Back In The USSR

Apparently, we may have sold our house.

I'm shocked!

We drove home to Moscow this afternoon to set about the business of packing the things of a tiny little family.

Here we go!

(We still aren't totally sure where we're going though?)


  1. my new medicine has left me feeling rather icky this late evening, but upside!! i've never been someone's first comment, so yay!

    i have not commented on your lovely blog in awhile, so might i say the baby bump pic from your recent post? omigah cute! if i ever have children, i hope i'm lucky enough to have a cute, little fetus-y shaped bump. and how exciting for your house, i hope the process goes nice and smooth for you. :)

  2. Firstly of all.... wheeeeeee!! Finally! Big relief, I am sure! Except for the whole where-to-now thing. But still. That will work out, just like this worked out. :)

    Secondly of all.... deal! You may have noticed, I have a terrible habit of writing responses to blogs which are waaaaaay too long (eg the nat's nest layette epic) so I am obviously open to any amount of writing that will contribute to your wellbeing somewhat.

    I'm so pleased things are starting to fall into place for you. And also, because I forgot to mention, congratulations on having your Awesome at Being Pregnant card un-revoked.

  3. We sold a house, packed it and moved out of state when I was pregnant with my David. You know what? It worked out just fine! (It helped that our next door neighbors bought it so we passed it off to someone we trusted. First houses are special!).

    Congrats. Don't go box-fume-happy...

  4. congrats on selling your house! my parents and i are in the process of selling our home of 16 years, and so far, we've gotten zero bites. but we're hoping and praying! :)

  5. In this market? You sold a house? That is seriously a miracle! Congratulations! Good luck with all of the packing.

    Excuse me now, I've got to stop my son from eating a crayon. He's already devoured the tip.

  6. Yay for selling the house so you can move on to the next phase of figuring out where you will land!

    I shall be thinking really hard about your request and will return with knock-knock jokes or some hysterical story.

  7. Wow this is such an exciting and busy time in your life. You lucky girl! I'm sure everything will turn out fine, and I just KNOW Moscow will miss you more than you think. But I am excited to find out where you'll be moving next... the place where you will start your family... and all the new, exciting adventures to come. Also, since I'm not so good at entertaining through comments or emails, I suggest you take a peek at my blog or my other blog I share with my little sis. It's not as famous or thrilling as yours, of course, but sometimes we say funny things is all. :) I hope you totally enjoy this time in life!

  8. YAY for selling your shoebox house, it was inevitable, because it really is adorable!
    I hope for the next step you find out exactly where you will be moving to :)

  9. I detest moving. I hope to never do it again.

    Have fun at your baby shower--may the two guests get you a huge amount of gifts and the three of you eat lots of great food!

  10. I will do my best--however, I am slated for an induction Monday morning, so maybe my "comments" will just be pictures of my newest little one, which will inspire relief on YOUR part that at least you're not moving with a newborn tucked under one arm!! Good luck with your Big Move--wish me luck on Monday!

  11. Yay you for rocking that shower with your positive vibes!!!

    And TRIPLE YAY for house selling!!!

    This will bring so much relief for the future endeavor you are about to embark on(you know after all the finding a place, and moving part is done). I am so excited for your family!!!!

  12. Congrats on selling the house!
    Boo for moving! (But I know you'll get through it just fine.)

    In other news, I am currently writing a post on my blog and I wish I had your knack for story-telling.

  13. congratulations! house-selling has always been a stressful experience for me, and i'm glad yours has a happy ending. can't wait to see and hear about your new adventures. new york? with a baby? so exciting!

  14. You should do a internet type baby shower. one of my friends did, and with all your followers- you would have many gifts :) I would throw it for you!! and you know, if I could be, I would definitly come to your baby shower. Right now I feel kind of stupid, what was I thinking? I should have thrown you a shower before all of us left moscow.
    Congrats on NYU!!! remember us little people when your all rich and famous K?!

  15. Deal, for sure. But I'll wait to share something until the medicine has stopped affecting my brain. I have what I hope is just a summer cold. Summer? Cold? That's not right!


  17. Yay for house selling!

    Have you noticed that the Pan has a spot on his back which, in the picture above, resembled The Mouse? Yes, The Mickey. Might just be me, but I think it is truth. : )

  18. So funny story from my life, donated for your sanity. My brother is fourteen, that awful-to-my-sister, super-inconsiderate, and terribly-frightened- of-spiders phase. So we were riding in our super-SUV-stationwagon car when my brother *gasp* Saw a Spider! He immediately left the back seat, moved to the captain chair in the middle, then leaned over the back of the seat, shoe off his foot and poised to kill. The kid is fourteen, so that tall- gangly-almost- muscle-but- mostly-stingy stage. Leaning over the back of a captain style seat. Mom glances in the rearview mirror and, rather than worry about a spider, say "get your butt down! That way if their happened to be a cop coming, he MIGHT think you are buckled!" I don't know why that was so funny but my sister and I about does laughing. We didn't get a ticket and mom and I got the spider later. Pretty sure it was a brown recluse. Life is good.

