While walking through Zara, of all places:
"Mom, what do butterflies eat? Cauliflowers??"

After landing in JFK in March:
"I'm glad we're in New York City, Mom. But it's itchy in New York City."

After I told him he needed special training first before he could climb the ladder in the pizza joint where we were having lunch:
"Yeah, I haven't been training. But I've been exercising! ..... I've been on a train..... I sat on one..... Yeah, so I could be a good doctor.

On the subway platform at Clark Street
Me: You tired, baby?
Huck: No, I'm just resting. In the sun.

Walking up Amsterdam Ave
Huck: Mom, hold my scooter.
Me: Why, you want to walk?
Huck: No, I'm going to fly!

During a particularly epic melt down:
"No! And don't tell me I'm tired, and I DON'T want to go to time out, either!"

First thing this morning:
"Hey! I like you! ...... I like Brandon too. But we're together!"

One afternoon after watching Tarzan way too many times:
"Moooooom I want to go to the jungle! To swing on bines! But first we got to get a car. But first we have to get an airplane to a car. Bemember we just goed on an airplane? DO YOU?"

While tug-of-war-style pulling a bucket out of a toddler's hand at the playground:

During a bedtime story:
Me: Oh... Huck, gross. No picking your nose in bed.
Huck: Why?
Me: It's not polite.
Huck: .....
Huck: Well then what is it for, then, picking your nose?

While walking to the park:
Huck: Mom, am I missing something?
Me: I don't know... are you?
Huck: Yeah. I think I'm missing my elbow muscle?

At Urban Outfitters:
"Wow! Are there donuts here?"

During a moment of frustration regarding the potty:
Me: Huck, remember: You're boss of your peeps!
Huck: Noooo, I'm the boss of my pooooops.
Me: Oh, okay. So, are your peeps the boss of you, then?
Huck: My peeps are the boss of YOU. Do you need a time out?

While cuddling in bed:
Huck: *sleepily, rubbing his eyes* Mom, I just wish I could paint this town....
Me: ... Paint this town???
Huck: Yeah. *yawns* Red.

While standing on a chair at the dinner table, peering into his Lucky Charms:
"No no no. This is missing, and I can't put my finger on it."

The other day as the C train left the 34th Street platform:
Me: Say, "Bye, 34th Street!"
Huck: Bye, 34th Street!
Me: Say, "Bye, nice people!"
Huck: Bye, nice peoples!
Me: Say, "Suck it, Penn Station!"
Huck: No, that's not right.

A few months ago, while watching a movie together:
Huck: Mommy, why are we a family?
Me: Because Daddy asked Mommy to marry him, and then one day we made you! It took a lot of work to make you. Hopefully we get to do it again soon.
Huck: Make another Henry Holbrook?
Me: Oh no! There's no way we could make another Henry Holbrook, you are too special to us! But maybe we could make you a little brother or sister?
Huck: A little sister!
Me: Doesn't that sound nice?
Huck: .... Mom, I need a baby.
Me: Tell me about it.


  1. Oh my butterfly, the sweet silliness that comes out of that kid's mouth. ♥

  2. oh so sweet! he is so adorable.

  3. I had to read some of these out loud to my husband, because he kept asking me why I was laughing so much. I needed a laugh break!

  4. He has to be the smartest, most cultured, philosophical dude around!

  5. I absolutely love this. I love how open and real kids are. They really help us open our eyes sometimes. :)

  6. Thank you Henry Holbrook, I needed the laughs!

  7. These made me literally laugh out loud!

  8. Your child is the sweetest!

  9. It's pretty amazing that you have a digital record of his awesome-ness. way to go, mum.

  10. ah I just love your little guy. And well done you for keeping tabs on all he says - I keep saying I will, especially after they crack me up with something, but then never do, and now I can't even remember one to share with you! Ok, I'm gonna start writing it downnnnnn....

  11. this is my favorite one of these yet. Paint the town..... epic.

  12. So cute. My son is a little younger than Henry but he's starting to get frustrated with me.
    Ollie: Mom, why don't we have 2 kids in our family!!!!
    I have this amazing feeling that he's going to make such an awesome big brother. I want another baby, but I especially want to give him one. Does that make sense!
    Good luck with your baby makin!!

  13. I just love reading your bits and pieces about Huck...your love for him just oozes from the pics and words. High five, momma!

  14. hahahah this is perfect!! What a cutie!

  15. Oooo Natalie! I love the bond that you and this little dude have! It reminds me so much of how I see my son and I. Prayers for you and another little. You are such a good mama and Huck is one lucky boy!

  16. I had that exact same conversation about a little brother or sister with my little boy recently. I thought "you think you want a baby? My sweet boy, you have no clue!"

  17. Long time reader, first time commenter. You just made my ovaries explode and you are an amazing mum! ("Suck it" is one of my favourites... still)

  18. OMG I just snorted yogurt out of my nose when I read this: Huck: "My peeps are the boss of YOU. Do you need a time out?" Is this why people have kids? Because of the sheer entertainment? If so, I'm totally on board! I feel like I totally understand the universe now, finally! I gotta go...gotta make babies STAT.

  19. Gosh, he's sweet. I love reading about your adventures with Huck!

  20. SUCK IT PENN STATION. <<< Yep, sums up my feelings towards that gross place.

    Loves these quotes!!

  21. I love this post. Huck seems like such a funny little guy. Loving the new vibe on your blog. You seem a lot happier and healthier than you did a few months ago.

  22. I love posts like this! He is too cute!!

  23. bahaha paint the town red. awesome.

  24. Ok, that last one made me tear up. What a great boy.

  25. loved every word of this. <3

  26. Hehehehehe. What a little cutie. He's great, he's got 'tude but is also very polite when the time comes! And he TOTALLY gets whats up. Love your style Huck.

    jemima jane x

  27. your boy is brilliant, the picking your nose comment reminded me of my 38 year old husband!!

  28. Oh please, please keep writing stuff like this. I love it! My boy once said, "I wish I had chocolate spit." Such wisdom, especially the part where he's going to fly.

  29. oh my goodness he is so cute! these made me laugh so much.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog


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