I wear a lot of stripes. I'm a sad, sorry cliché of myself, it's true, it's true. :) White tee shirts, stripes, things with triangles on them, more stripes. Bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. I'm okay with it. I've made my peace with the gods of boring; they've assured me that I'm totally their favorite. In any case, I wear a lot of stripes, and I feel every now and then an urge to pass along my striped wisdom. (Two syllables, stri-ped. Makes you sound both obvious and pretensious, isn't that a delicious combination?) And so! Allow me to benefit ye masses, as it were! Partake all in my addictions! 

It is nice being boring. I think you should try it.

Here comes a post on my favorite stripes + where to find them. After the jump.

But first, a note on this season's stripes, according to me + the my keen sense of observation: It seems this season's stripes are skewing ultra boyish + boxy. And cropped! Pair them with cross body bags or beat up canvas totes, wear them over cropped dark skinny jeans or ultra beat-up lighter-wash denim, or even the bafflingly trendy-again flared leg, but skip the red lips. Opt instead for really messy hair + a pair of caterpillar brows + a natural-looking, just-in-from-the-wind flush on the cheeks.


light on dark stripes // HERE, HERE, HERE

short sleeve stripes // HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE

dress stripes // HERE HERE HERE HERE

dropped shoulder stripes // HERE HERE HERE

boatneck stripes // HERE HERE HERE

mariner's stripe: HERE HERE

top photo sources:  three | five 


  1. You can NOT go wrong with stripes. Ever! (And that's why I'm constantly buying stripe shirts... !!)


  2. STRIPES!!! I live in stripes as well, although I'll fully admit I've got green stripes and purple stripes and red stripes and all sorts of other colors of stripes in my collection along with classic black, grey, and navy stripes. Generally speaking, if it's got stripes on it, I buy it. Never gone wrong yet!

  3. i love stripes! thanks for the inspo. :)

  4. I love strips! This looks are so lovely!


    Records of my Troubles

  5. I'm all about a boring closet- if it's not navy gray or white I don't want it- my hubby loves it;) these are great selections, and sadly may have to purchase one or two of these delicious bad boys!

  6. I don't care if they're boring - stripes are my jam. In fact I'm wearing stripes as I type this. The look with boyfriend jeans and heels has inspired me to get my courts mended.

  7. Stri-ped Everything All the Time!!!! And I too love that beautiful Rima Rama!!

  8. Speaking of denim... What are your thoughts on denim vests? Please share!

  9. You NEED the Bohemian Traders striped Dress WITH POCKETS!!! Perfection!! Plus we can buy with the US $$ which makes it 25% cheaper!

    That's right! the perfect dress!!

  10. You can never go wrong with stripes, love them. I'm so happy that no one cares anymore about wearing horizontal stripes. Remember when that was a fashion no-no? Thank God that's over!

  11. You and me both. Stripes, gingham, and all things Kathleen Kelly. Forever and ever, amen.

  12. What's the deal with stripes? I have more than 10 in my drawer and it's still the first thing I get drawn to when shopping!
    xo Ida

  13. Return to flared legs feels like a step backward. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? It's worth noting that I had the same attitude towards skinny jeans. Perhaps I just loathe buying new jeans.

  14. Thanks for including Forever 21 items..that is all I can afford right now..

  15. I love striped shirts & dresses! :) :) :) These ideas are all so cute.

  16. Ever think that they're copying you?

  17. I cannot do stripes. My boobs are just too big. Well actually my whole upper body is too big. I need the blackest of black up there to slim down!


  18. Dude, I totally say "stri-ped" too and get so much bs for it. My striped addiction is a little out of hand, but I can't help myself! I mostly hang dry my shirts to preserve their life but there is one striped shirt that stretches and gets thrown in the dryer and my wife still has no clue which one it is. Poor thing, they all look very different to me. ;)


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