It is rainy out. And I like it because there is a skylight above my little cubicle so I can listen to the rain fall all afternoon.

We celebrated five years of marriage last night by having a Certified Senior Citizens' Night. This is where we go to dinner at 4:30, eat half our plates, squabble over which dessert we will order, finally decide not to share and each get our own, and then walk the mall for a few minutes until deciding we are pooped and then go home at 7:00. We are such party animals.

This is Barney, and he approves this message.

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  1. does it get more butch than a shaved head and a big truck? that's ayight. you do what you need to. but the mister and i sure enjoyed walkin' and talkin' last night, and i betcha those boys even liked holding hands ;)


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