nights!

  5. this looks like fun!
    have a great weekend

  6. Hi MM -- Jess from HowAboutWe here. Looks like you're on the Dating site! You can learn more about membership and view the dates on It's free to create an account. Membership gives you access to unique dates designed for two, rewards on things like movie tickets and car service, and free concierge. Plus, you get one free date a month. All our dates offer value, novelty and ease. You just pick the date you like and go! We make all the arrangements for you. - Jess

    1. Thanks, Jess! I appreciate the reply.

      It would be great if potential users could explore the site without creating account though, especially since your privacy policy indicates you share member account data with third parties. I guess that is life these days though.

  7. What an amazing date night! Peter Pan is my favorite book and I've wanted to see this show! You look lovely!

  8. So glad you are enjoying a great birthday week and a good date with your sweetie!

  9. Love this! It is one of the most encouraging things to me to see married couples who still date and nourish their partnership without the input of everything around sometimes.

  10. posts like this give me the warm fuzzies for city living. xx

  11. looks so fun! date nights are so important, all throughout life :)

  12. Enjoyed the read. I really would like to know what Brandon is wearing sometimes :) by hubby dresses similarly and is very difficult to shop for, so I don't. Maybe Brandon could guest post about how he feels about clothes and how he manages a wife that does care about clothes :) ... or something.

  13. So fun! I can't even remember what date night out without baby in tow feels like anymore ;)

  14. Off broadway show for the win! Seems like a wonderful play, and a must see! The only broadway I've seen is in London, and I must say I do miss it! Till next time I suppose haha!

    Your shirt is too lovely! :)


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