Happy weekend my friendlies! 

Let's cut right to the chase: here are some links to a few things I've enjoyed this week! 

It's Friday the 13th! For the second month in a row! What does that mean? How often does that happen? Are we are all screwed!? All you need to know right here, written the last time this happened, in 2009. *Spoiler alert: We'll probably be fine.*

My book comes out on TUESDAY and you should totally buy it. ;)

How not to embarrass people who use your restroom, on Apartment Therapy. The comments on this one, people. The comments.

THIS TWEET. #Luuuuuuuke

What would Joan, Nora, and Fran be wearing right now if they were in their 20s? Right up my alley. Oh my gosh. Right up yours, too. (Not, like, UP yours.)

Girls who steal. As a somewhat recent experiencer of "petty theft," as the author calls it, I found this really powerful, and so very important. I think this is a topic is of ultimate importance, really. A female acquaintance once said to me, "I know what it feels like to be mean just because I enjoyed the power." As a woman, my greatest hope for the world is that we someday get to the point where women no longer do this to each other. The short-term loss of being kind is real, I'll be honest; in my experience it is often very painful to be the one trying to be kind + open. But the long-term loss of not being kind, I think, is far, far worse. And now I am rambling, next link! 

An interesting take on the modern fashion world.

Sign me up for this!

I'm SO late to this party, but, Generation Like (thanks, Nicole!)

From rad reader Chantel in the comments on yesterdays post, "Irrational parenting." (thanks, Chantel!)

Run Liz Run, in The New Yorker. I don't know why I enjoyed this so much, but I did.

Ryan Adams + Natalie Prass cover She's Like The Wind

No makeup for a year? Can I just say--these days I'm down to just brow gel, mascara, and tinted moisturizer in the morning, and it is weird, and it is wonderful, and ultimately bafflingly trendy, and I don't get it, but I love it, but I don't get it, but I love it. (We're getting our links with a side of my dumb opinions this week, whee!)

Speaking of--power brows.

Also on Man Repeller--these rules of Netflix binge watching made me laugh.

The real Manhattan subway map--there is nothing truer. via @joannagoddard

I would like to wear this entire outfit please.

In need of any bolga baskets? I'm asked all the time where to get one, and the answer is, right here! Or also, here!


  1. I feel like I must share a personal Luke aka Scott Patterson story so that you can love him EVEN MORE. When I was 17 I got a Make-A-Wish and visited the set of Gilmore Girls. Luke/Scott was THE NICEST. Called my best friend, gave me the back of his director's chair, AND kept in touch after with letters and phone calls. #teamluke forever.

  2. What's funny is, as a gal who's gone naked faced since long before it was trendy (like, when I was in high school in the 90s and my best friend would beg me to let her do my makeup), I'm just now trying to get into product right as the rest of the world decides no product is the best product! Of course, I'll never wear a full face of makeup, but I'm learning a little here and a little there really goes a long way in making this extremely tired mama look much less haggard.

    In other news, I'm getting inked in honor of today. Are you? ;)

    (Here's a link to an article on the symbolism of Friday the 13th tattoos: Happy Weekend!

  3. I love these roundups! Such great weekend web surfing. Thank you!

    Circus & Bloom

  4. Absolutely everybody should read this "How not to embarrass people who use your restroom" post ! I cannot tell you how many times I went to people's house and there was no bin, or toilet paper available. Thank god I'm not shy but it's still not the best of things to happen when you're getting to know someone.
    These bolga baskets look really cool too !

    xo, Charlie

  5. let's make sweet sweet music. i lean on my john denver more than once in awhile! including on friday the 13th(s).

  6. YES to that bathroom article and double YES to the comments. SO GOOD.

  7. Hey Natalie, you may have mentioned this before, but what kind of brow gel do you use/recommend? Thanks!

  8. Dear Natalie:

    Loved the article on "petty theft"…Still mulling it over…

    PS. Puh-lease do a post on potty training necessities!!!!! Advice?!?!?!

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  10. Natalie, I really really enjoyed your commentary, and think it's valid and very on point. I didn't think it was rambling or that your opinions were dumb at all :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I find that when you speak from the heart I remember it, and it impacts my life in a really positive way!

  11. i know this is kinda weird and maybe a little bit sad (and probably upsetting) but my mum 'steals' from me. emotionally i mean. emotional petty theft. lol! not lol but it's weird to think that this is a thing. women need to know they can be happy for other women without trying to take it away from them.

    also, on a happier note, you're actually so amazing and awesome, and my favourite blogger, and you're so good with words, and i like to think that if i lived in NYC we'd know each other and be friends. sorry if thats creepy haha.

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  13. I am from South Africa! Which publication interviewed you? I would love to get my hands on the interview or rather organise my friends and family to get their hands on the interview for me. I live in China at the moment, have been for over a year now, and will still be here for some time to come. You might recognise me as the reader who keeps asking you on Facebook and Instagram how I can get a copy of your book in my grubby little paws. Amazon won't deliver to china unless I have a chinese ID number (which I don't) and it doesn't deliver to South Africa at all (I think its cos the postal service likes to keep packages for themselves instead of delivering them to where they should go).

    As a long time reader and an unabashed fangirl (I admit it, wholeheartedly) please, please, please let me know how I can get a copy of your boook?

    Thank you!!!!!

    PS How is it that you wrote a book? Too awesome!


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