Moscow has always been beautiful in the fall but I think this one takes the cake for longest, crispest, perfectest . . . bestest fall ever. Our area of town has the most gorgeous mature trees. You don't want to live here in a windstorm, but otherwise, dang straight it's pretty. The random 1800s houses dotted in between the random 1920s houses in between the random 1950s ranches gives the streets out here this funky haphazard feeling that I really love, and the fact that NOBODY rakes anything is making my entire life right now. Leaves shin feet high indeed.

Another thing I remember about Moscow in the fall is that it precedes the nastiest thing the universe has ever invented, Moscow in the WINTER. Ackkkkk turn around three times and spit. It gets dark here at 3 the minute Daylight Savings kicks in. It snows and then it ices and then it snows and let me tell you, the leaves stop looking so pretty by then. Sludge, gray, poop. Blech. And  you're trapped in it, you know, because you can't go anywhere. Like that pass in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers! You gotta wait for the thaw, man. 

I don't know I just find I am relating to that movie a lot these days? 

One year after driving to Portland for Christmas, we came home to a giant wall of snow in our driveway from all the snowplows that had come through. It was taller than our car. Like, keeping the white walkers out, that kind of tall. We had to park in the middle of the road and shovel out an opening so we could get inside. These aren't the kinds of things I tell you to complain, no no, this is not about sympathy. This is about BRAGGING. I SURVIVED THIS.

Anyway, so instead I'm doing what you do and pretending that winter's never happening, and I'm calling it Operation Braverman Backyard. You watch Parenthood, right? More than the cancer story lines I'm over here bawling over that landscaping. And the twinkle lights!! 

Maybe if I string up enough twinkle lights Moscow will just, like, cancel winter this year. 

Look out there's about to be a million pictures of my back yard right now. It's a progress report! 

Fire pit I'm laughably bad at lighting, check! 

Chickens pooping on everything, double check! 

We did a little test run for Huck's birthday party this week, and aside from the fact that none of us could get a good fire going . . . haha, it was a success!

We still need a picnic table, and about a million more twinkle lights. But we're getting somewhere.

The end for crying out loud!


  1. make a few trips to coeur d'alene and sandpoint this winter - it will help! trust me :) take an eagle cruise on lake coeur d'alene stay overnight in sandpoint or hope (!the town : ) ) and just take in the mountains. or mccall during the ice sculpture festival. do some snow'll do great at winter! there's supposed to be a lot of snow this year.

  2. Every time Parenthood used to start, and they're having that meal in the backyard & there's laughter, wine, twinkly lights....ahhhhhh I wanted a Braverman Backyard too! Truth is, I live in the UK, with a back garden the size of a postage stamp. Ahh, well I can just live my backyard dreams through you now. Oh and I only just watched the last episode (we don't have it over here) and I don't think i've ever cried so much IN MY LIFE!!

  3. Very quaint and cozy, and I'm lovin your back yard! Looks like Huck had an amazing birthday. Winters are definitely different out west than here in the east as you know! Good luck to ya, and have fun with fall before it goes away!!


  4. Natalie! Two things: One! So happy for you, and your move, and Brandon's Professorness! Two! Please, please tell me that you will go to (if you haven't already!!) Ampersand Oil & Vinegar Taphouse!!! If you happen to find anything from Mt Vesuvius, buy it!!! Everything is amazing from there! (Thank you volcano!) We were just there back in September and it was amazing!! I am looking for tomatoes from that area but I haven't been able to find any yet!!!

    519 S. Main
    Moscow, ID 83843
    Phone: 208-669-0150

  5. Hucks hair totally reminds me of young Drew! Team Braverman for liiiife.

  6. Idaho is on my 5 year list - we almost moved to the panhandle at one point, but moved back east instead. Invest in some skis and embrace winter!

  7. Your backyard really is just beautiful x

  8. Loving the progress you are making in "Operation Braverman Backyard"! It is a worthy pursuit. :)

  9. I can't wait to see your winter photos! Those are lovely pictures - makes me appreciate our autumn much more here.

  10. Hi Natalie. I've been reading your blog for five years now, since before my little Hazel was born and I want to thank you for giving me a place to go to when I need to read something both honest and lovely and uplifting that celebrates the beautiful things in the world. I was so proud (as if I had anything to do with it) when I saw your book and you going off to Europe to promote it- such a dream. Our family moved to Las Vegas a few years ago and I just long for a country farm house like yours, where leaves fall when they're supposed to and people give each other pies. I'm writing for the first time today because I saw your quilt shop photos and had to share a website with you of the most lovely fabrics you could every hope for. The link should lead you to an Etsy shop called Stitcherina which belongs to the sweetest most wonderful mother of three, who is VERY passionate about fabrics and searches all over the world for gorgeous one-of-a kind and vintage prints. She loves each and every one of her fabrics and even has trouble parting with some of them. I love her very much and I know it would mean the world to her if you would check it out and see if you would mention it on your blog. I know you do so much to support women and business. I hope you are adjusting well with the move, you seem to make the best of every situation and that inspires me, too. Many thanks, Vanessa.

  11. I used to live in Pocatello Idaho going college there, mmm, about 20 years ago @@ The pictures you post remind me all the leaves I adored back then.. and make me nostalgic. Really enjoying your posts lately.. Thanks Natalie!

  12. The Braverman backyard is #goals indeed!

  13. Those fall colors are so beautiful!

  14. When we were re-doing our backyard, I bought several of those plastic adirondack chairs from the hardware store for $12 each. Then I spray painted each one a different color and put them around the fire pit. They look nice and add charm to the backyard for not a lot of money.

  15. I am absolutely obsessed with your photos, so gorgeous! I am so in love with fall, especially enjoying the colors with my daughter!


  16. Braverman Backyard! Add more twinkle lights and I won't be able to contain my jealousy.


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