1.) Take your inner introvert on a long drive through some crazy pretty scenery, 2.) Watch your baby sister sing her guts out on stage, 3.) Crash for the night in a motel room with her and a bunch of her touring drama nerds, slumber party-style, 4.) Blow your sister a kiss + watch board her tour bus + drive away, 5.) Take your inner introvert on a tour of downtown Walla Walla 6.) Drive home with some podcasts and wonder how on earth you missed that camel on the side of the road the first time around?

Pretty much, that's about what I did last weekend.

Hold up. I took that on my cell phone. Let's all marvel. Also Alex, my profile sends your profile twin kissies. 

Look at me pretending to be a concert photographer! 

So, downtown Walla Walla is adorbs. And there really is nothing better sometimes than going on a long walk with just yourself and your crazeballs hormones, breathing in some different air than what you're used to, and buying blueberry infused artisanal vinegar for whoever knows what reason. 

And looking in quilting supply stores! Quilting is such a foreign language to me. I've made a few quilts in my time, my baby brother even took one of them on his mission with him! Biggest compliment of my life maybe, but I still walk in these kinds of shops and experience a profound stupor in my soul. What do you DO in this kind of store? Is it not the most overwhelming?  Do quilt-y types go into these shops and look at these fabrics and see, like, completed quilts in their future? All I see are crazy patterns shouting at me, and inevitable geometry failure. 

The Country Store! Okay wait a couple of things about this place. Firstly, the dudes at the Farmer's Market were all adamant that I go. Secondly, I walked in and was practically accosted by the world's cutest little puggle shop dog monster named Chester who likes ear scratches. Third and most importantly, it was overwhelming in the way that sets your cells on fire, and it made me miss my mom, because she would SO kill it in a joint like this.  


The other thing the Farmer's Market peeps said I needed to do was hit the local Goodwill because it is supposed to be legendary. But I always wonder about tips like this, because doesn't it seems like if it was good once, it won't be the next day, because all the good stuff will have already been taken? If a local thrift store is really great, consistently, does that mean you are, in essence, just buying the same things over and over after different people have bought them and then donated them again? Is a local thrift store like a library? I dunno if I'll ever see such a fancy Goodwill ever again so long as I live. Thrifting is like some kind of magical renewable resource. I buy the stupidest stuff when I go to the Goodwill, I swear. 

Like . . . twelve dollar ice skates. 


Farmer's Market, cute as a button.

Old man, cute as a button. Look at that guy! I love him. Life goals. 

Sorry, from behind. Hee, overalls!

Whyyyy do I take so many pictures? I don't know, these are good questions. 

The end.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pics of Walla Walla! My husband took me there for the first time this summer and it's so charming. Welcome back to the West! I hope you get a chance to check out Spokane some time!

  2. Beautiful! Can you tell me about your black clogs? Do you wear them w socks? Cute, cute, cute

  3. Wow, the symmetry on that yellow house. Right down to the pumpkins. Dying.

  4. Gentlemen of the Road is a touring music festival started by Mumford and Sons!

    1. And they have a whole merch shop, so Alex CAN get a shirt.

  5. The autumn leaves, the farmers market, it's all so inviting! I love the yard full of pumpkins. Your sister looks like she's in a cool play. Any play with a Baron Samedi type character has to be cool surely?

  6. This town looks so charming! I think I could be really happy somewhere like that.

  7. The images are gorgeous, I love this post but... I just kept thinking after seeing it in the farmer's market photo: Does anyone remember when lavash bread was like a thing? I remember my mom and I getting it from the local S&S and feeling pretty dang fancy that our sandwiches would be all wrapped up in that. And now, I don't see it anywhere. Maybe it was just our small town, but I'm sure someone else remembers when it was "hot"!

  8. As a quilt-y type, YES! I totally see completed quilts in front of me when I look at all those rows of fabrics. Granted, I do not make fancy quilts with pattern names and all that jazz; mine are super simple patchworks and stripes. But, I do love seeing what kinds of weird-but-pretty fabric combinations I can come up with. The feeling is very similar to being in a bookstore: I get a anxious and squirmy because I want to buy it all but know I have to stop myself at some point.

  9. Walla Walla Washington? That's the town where Laura Lee came from! sorry.. I got excited because she was such a beauty with totally blown up curly blond hair who attended a small school in Kansas. I was always fascinated every time she said that town name... Walla Walla Washington. Now I know the town is as charming as that girl wherever she is now.
    Thanks Natalie, I love this post.

    1. Not that it matters, but I need to correct .. her name was Laura Leigh.. not Lee

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  11. I hope you brought that adorable, bearded bread-vendor home with you, too...


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