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these early, early spring days, where it's not quite spring out but the promise of warmth seems to be lurking all around, this is one of my favorite times of the year. it's just such a funky transitional time, isn't it? one day it's winter, one day it's spring, you can see the buds closed tight on the trees--they're thinking about it--you can see the very tips of the tulips tentatively climbing out of the earth--it'll be gone before you know it, this funky time, which somehow makes it all the more special. it's kind of exciting to watch the seasons take turns like this. it's the tumult of change, the beauty of a sputtering start. i don't know, does it feel like a metaphor for life? that moment before you begin, that moment when your foot is hovering in the air, just before you take the first step... the halt before the momentum. it's just neat.

i'm not really in any rush for this winter to be over. this winter was really good to me + my family. i'm always grateful for an excuse to huddle inside with my favorite people + sip something warm + put on a really great record. we recently found a used copy of the carpenter's singles on vinyl and it was possibly the best purchase i ever made. that imogene + willie candle smells just about perfect, i can vouch for it, and i'm crushing so hard on that ceramic mug. get in my cupboards, sister. and bonus of all bonuses, now's the time to catch your favorite feel-good winter goods on sale! it's a real good time of year out there. i'm milking the last of this for all its worth. :) happy spring!


  1. Love the Carpenters!!!

    Greetings from Germany and a wonderful weekend to you:



  2. oh man the carpenters are pure memories of my mom and spring cleaning in that weird funky coldish warmish weather so yes to all of the above items and double yes to that feeling of right before the momentum.

  3. i seriously love these posts you do. i bought the feral watch you recommended and i.adore.it!!!!! i wear it every day, i seriously can't get enough.

    ps. read a blog today for the first time: nieniedialogues.com? it reminded me of this blog in the beautiful way it portrays motherhood. i talk about stephanie nielson and her challenges on my blog, www.joanofalltrades.com. i love both of your voices and how much you rejoice motherhood and all your blessings. you are inspiring!

  4. I enjoy these posts too! Love the Ace & Jig cardigan.

  5. I love that this can cross over into the fresh Australian autumn that we are experiencing at the moment. Those alpaca pillows would be perfect for cuddling up on a day like today

    Samantha Heather

  6. I hear ya--winter has been good to me and mine too. This is one of the first times I'm not rushing it away. It's a good feeling.

  7. you capture this hesitating, cautious, hovering spring metaphor for life perfectly. beautiful words and YAY for spring!

  8. oh man, i was so ready for winter to be over! but you're right, it's probably better to really soak up the last cozy days of the season and enjoy the moment we're in, rather than look forward to things yet to come.

  9. This winter seems to be never-ending, but thank you so much for your insightful words, Natalie! Now whenever I feel like letting out a big "ugh" I just remember what you wrote here and it helps me get through! :)


  10. Love all these items.I'm still in "bundling mode" as well, and these finds are so perfect.



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