Thoughts On Life


1. I got an email from B the other day, and it was cute, and he's adorable (especially with his new Lumberjack Beard he's growing for me, to prove his manly manhood). The email goes like this:

Well, the repairwoman called me from the home-line. It was funny to get a call from home cause I already have the number programmed so it showed up as home. But neither of us are there. But I got a call from home. What made it funnier was the first thing she said was "is anyone in your apartment right now?" I thought, you are...

2. We've been having a September! We saw Glengarry Glen Ross on our anniversary, saw The Lion King this weekend (made me wish I were a dancer), we did the US Open, we saw a Giants game yesterday, and we have tickets for a yankee's game on B's birfday. This is a lot of sports and I hope my husband appreciates the sacrifice. We're seeing Spamalot in January, and then!! The Westminster Dog Show (chills up and down my spine!) on Valentine's Day.

3. There was a man in line (on line?) next to me at Duane Reade today wearing pink lipstick, with a purse, carrying a silver wand with a star on top. I love it here.

4. Speaking of, yesterday was the 4th anniversary of 9/11. Being here is quite humbling. Last night they lit the beams at ground zero. The effect was beautiful. The photo at the top of this post was taken at the end of our street. Is that nuts or is that nuts!

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