here are the posts i wrote for the babbles this week:
housey movies round two: something's gotta give!
and my huckleberry posts:
cause all our old books done got lost


  1. you make me want to live in new york! and um, TIM GUNN?!?! how did you not scream and tell him that you are obsessed with him?? or, is that just me? :) that's way awesome though and reminds me that i need to go watch this weeks PR on hulu! ;)

  2. i wanna be kourtney. or maybe i wanna be kendall. oh, oh! huck is mason! and holbs = scott! i'm so smart.

  3. i hate when that block gets me. i just write rubbish until something finally comes out halfway decent. although being an english major is teaching me how to blast through that block more easily.

    i would have died to see billy crystal.

  4. That picture of huck with a lipstick kiss on his forehead is the cutest thing I've seen all week; which is saying a lot since it's my first week on pinterest.

    Glad you met Harry! You should've have pretended you were Sally and said some lines from the movie... and then he would call out a a bodyguard and... maybe not.

  5. no worries about writers block...just take cute pictures and post them for us to see :) aren't baby boys the best? I rarely go a day without taking a picture of mine, either!

    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  6. one word comes to mind about this post:


    way to break your writer's block, natalie! : )

  7. 1. To The Wonderful Holbs: hush it! Everyone is allowed to have writer's block. Especially Natalie since she is writing so many things with deadlines and pressure and all that. This is her fun blog to be who she wants to be, and if that means she takes a week off to wish she were not taking a week off, well, leave her alone. (I say these things with a happy on my face, because you know we still love you anyway, Holbsadoodle, but really!) :-)

    2. Thumbs up for the spot-on Napoleon Dynamite impression. ;-)

    3. Okay, the fact that you started a NTFR FB page and then worried about it is perfect because I have a personal rule...I don't make friends on FB with people I don't really know. And so I've been torn because I feel like I know you, but there's this rule, you see. And for I don't know how long, I've thought about it off and on. (Probably more off than on, if I'm being honest, but you know how it is!) So to hear that you are pondering the same thing that I'm pondering made me laugh. (Yes, if everyone in the world wore rubber pants, the air pollution would drop drastically.)

    4. I, too, have received family dispatches concerning things written on my blog. Bleh! No fun!

    5. Thank you for deleting the stinker. :-)

    6. Yes, fall boots need worrying about. I did too. I even took pictures of them at Target and Pinterested them when I got home.

    7. Oh, sigh. What a horrible time to be wearing the overalls of insecurity! :-(

    8. Um, in the picture next to Huck's magazine with the red boot in that guy real??? He looks very plastic to me. And maybe with a broken leg?

    9. Orange lipstick - I like. But it's hard to tell with the lighting.

  8. Nothing better than a baby in striped jammers, that's my personal philosophy.

    Seeing Tim Gunn while in overalls? Classic.

  9. I'm going to have to give a 'no' to the orange lipstick but a huge yes to you and Huck making the same silly faces!!

  10. Blitzkrieg Bop! Way to rock it Huck!


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