on thursday night we celebrated my birthday early with dinner at 'ino (per a friend's suggestion) ,followed by creme brulee at blue ribbon. it was such a lovely, quiet night with my two dudes, and the perfect temperature for a little village wandering afterwards.



happy birthday to me!


  1. yea for 29! it's always odd to turn a year older, but you're rockin it!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  2. happy early birthday!

    i know you probably (definitely?) didn't go to the blue ribbon in park slope, but that's right by where i live. so exciting to read about it on yr blog. yay for blue ribbon!

  3. Happy early Birthday to you! May I say that you are ROCKING those red gum boots?!! Are they Hunter? I want some!

  4. Spencer and I will probably go to 'ino for my birthday from the same suggestion, haha!

    Happy almost Birthday!

    And I have no idea what cake you are talking about. Cherry chip?

    North Meets South

  5. Are those RED Hunters?!?! I'm SEETHING with jealousy. Happy 29th, nonetheless!

  6. Happy birthday! You guys a gorgeous x

  7. Happy birthday, Nat! All the very best with oodles of blessings, love, peace and fun...

    And ZOMG those Wellingtons are to DIE...! I've been coveting a pair and now I want some even more. Note to self: how 'bout actually BUYING a pair?!

    (Ooh, double entendre! Heh heh.)

  8. Happy Birthday, Natalie! Thanks for making our days with your delightfully quirky prose. Where would be without you?

    Also...I just HAVE to know where you got your Wellies. I have been dreaming of some rockin' wellies for over a year now. I don't live in England anymore where they would be particularly useful, but I am sure they would also come in handy for Utah's snow season. (Ick. Pretty sure I prefer the rain.)

  9. At 35, my mom still calls to tell me my birth story. It doesn't matter that I am mid-thirties with kids of my own, I love when she says, "X years ago today I was at my check up being told there was no chance of having a baby..."
    Now, I tell each of my boys their birth story, and have, since the first one turned one! They are not as emotionally tied to the story as I am, but I hope to be telling it to them for many, many years!
    Happy birthday!

  10. @diana, thanks!! i got mine from rei online!


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