Five Years Ago Today

Folks, today I have been married for five years.

The Holbs and I got married on a Tuesday afternoon in the Portland, Oregon Temple. We had our reception that night in a stable in Aloha.

The Holbs still has gloriously red hair. He is afraid of the spiders in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He built me a patio this summer. He leaves his empty cereal boxes on the kitchen counter for me to throw away. 

The Holbs cries at good movies. He plants trees and lilacs in the ground and worries for them in windstorms. He loves his dogs. He has a beautiful mouth and a dimple square in the middle of his chin. He has the greatest arm hair on the planet. He loves my goofy little brother.

Here's what have I learned in five years of marriage.

Men don't consider steamed vegetables to be a balanced meal.

Costco is a great place for a cheap date.

You should marry your best friend.

Praying as a couple, reading the scriptures together, and making it to church a little early somehow make your marriage so much stronger. But praying as a couple, reading scriptures together, and making it to church a little early somehow are somehow the hardest things in the world to do. I have no idea why that is.

Making babies can be a lot of fun. You should try it.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I came across your blog. It's quite fun to read and to catch up on your life. My husband and I just celebrated #6. Time flies. Good luck with the baby stuff. It took us 15 months and fertility pills to do the trick. I hope you have quicker success than that! Have a great time celebrating!

  2. grrrl, it happens to be the architect's and my anniversary today as well. eight years, baby. we're going to see batman. you and the ginger kid wanna come? here's what i know about marriage: good friends make it even better. thanks for being our good friends. congratulations around.

  3. Happy Anniversary! You two are so wonderful and absolutely nauseatingly cute :)

    I am pretty sure Ryan is going to love your advice about farting during fights... Unfortunately, it will totally work on me too, because I am, at my core, incredibly immature.

  4. Wow! 5 years! Hold on to your hat batman...we are going onto #12!!! Steve JUST took me to see X-files yesterday (& we had to take all 3 kids with us cause we couldn't find a sitter) & we had to wait for it to hit the $1 theater!!! And we did just finnish reading book #4 of the twilight series together! Nerds unite!!!
    So awesome to find your blog.
    Catch us at


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