Well hiiiiiiiii.

And now for an assortment of completely off-topic topics for your pleasure. It's probably going to be hideously long because it's been five millennia since I've been up in this joint. 


Item one. Clomid boobs. Are not to be trusted. 

Item two. So I have these chickens?

Look at them colluding on something all cute like. I'm onto you, ladies! 

So we've taken to calling them The Ladies and The Babies. Well, *I've* taken to calling them The Ladies + Babies. Those're my girls. Gosh I love those turkeys. I look forward to letting them out in the morning and surmising their evening activities (today I walked in on five individual circles in the straw, each the perfect size of a chicken butt, like mysterious crop circles--were they trying to send me a message?; the other morning I came in to find all eight of them battling for space on the coop window ledge, poor Cuddles front + center getting smooshed all to heck, her little face pressed against the chicken wire, all of them packed in there tight with one Cuddles eyeball sending me an acute expression of alarm mingled a knowing understanding that that spot in the front means she's boss, and that's worth something, so she'll take it like a champ), and I look forward to ushering them up the hill and tucking them into bed at night. 

Somebody always has an attitude about something

I find it delightful!

Huck only likes The Babies because he has decided he is their mom, but me and Cuddles, man. 

Tiny Cuddles. She's kind of like my assistant manager. 

She'd be the one to stage a mutiny, I'd bet.

Speaking of the Huckleberry Hero (his chosen alter ego), well, these days we are into buttered noodles. It's buttered noodles all day errday. I like mine with salt and pepper, sometimes thawed peas from the freezer, but really it's just about the butter and the noodles, if you're a Huck. He's a noodle purist. All day. Every. Day.

I used up the last of the carrots from the farmer's market in a SPECTACULAR failure of a supper. 

No, I can call it that now because I live in the sticks. Don't even argue with it.

But the good news is, my Getting Off the Brooklyn Eat-Out Wagon has been successful! (We eat a lot of cereal.)

I've been crocheting dish rags for Christmas presents. It's soothing as all get out. 
(Sorry for spoiling the surprise, sissies!)

(The water filter is a Soma and I love it.)

Dressing in blankets nearly 100% of the time. (Hat is from Aporta!)

Crunching in leaves that are still hanging on. Though they're starting to get smooshy. 

Points to Idaho for having this policy of nobody raking their leaves, ever

By February it's going to be sliiiiiiiiime. 

Nobody asked me for a picture of a cute red house but here I am, just the same!

In my next life I want to be a red house. 

Get it, Huck!

Okay this is old school out the yin yang and happened a million years ago, but. The other . . . month? . . . Huck met a snow owl.

Is that a snow owl? I don't even remember. BUT LOOK AT HIM, will you? He is perfection. 

As is this dude. The other month I met a pony! 

And then we fell in love. 

A photo from a sunny day in September . . .

And this! From last week.

Good grief. So we are attempting the Danish art of hygge.


  1. I love this post so much!

    And country living looks good on you, take that how you will. :)

  2. Hi! So, I just had to look up "clomid." Word of the day! I just wanted to say/send out/give hugs and good vibes, if that's not too weird. Some mornings I do these YouTube yoga videos and the instructor asks you to set an intention for the day. Today mine was "everything is gonna be all right" in Bob Marley's sing-song voice. And I just wanted to send that bit of good vibes over to you.

  3. Hi Natalie, can you please let me know where did you buy those moon wall hanging decors? Thanks in advance!

    lots of love!

  4. I'm a looooooong time reader and a first time commenter, but I just have to tell you how happy your blog makes me. I've loved seeing the various phases of growth you've gone through, and even though they've been monstrously hard (I'm sure; AND I've done Clomid so I feel the pain) and it just seems like you're really happy right now, like you're right where you're supposed to be. Look at me, acting like I know everything about you, ha! But really, your writing just seems settled and solid and truly, genuinely like you've found yourself lately. I hope that's the case! You're awesome, Nat the Fat Rat!

  5. Love pretty much everything about your writing these days, and I'm gonna have to go with what she said above (all of it!). You are so in what seems to be your element. Oh and hygge ... if you need any Amazon Prime enabling, check out the book The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell. She writes all about hygge and now I'm obsessed with the concept! Love that you're embracing it. You rock and happy one decade of blogging!

  6. My little brother, who turned 25 two weeks ago, still likes his noodles best with butter only. "Clean noodles", he calls them, just like he did 20 years ago.

  7. Aw, beautiful chickens. Red house.. snow! and your hair. I enjoy your posts from Idaho soooo much.


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