"believe me, my young friend, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as messing about in boats!"
-the wind in the willows

fun thing to do on a saturday afternoon when the weather's nice:
1. rent boats from the central park boathouse with some friends (thanks, soukups!)
2. paddle around for a bit
3. wish you'd brought bread to feed the ducks
4. spot some turtles
5. race to see who's boat is fastest
6. paddle under the tunnel and kiss your lover
7. if you're a baby, fall asleep in yer mama's arms
8. paddle back as fast as you can before your hour's up

the central park boathouse
open 10AM till dusk, april-november
in the park near west 72nd street


  1. Your kid is so fat and wonderful.

  2. What a perfect day in the park. You are such a cute little family! I want to pinch your hucklebaby's cheeks!

  3. huck's cute, you & the holbs look like you're having fun, but OMH - turtles!!!! : ) favorite picture, thank you for sharing!

  4. i love the first comment on here. 'tis true. 'tis true indeed. i mean, i already knew that, but....huck wearing a life jacket? come on. doesn't get much more fat and wonderful than that.

  5. huck in the life jacket is so cute. and the friendship bracelet. rocks.

  6. Ohh how much fun! And Huck looks super adorable in his life jacket!

    AND P.S. Where did you get your shirt? I love.

  7. huck is giving me baby-fever in that lifejacket! my favorite is the third picture from the top, where your hubs is holding him and he's got that little smile. do you hear that? it's my ovaries, swooning.

    p.s. that shirt? amazing. you must tell us where it's from!!

  8. It actually hurts me how cute Huck is. Every time I see a picture of him I almost mad you posted it because I can't experience his fat cuteness in real life and just have to see one dimensional pictures. He is the CUTEST. BABY. OF. ALL. TIME. He seems so chill haha. Lovelovelove.

  9. The boats are one of my favorite things to do in NYC! Everybody always thinks it's going to be cheezy and boring but really it's so fun. Everyone must toodle around on the boats if they're in NY.

  10. You look very nautical in your white and navy stripes. Good call!

  11. Last time I went to the boathouse I nearly passed out in my boat while some cute boy I was on a date with rowed me around. Your day sounds much better.


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