If you like . . . I now present an ode unto soup weather. 

Oh, soup weather! Soup weather is my favorite weather. It's also Brandon's favorite food. After spaghetti. He likes to order the soup of the day whenever we go out to eat. I think that's funny. Who orders soup? Well, Brandon orders soup and I'll tell you why I think that's weird. Because soup is an at-home food. You know what I mean?

Soup is an "at home with you and cold toes and a blanket and a 'this will cure everything'" attitude food. Soup is a determination food! Soup is a "here, let this help you" food.

It's also a pantry busting food, when you're like, I also have this can of beans? . . . Whatever, throw it in.

(We once got a curry carrot soup once from a restaurant over on 6th that nearly blew my mind, so don't take this as gospel or anything.)

I like soup because I like making soup. And eating it, but making it is the best. It simmers on the stove and everything just feels good. I think I may have rambled on about this in the past. But it's too much vegetables and herb bits for the small guy, at least the way I like to make it, and so soup right now is a just-me and B thing and Huck just gets to play third string with his peanut butter sandwich. You say "soup" and Huck gets this look on his face like maybe I've just suggested worms. But let's knock that off! Yeah?

Slight subject change? I've been trying to take advantage of our porch this autumn whenever possible. It's crappy and it leaks, but it's there! And it often has views of chicken rumps, so, what on earth could be better than that. So most days when the sun is out we try to take our lunch to the picnic table to get some fresh air. Tomato was our menu. Tomato Soup with some grilled cheese? Forget it. We got some goals. 

Buuuuuut it was a tiny bit freezing that day.

Right, Huck? So we brought it indoors. 

Hey kid, don't spill. ;)


  1. Tomato soup has been strategically renamed "Ketchup soup" for the sake of fooling a 5 year old in my house!

    She totally picked Annie's on the shelf last night at the grocery store!


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