i wrote a couple blog drafts while i was in oregon that i completely forgot all about, and so now i'm going to post them, since i'm finishing up some edits over here + getting back into the swing of things still and all i want to think about right now is wall shelving. so, here's this! it's a bummer a little, because i feel like i've been writing all these essays this week that i'd usually feel really excited to post here, but instead they're being saved in word documents for my editors to read and comment on instead. this end stage of writing a book is soooort of like writing a blog, only with an audience of just your editor, who you really love but are completely terrified of. anyway. balance is to be reinstated come april one, unless of course my predictions come true and i have to rewrite the whole thing because it sucks so much. cross your fingers i don't suck so much! ;)

RIGHT. here is a general representation of what i might put on when i'm not technically leaving the house but target will probably see me at one point or another anyway because my kid is tearing through the play dough at an alarming rate.

for about a million years now i've had this heart breaker of a crush on this ryan roche sweater from mille, but even on sale i could never pull the trigger. too much too much, especially considering the trendiness of the fringe plus the fact that it would most likely show up way way too big. so when i found this sweater at need supply co i pounced so fast it was almost comical. it's completely sold out now, but i sourced a couple of similar options for you. i feel like early spring is a good time for ridiculous fringe on things.

p.s. huck


  1. I love that sweater so much! -Hanna Lei

  2. Your bangs and brows are SPOT on! Love love love it!

  3. love the sweater! and target is always a good idea. everyday. always.

  4. I love you and everything you write on this blog <3<3<3


  5. love that sweater and hat. ... well, i love it all lol

    xo, Brikena

  6. the sweater is phenom, as is your facial expression and your eyebrows and that boy of yours and GAH!
    Jemima x


  7. i can imagine how terrifying publishers must be, but i'm sure your essays won't suck though so here's to april! p.s. that huck!


  8. omg did you see this back fringe sweater at asos? obsessed!

    for fun: http://semiweeklyeats.blogspot.com/2014/03/weekend-outfit-3.html

  9. Sometimes you have to grab it fast before it's sold out. Good for you!

  10. Hey I'm sure you used to be a knitter? You could totally get yourself down to Purl for some nice wool and knit yourself the cashmere fringe jumper...that's what I would do. Easy Peasy, and a fraction of the price!

    katie@ http://whatyoudoingkatie.blogspot.co.uk

  11. My favorite thing about these photos is the one where Huck is just hanging with mama on the floor; my second favorite thing is how the background seems perfect for a photo shoot, but then you can play I spy a basket of laundry in the mirror. ;) I guess you're just a normal girl after all. Hope you're enjoying your stint in suburbia.

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