A Tuesday In Reviewsday

Today was a big day.

At ten I participated in a staring match against a fat robin. He was perched on the neighbor's fence, I was perched on my white sofa, and we had eyes. I may never know what was going through his head as his beady little eyes stared me down, but I am sure it was fascinating. After I beat him soundly he ate a couple shriveled orange berries off my neighbor's tree and that was that.

At eleven I took a really righteous nap. I sung to sleep by a chorus of barking dogs. Really complicated harmonies.

At two I went to work. Let's not discuss.

At seven I saw the Queens on my run. I said hello at their fence but one of them woofed at something across the yard and soon enough they were off to investigate. They truly are enormous, as in, their enormity is not easily described. It was quite cold out and someone had a fire in their fireplace and the air smelled smoky and perfect and it made me want to go camping.

At eleven I watched a special on TV about how someone has actually bred a Liger. For their skills in magic I am assuming.

All I wanted to eat today was Macaroni and Cheese and Tuna and Peas and so I DID.  I chased each bowl with a pastel bunny shaped marshmallow.

How much do I love pastel bunny shaped marshmallows? SOO much.

At midnight I sat down and typed up all of these incredibly significant details, with a dog leaning against each hip as if I were some kind of pack mule.

Life doesn't get too much better than this, I suppose.


  1. Well... Not much better, I'd say. That sounds like a lovely day. Especially the macaroni. I sprinkle the top of mine with breadcrumbs and extra grated cheese, and then put it under the grill, and it comes out with a crispy crunchy top. MMMMMMmmmmmmm So tasty!

    Glad to hear that Barney is home safely. How does Peter Pan feel about it, I wonder?

  2. Sounds like a lovely day!

  3. Sounds totally delightful and much unlike my day of work and drudgery....

  4. I dream of days like this when I don't have to work full-time... unless, of course, I'm working at home... soon I hope. :)

  5. I'm a little bit jealous of your day, you know. Although, my day was pretty good too. Not as relaxing and wonderful as yours, perhaps, but pretty good for me. Do you know WHY? It's because I had 10 clients scheduled yesterday, and every last one of them showed up! That's stunning is what! I'm a speech therapist at a private practice, so when clients don't show up, DangGina doesn't get paid. Plus, my busy day just FLEW by!

    I'm not nearly as excited for today...I'm currently experiencing a no-show, and I kinda think my day is gonna be full of holes, like unto a Swiss Cheese. And then, once my work day is over, I have to go to a mandatory work meeting, and that makes me feel frowny. Because...when I'm done with work, I'd rather go home, not stick around. Duh.

    Good thing tomorrow is my Friday...

    PS SO GLAD that MacDuff is back!

  6. Sounds like a very wonderful, perfect day!

  7. Compared with yours, I should think mine was purely insignificant. I recovered from completing our taxes, led a team in identifying content for a new software tool we will deliver next month, plowed through a Yiddish document of a Holocaust survivor, and made fajitas for dinner. I swear, Nat, somehow you always out-do me! :D Today may be a little better - I am clean out of Puffins and Valdosta, so I MUST go a-hunting for these delights, and I get to work from home to complete a conference presentation for work. This way I may remain pajamaed all day, which is always delicious.

  8. I love eating the same meal four times a day. I really do. :)

  9. My day was not nearly so fun as yours but I did get off work early, although it was to get fillings replaced, did you know guys know that they don't last forever? On a plus note, my dentist was done super quick and I spent the lovely afternoon outdoors walking my dog and I saw...wait for it...yes new leaves on the trees. This makes me hopeful that Spring is peeking it's head right around the corner!

  10. I love how you can make even mundane moments sound interesting. I truly enjoy your blog.

  11. I thought I was the only one who ate tuna and peas. I guess I'm not the original I thought:-)!

    not too serious i hope

  12. So happy the duff is back home where he belongs! : ) My Tuesday included a terrific surprise - my bff had sent me Scarecrow & Mrs. King on DVD. We re-enacted 7th grade tonight by watching it "together" while 800 miles apart. : ) Good times!!


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