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A few thoughts on New York City:

(In no particular order.)

You don't stand "in line" in New York City, you stand "on line." "Next on line please!" This leads one to wonder: which is more accurate? I look down and see that I'm not actually standing ON a line on the floor, but then, am I really in a line? Have I been swallowed by the line? This is one of the many things in New York that are question-making to me.

Stoop sales are AWESOME.

Rush hour in New York is crrrazy. One morning last week we were standing on the platform waiting for the 4 train and when it finally came it was PACKED. It was so packed you couldn't have fit an extra thought in there. B and I looked at the train and then looked at each other kinda like "yeah right" and waited for the next train. Four minutes later another train came and guess what, still packed! So we swallowed our fear and elbowed our way in. Nose to armpit for 20 minutes.

Rats on the subway tracks are good luck. Well, probably not, but I think so. I saw a rat on the tracks today and got really excited. Then I got the last seat on the train, so there!

The subway is good for people-watching. Last night we went to the US Open. The subway ride back was a lesson in extreme invasions of personal space. It was so packed I couldn't move my arms and I could have let go of my purse and it wouldn't have moved thanks to the pressure of about 15 people pushing on it from all sides. Next to me was this guy, doesn't tie his shoes and wears his hat too big and has big diamond studs hanging from his ears kind of guy, and every few seconds he'd start rapping along with his music, I kind of had a crush on him.

New York is kinda rad. Let's stay forever!

I even like Brooklyn!

The end.

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  1. Hi Natalie!
    Reading your blog is great while watching my 4 year old take her bath! I can't believe you've been writing for 7 years?!! O comments to hundreds congrats for keeping at it!!

    I love your blog, Christine


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