Famous People

Did I ever tell you about the time I saw an Oscar winner in Brooklyn? 

B and I were busily walking to the Target on Atlantic Avenue (side note: never do that again!), when we saw Jennifer Connolly and Paul Bettany. I don't think anybody could love Paul Bettany as much as I do. He's just so geeky! They were in a toy store and even though B and I don't have kids, and don't really have toys either, we went in like we did and acted like total dorks. Jennifer Connolly is short and teeny tiny and had blotchy self-tanner spots on her ankles (life-affirming moment). Paul Bettany was tall and had a red jacket on and he was talking very loudly. Also I got to confirme my theory that he my B are dead-ringers and it made me intensely happy.

Once we were at a giant flea market in Hell's Kitchen and we saw Parker Posey, who was in You've Got Mail, which is hands down the most quoted movie in the Holbrook house. That same day at that very same flea market we also saw Marisa Tomei stroll in all beautiful and breezy and I tell you, The Husband fell in love. Bam! When I told my dad about it he said something about how she's such a cute girl and he's always really liked her, and his voice even got all misty. What is this strange power she has over men?

I saw Shia LeBeouf once in Little Italy on Mott Street. I may or may not have chased him into a deli.

Friday night in Times Square I saw Leon Hall. Does anybody know what he is up to these days? He used to do the Fashion Police with Joan Rivers back in the day? Believe it or not, he looks much better in person. His eyebrows aren't nearly as freaky in person as they are on my T.V. box.


  1. Hey, they could be your couple double! Heh heh.

  2. That is hilarious about Jennifer Connolly having blotchy self-tanner around her ankles - definitely makes me feel better about my past fake tanning disasters! I loved her in Labrynth so so much : ) There's definitely something about Paul Bettany, he was especially hot in Wimbledon (in my humble opinion) xx


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