On Friday morning at 3 a.m. my husband, his bad-example older brother, and his bad-example older brother's friends will be driving to Yosemite to engage in some 12-hour hike which killed two hikers earlier this year. Drive from 3 till 5, hike from 5 till 5, drive from 5 till 8.

So, on Friday I will most likely be a widow.

Tonight all of Holbsy's older brother's bad-example friends are sleeping at the house, and since I am the only "female" here I have been nominated to make them a pasta dinner.

Yes, there is carb-loading involved, and yes, isn't it terribly sexist at this house?

Good luck, husband! Do try not to fall off the mountain, please. 


  1. No! Drive to sac for froyo instead!

  2. Sleep in - giggle to yourself when you wake up at a leisurely pace and your hubbie has been hiking for hours already - treat yourself to something (a massage, new shoes, ice cream - you know - something) - do something you've been wanting to do for awhile - do something nice for The Holbs to surprise him with when he returns - congratulate yourself for being so kind - blog about it and tell us what you did!!

  3. I vote for sleeping in and enjoying the quiet of a house to yourself and doing something for yourself.

  4. Shoot, I may be the only one, but I vote for the hike! You will have many days to sleep in and pamper yourself, but true adventures are few and far between.

    Just take a cell phone and emergency flares, k?

  5. AnonymousJuly 03, 2009

    Take a Hike! I've been working out for the past two days and I'm sore like crazy, the least you could do would be to hike. you will get Good Memories and get sore, then you will have an excuse next time they ask.

  6. Go on the hike!! It sounds amazing.

  7. It's Friday. Either you're still asleep or you're in the middle of an awesome hike. Either way, good for you!

  8. I think you need a GoGirl for that hike, although I am not sure how that would help with your period. (just check it out...if anything you'll laugh. I think I am getting me one though)


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