Re Align

Every now and then I think it is best to take the soul in for a scheduled realignment.

Today I experienced a realignment of the soul while eating meatballs at Ikea, the happy result of much ponderings regarding flat sandals and the confusing resurrection of flannel shirts.

Periodically I like to take myself in for some soul adjustments, to knock a few things back into place. It is something The Holbs doesn't totally understand, he being of the "take life as it comes" variety. "Only think about it when you must," sort of thing.

Not me.

Today at Ikea I took myself in for some adjustments. Right as rain, and we carry on.


  1. Thanks for the great thoughts! You always have something to say that seems to inspire me! Hope you enjoy your center!

  2. Onesies are your artistic niche. Yes, it would be cool if you sold other items, but don't make that move until you are ready to.

    As for the 300th sale, you could do something fun like offer a free goodie bag perhaps of one or two onesies. You could give away a gift certificate. You could also giveaway a couple items you've thought about selling and use this as an opportunity to market those items.

    Quite frankly, I suck at sewing. Perhaps it is b/c I haven't given it much time, however you could sew the following for ideas:

    Diaper pouch (big enough to hold a couple diapers and some wipes)
    Simple baby blanket with a simple edge and some of your cute patterns
    Baby bibs

  3. oh my gosh. reaching vs being. that is a daily struggle for me. there really is so much peace in the being..

    also, now i have 'don't go chasing waterfalls...' stuck in my head. hm. not quite sure i'm thanking you for that, haha.

  4. I think you should make an adult onesie. Seriously. I struggle with keeping things tucked in. This is my mom's idea. And heck, I wouldn't mind unsnapping a few buttons down there if it meant I was more put together!


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