i wear a lot of stripes. it's a sickness. one of these days i'll get sick of it, but i haven't yet. i get a lot of emails about my stripes. questions about where to get them, and what kind should they get? and not like i'm an expert or anything but i have spent quite a bit of time thinking deep things about stripes, and so. here we are.

a deep and philosophical treatise on the finding of your own stripe-y soul mate
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up first, the jail bird stripe.

the jail bird stripe is the easiest to pull off. that's just my opinion though.

then there's the mariner's stripe. 

that would be my personal favorite. the french navy used these stripes as their naval uniforms because the stripes were easy to spot against the water in case a man had fallen overboard. the stripe was later picked up by seafarers, sailors, fishermen and other nautical types. coco chanel famously wore one after visiting the sea and becoming inspired and now here we are.

nine times outta ten i'm going to fall in love with anything with a mariner's stripe.

rugby stripes are usually thick, in as many colors all at once as they please, and they have collars, and maybe i do not like them because i am not athletic? 
see also: margot tenenbaum.

and that leads me to . . .

the candy cane stripe
it's red and white and cute. waldo knows what's up.

an easy way to wear your stripes is with a dolman sleeve.

dolman sleeves are kind of like a dropped shoulder, starting usually mid-bicep. kind of like bat wings. they're slouchy and always flattering. but hard to wear under a cardigan. those dolman stripes up there are all forever 21 dolman stripes, and forever 21 dolman stripes are the best kind of dolman stripes because they are cheap.

and now: my favorite places to find stripes

and now you know.

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  1. aren't stripes the best? I feel like i have so many in my closet these days...but apparently you can't ever have enough! plus it is very figure flattering (nice for a post baby bod!)
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  2. I LOVE this post. Fun to read AND educational!

  3. Fun post to read, I guess. I just have to say this though. Those picture of you that you posted read kinda strange for this post! They read like you're getting "intimate" with your shirts. Why? I don't get it? There are so many other cute picture I've seen of you in striped shirts. They just left me feeling confused after seeing this post. I still don't see the connection. You posted about different kinds of striped shirts. And posted pictures of you with a serious/putty face laying in your bed surrounded by stripped shirts you own. You can't even tell if the shirts are "jail bird stripes, mariner's stripes, ruby stripes, or dolman stripes" from those pictures!?!

  4. Oh that picture of you is gorgeous and you're totally channeling Marie Antoinette. I get it. I'm a strippey conosure myself and I just tried the dolman sleeves for the first time. I looked like a full on flying squirrel! I was so so sad because I was madly in love with this shirt. I had big plans for it. But I guess I'm a jail bird stripe, but in various colors. I'm also a big fan of the candy cane.

  5. LoL great pictures. and great post. i love stripes. more and more i love stripes. my favorites (that you listed) are the sailor stripes and the dolman sleeve stripes. yummo.

  6. Seriously I get a kick out of so many comments on this blog... What the?! She's just taking a picture with her striped shirts! Love stripes!

  7. I have so many stripes because lets face it, they go with everything! The ones with the elbow pads... I DIE! haha p.s. your husband and you are hilarious.

  8. & you are the queen of the striped shirts (which are just so fabulous, by the way)!

  9. i'm not a huge stripes fan, but i do like them in dress form. a lot.

  10. you're tremendously fun!
    i enjoy the creative approach you take with your blog.
    my daughter and i went to nyc this past summer and i completely haunted your things to do list.
    keep up the great work, nat!

  11. Love strops! never cant have enough!

  12. I cannot believe how much I just learned!

  13. cuuuuute! thanks for the stripingly poignant education! : )

  14. I have only two things to say:

    1. "It balances out that one part of your face." BAHAHAHA!

    2. That man's fingers! AH!

  15. Your stripe collection (of which I am very jealous) is larger than my entire SHIRT collection!!! Something is wrong here. Must go to the mall. May I mention that Forever 21 is RIGHT NEXT TO the kiddie playland?!? We walk reeeaaallly slowly to the kiddie playland, oh yes we do.

  16. I don't have striped shirts at this point in my life. But the other day I did fall head over heels for a striped dress and I promise you, that thing is magical. The first day I wore it was yesterday, and I was inspired to write about it I tell you! Then after drafting mine I saw your post about stripes too! I love it because I'll be able to put a shirt and leggings under it and wear it all winter!

  17. Thank you! This has been very helpful while searching for le perfect stripes.

  18. I think I just bought an authentic breton at Goodwill. It's Liz Claiborne, but it's a thick cotton, navy on white, and the shoulders look like the old man in the picture with the scary fingers. How do I tell if it's just a Liz shirt, or if it's an amaze-balls breton?

  19. Peeps! The "old man" is Pablo Picasso (a striped shirt fan from way back). And don't let those digits fool you - they're baked goods.

    PS stripes rule.


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