oh hey! hiiiiii. 

and now we have the very best of portland! according to me.

okay but first a shot of huck to start us off.


oh yeah and p.s. this is totes bella's truck, isn't it? okay okay okay.

this is a long one, so i've put it after a jump.
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3524 mississippi ave
we ate here one friday afternoon and enjoyed us some real, real good tacos. this is one of those places where you doooo want to get the chips + guac. real great for kids, too, so take spider man and his grandma with you (and they have sidewalk chalk!). the shopping down mississippi ave after is pretty fantastic, too.

707 se 12th
less kid friendly, but only slightly. i used to go to this place all the time when i was in high school. according to legend, the house is super haunted. it's also super weird in there. there are a few tables that slowly rotate clockwise, so suddenly your dessert will be in front of someone else. another table slowly raises and lowers while you sit, i mean the place is just nuts. amateur musicians come and play in the evenings sometimes (one of my good friends used to come play her bassoon here, it was so great), and it's a good place to get your english reading done. the street it's on has about zero lights. and though i haven't been back since i've been married, i still confidently say unto you: get the pot de crème. and check out the bathrooms upstairs. the man in the canoe always freaks me out, even when i'm expecting him.

1237 sw washington
if brightly flavored donuts is your jam, blue star is for you. okay but you know what? i've prayed about it and brightly flavored donuts aren't for me. for me it goes: doughnut plant creme brulees > dough everything > fred meyer maple bars > blue star. i am sorry to say this. maybe i have lousy taste in donuts. i do still really like blue star, though. i mean, i never met a donut i didn't like.

16360 boones ferry rd, lake oswego
we hit this place for brunch one weekend and every single dish was delicious. if your portland trip ever lands you in suburbia, this place is pretty killer. it has a great vibe, too. and a big old fire pit.

622 nw 23rd street
another favorite from high school. terribly kid friendly. we're talking crappy slices of pizza that inexplicably hit the spot. also, three monkeys is just up the street, i used to get my platform leopard sandals and goth-y black maxi skirts there back when it was still weird and portland-y to wear that junk. i haven't been back in a while but i hear the place hasn't changed much, so it's worth checking out if you want a slice of pizza that doesn't necessarily come with fluffy crusts and pineapples on top (what is it with portland and pineapples on pizza?). 

p.s. honorable mention to mashita's teriyaki in tualatin and mongolian bbq in king city, and to the shari's in wilsonville that was always open + serving cheese fries well past midnight for me + my fellow choir nerds.


4000 n mississippi
i'm pretty sure heaven is going to look just like animal traffic, if i ever get to heaven that is. a good selection of vintage flannels, pendleton, herschel, wooly socks, vintage cowboy boots, small leather goods, and a few cedar scented candles that it physically hurt me to leave behind. if you fancy a camping dude's aesthetic, here you go. i did bring this sweatshirt home with me. i couldn't for the life of me figure out why i needed it, i just knew that i needed it.

1005 w burnside
because it's powell's.

1306 w burnside
this shop is only a few months old but you'd think it'd been there a million years for how perfectly portland it is in there. really great denim, vintage silver cuffs, rustic atmosphere, and they also carry my favorite beatrice valenzuela botin booties. holla!

413 sw 13th
i nabbed the craziest leather vest here, it was really super thrilling. they also have cute pendleton pouches and some really great delicate jewelry here. 

the store next door is really cute too, it's got a built in kure juice bar? google isn't helping me find the name of it, does anybody know? i took this photo there, i know it exists and i didn't make it up.

1029 sw stark
you know steven alan. they stock the best dainty jewelry and all the completely unaffordable cozy sweaters i like to lust over. i practically drool in there.

1801 se 13th
this is my mom's favorite stop for really beautiful vintage home decor. that chesterfield could make a person weep, couldn't it?

2 pendledon way
(shh, this one is actually in washougal, washington)
the mothership! the homeland! i could have visited five more times, easily.

4204 n mississippi
if you like taxidermy, neat plants, and jewelry made out of teeth, this is your mecca. though i have to say, while i'm a huge proponent of adopting mounted trophy for your living room purposes, it turns out i draw the line at teeth jewelry. ew.

thanks portland! muah! xx

add your favorites that i missed in the comments!

photo sources: rimsky's 1, 2, 3, 4 // escape pizza 1, 2 // imogene + willie // steven alan


  1. Digs on Alberta! Swoon. And you get free espresso if you're into that (I'm not). I kept hoping and hoping I'd run into you somewhere while you were here so I could say a creepy hi to my favorite blogger, but I'm glad you're happy and home in nyc :)

  2. Aaron & I went to Portland for a few days back in Dec 2012 & we still talk about it as one of our favorite trips (all the restaurants!). We really loved it there—wish we had this guide of yours back then!

  3. Mojave is the store with the Kure juice bar!

  4. I love these pictures. Portland seems great. -Hanna Lei

  5. I can't believe I live here and have never been to that coffee house! I love creepy stuff AND dessert! Now I have to go check it out. Also, I could totally live in Powell's.

    If you are ever back in Tualatin try Roxy's Hawaiian Grill. It's not far from Mashita's and their pulled chicken and macaroni salad is the best!

  6. these places look amazing! portland looks dreamy.

  7. i love that you were here! prasad and their sister restaurant harlow are incredibly delicious. sweedeedee for breakfast/brunch is real good (dont wait in line though...) next time for your doughnut fix, try annie's. -ps, i was born in ny, grew up in eagle id, and now live in portland. funny little world we live in.

  8. Ooooh I love Rimsky's! The Chocolate Raspberry Fool is heaven.

  9. argh the rugs everywhere are killers. i feel like this would be my new spiritual home! must go some day!

  10. I loooooove your posts and your pictures. I was wondering what program do you use to edit and giving this effect to your pictures??

  11. Escape from new York takes cards now. And that is the only thing that has changed in the last 15 years.

  12. I live in Portland, walking distance from Mississippi. Yes to Por que no! Now I think I need to go there for lunch. Also, I love Paxton Gate. So weird and so cool. I have been here for almost 7 years, and I love it so much. We are actually moving back to the Chicago suburbs this summer to be close to family now that we have a wee little one. I am going to miss Portland soooo much. But, new adventures and all!

  13. You find the best stuff. I love your little boy hun :)


  14. Love! I have to ask - what lens do you use with your Canon? Gorgeous shots.

  15. love this! i've lived here all my life and missed out on a bunch of these!

  16. great pictures! love your style. i hope portland treated you well!

  17. Gorgeous photos. Looks like an amazing time.

    Jess | Malt Memories.

  18. we went to the pendleton mill store on our stop in portland during our honeymoon and bought the most amazing fabric. we're planning to turn it into something incredible for our home one day, so it'll always remind us of our time spent at the west coast.

    (the part i'm leaving out of this romantic story is where my husband had to drag me out of the store kicking and screaming because i literally wanted to buy EVERYTHING.)

  19. Your photography skills could make the golden arches look ambient and desireable, I kid you not. As if I wasn't already desperado to go to PDX, I am even more so now. So thanks for that, lady :o)

    katie @

  20. I'm loving this little Portland guide! Definitely needing to get myself down to Portland ASAP! Good thing it's only a 3 hour drive away from Seattle :)
    xo TJ

  21. What about Little Big Burger?!? I go there every time I visit my family in Portland.

  22. Montage restaurant (Le Bistro Montage) on Morrison St. is so good. The garlic cream mac 'n' cheese is amazing.


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