  19. What an exciting time! Congratulations on selling your house. I kind of like packing up, but it takes me forever because I get so distracted sorting through all of the odds and ends that accumulate and trying to decide how to justify keeping everything!

  20. Here's a story to warm your soul. It goes a little like this, the Schroeder nearly got him self arrested this morning. I'll back up to the incident, and you'll understand why I may not have bailed him out if he really did get put in the pokey.
    As he was clearing a lot of weeds for his boss, the mowing cat thingy threw a rock 75 or so yards and smacked right into the windshield of a passing truck. So the Schroedriver called the police, and lo and behold his license has expired! 6/7/10 it expired- a whole stinking month ago. In his defense, it is still his original 16-year-old-new-driver-license from 10+ years ago with so many renewal stickers it's sick. But really, it expired a month ago. All I can say is it's a good thing he pays his tithing or something- cause bubble boy would not have done well in jail.

  21. Yay! So your house (maybe?) sold! That's (likely?) fantastic! I mean, so having to get all packed and moved in no-time flat sucks real bad, but packing and moving is a hell unto itself anyway, least "selling the house" isn't (might not?) be on the list of "things to do before moving." Am I right, or am I right?

    I don't have a crazy Uncle George. My uncles (all of them, I think) seem quite sane. Some of my AUNTS, however...well, that's a different story entirely. (Is it the estrogen? One has to wonder. Plus, how did the crazy ladies get married? To sane men, no less! I'm still looking to land me a husband, and stopping to think about the crazy ladies who get hitched to sane men...doesn't do much for the ol' ego...)

    Good luck, Natalie! YOu can do this!

    PS How was the shower? Sometimes less is more, you know what I mean? I'm sure you had a killer time!

  22. Geez, Nat. When are you going to tell everyone the good news??!!

  23. doing my part. . .
    "Hi!" from my corner of the world.

    catch you on the flip side
    (otherwise known as facebook!)

  24. I'm so happy you sold your house! (Does selling a house take as long as buying a house? I'm sure it does!)

  25. Congratulations on (most likely) having sold your house! Just think, you will be settling into your new home at the *perfect* time. Your hormones are already telling you to nest it up, so you have a much higher chance of getting your unpacking done than the rest of us unmotivated fools!
    With 3 folks in attendance, does that mean y'all get to have a whole cake?!
    Take lots of breaks during the moving process. It can be very tiring and overwhelming. I definitely picked several fights with my man-friend on our last move...adding stress to stress is no fun!
    What sort of home are you going to be moving into? Or is it unknown to you at this point?

  26. Hmm. What to say, what to say. Well, I have a meeting tomorrow with the director of our company about a new National Technology conference I am heading up, and then I am meeting with a doc about the whole vacance de l'enfant in our lives on Weds. Thurs. I am holding a birthday bash for my handicapped brother and hoping that lots of people will think it worth their time to come have some pizza and cake with him because I think he's the best 7-year-old-in-a-27-year-old-body ever! Oh! And it turns out that I think the TV production company that has been looking at me for a reality show may not be ousting me because of my Mormonness after all! My little cockatiel has taken up trying to hang out in strange places like my cereal bowls in the cupboard, and crevices in the bathroom. And then there's all of this boring stuff about me finishing an 8 week computer science class in two weeks, blah, blah, blah. But Natalie, we really need photos of you packing, and maybe even a vid or two because that would just make us feel like we are right there with you! Loves and extra loves, because a shower is not so fun with just three people, especially with that game where they melt candy bars in baby diapers and you have to guess what kind it is? It's my favorite. I ALWAYS bring my camera...

  27. Here's a funny story that always makes me giggle to myself...just to cheer you up.

    My mom has a mini schnauzer. (well part westie but whatev) She took Heidi for a walk one day, as she often does. While they were walking Heidi went number 2, as doggies daily do. In my moms neighborhood it is mandatory to clean up after your pups. Of course she brought a bag with her to take care of business. After the grossness of cleaning up took place, they continued on home. While walking on the sidewalk Mom came to a little uneven-ness in the pavement, tripped and busted her butt on the sidewalk.

    Picture this in super slow-mo. A lady...walking her dog...with a bag of poop...falling. She was totally fine of course. But the visual image is HILARIOUS.


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