Dear Frozen Yogurt,

I love you! Thank you for coming back into our good graces and thank you for letting me be in California where you are here and I have had a decent frozen yogurt with interesting toppings available not once but thrice, and thank you for letting me eat some today with Rachel, who is definitely my favorite person of July.

I was at the local Target yesterday, milling about and saying hello to all the tops I've tried on already and left behind, to restock some onesies for some orders, and I've found that lately I am taking my time getting over to the baby section. I'll meander through the sports department and try on bike helmets or ponder the benefits of one eight-pound dumbbell over another, anything to delay the inevitable. The baby aisle, lately it hurts my feelings.

So, I rode my bike to Borders the other day just to see if I could. It was exhausting, and I think I've narrowed it down to the sixth Harry Potter because he is real heavy, and not that I am in non-biking shape. (I am in excellent sleeping-in shape, finally, after months of training.)

My niece is having a sleepover and they are watching Twilight. Every now and then they pause the movie and I hear some sort of muffled screaming and stomping for about a minute before the movie starts up again. I can't understand what they're doing exactly but it's totally making my night.

I have now covered both Harry Potter and Twilight in one post and so now I can end this sucker. Have a good weekend, tell me what you are up to so we can compare on Monday.


  1. PLease tell me you are not limiting your taco adventures to only big name fast food places. Because you are missing the bestest part of California if you are: the Taco Shop.

    They may LOOK like they should receive Grade B from the Dept of Health and might even appear scary because you think you have to know Spanish to order there. All of this is not true.

    And what IS true is that it will be the yummiest of all the tacos you have ever had. I like a carne asada taco with cheese and guacamole. It is so very goodly.

  2. I appreciate that you are naming big chains b/c then I can maybe get the tacos in NC and not have to travel across the country to try them!

    I'm with you on the movie - it's in my Netflix queue - I don't get to the theater much but at least they come out on DVD much sooner now!

  3. PS - I'm not channeling the 80s EVER again. At least style wise. Or hair style wise.

  4. I totally would make you some fish tacos if I were there. Here is what you need for a yummy fish tostada:

    Tostadas (flat, fried, corn tortillas)
    White fish such as halibut or bass
    Lime juice
    Ripe Avocado
    Small amount of cilantro
    Lemon Pepper
    Salt, Pepper, Tabasco sauce if desired.

    Cook fish in skillet with ample amounts of lemon pepper and salt to taste. Once opaque and white, transfer fish to plate.

    Top tostada with flaked fish, avocado chunks, a little lime juice, a small amount of cilantro to taste, and a small dash of Tabasco sauce or your favorite salsa. You can top with Mexican cheese, but if you're trying to get preggo then I'd use sour cream or cheddar.

    These would also probably taste realy good on reg flour tortillas, but I've never made them that way.

    Recipe Authenticity: My grandparents are hispanic and I grew up in Texas.

  5. Taco Del Mar has some good... tacos of the sea, as it were. Unfortunately, they don't have TDMs out here. I guess no one ought to eat seafood from a fast food joint east of the Mississippi anyway.

    I know they're in Oregon though, which means they are likely in CA - unless we were talking about Burgerville. Mmmm halibut fish'n'chips...

  6. Oh, sorry, did I just ramble on about food?

  7. Thany, there are no taco wagons around here! I don't live in that part of California, which fills me with deep regret, believe me. Though I did get a really awesome mini taco at a greasy Mexican place in Sacramento once, but it was only fun cause it was small.. flavor wise it was so-so.

  8. AnonymousJuly 10, 2009

    TACOS!!! Thats whats everyone is talking about... Baha-Fresh has good tacos

  9. Totally going on opening night to see HP, but I will not be wearing anything out of the ordinary.

  10. I totally agree on most clothing from the 80's should stay there- especially the neon and spandex BUT I miss the jeans and jean shorts- or maybe I just miss the body I had in the 80's that fit jeans and jeans shorts.

    I was just looking at a local theater and they are running HP starting at midnight everyhour for 24 hours!!!!!!! I wish I could go but we will be leaving for camping so I'll have to wait and find someone to go with my since my hubby refuses to take part in HP- he feels its too trendy.

  11. Having now met you in person, I can assure you your hair is BEAUTIFUL and SHINY and I'm a little bit jealous of it. sympathy from me.

    I'm a fan of the Rubio's.

    And we're making shrimp tacos tomorrow night! Yum!

    The 80's were lame. Except for the music...which was so bad, it's good!

  12. No help in the taco department - but I hear we have plenty of good wagons around here (in TX). However, I will be enjoying fajitas and margaritas tonight to celebrate my birthday!

    And I'm admitting that I love that NKOTB has come back for a while! I will be spending NEXT weekend with them :)

  13. what? HP? Opening night? I will be there. Maybe with a wand and glasses, I can't make any promises.

    Where are you, geez, it's like you bombed off the face of my earth or something.

  14. delightfully entertaining post, as usual.
    you must go to wahoo's fish taco! right now. get a flame grilled fish taco and a blackened fish taco with brown rice and spicy cajun white beans. you will not be disappointed! also get a side of wahoo's green sauce. all that and only $6! i think i will be planning a trip to cali just for that.
    {ps: do you have a joanns near you? the sell gerber onesies there, and you can use a 50% off coupon}


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