Guide Us, O Thou Great Felicity

In high school I was maybe a little bit obsessed with Felicity. On the WB, yo! After the first episode I had basically decided I was going to go to NYU.

I will pause here to note that no, NYU did not want me. It's okay. I'm over it now.

Also, I really wanted Felicity to end up with Noel. But didn't WE ALL.

These days I am at incredible odds with myself. On the one hand, I am so proud of my little husband. He got into the number one LLM program in the country, and gets to take out a whopping $70K more in student loans, for just ten-months worth of school!

But on the other hand, I am talking about pride here. He got in. I did not. Don't think I'm not noticing this.

But I am swallowing my pride, and it tastes like a huckleberry shake. (Thank you, Arctic Circle. Love your fry sauce.)

And anyway, Felicity. I really did love that Javier.

I suppose I am about to finally have my Felicity experience, ten years later. Moving across the country on a whim at the last minute because I am following a boy? Not knowing where I'll be living until I am there? Saying "hey" a lot and wearing baggy sweaters?

Come to think of it, my hair is looking pretty puffy lately.

Anyway, this was my favorite episode.


  1. I can only thank you for including Felicity in a post! I dreamed of becoming her- and thought for sure I would find a way to go to NYU as well- I even got the brochures in the mail! Unfortunately, I went to a local state school here in California. Bummerlicious.

    I always wanted her to be with Ben. I was a sucker for a happy ending. I totally forgot about her being in that alternate universe. I need to buy it on DVD already.

  2. I don't know who the holbs is, I am thinking more of a Ben, I wont know until I have met him in the flesh, does he speak in a normal tone of voice when he talks to you? Or is it more of a whisper? Does he make it so that you can suddenly only whisper back when speaking to him>? If you said yes to the last two questions then he is BEN! AND YOU ARE FELICITY! That is the only way Ben and Felicity know how to communicate, in that sexy/romantic/dramatic sort of way.

  3. Oh dear, Kjrsten, if that is the case then he is a Noel.

    Wait, was there a character on the show that liked to argue and tease Felicity?

    Possibly The Holbs is Megan?

  4. Never watched Felicity so I dont know.
    HOWEVER, it is early morning and suddenly I want to tell you I had an awesome toasted marshmallow milkshake at The Stand by Union square last year. yeah, last year lol. really though, $6 for 6 minutes of bliss ... and i believe u like marshmallows so thank me later ^_^

  5. Best qoute ever: "Seventeen is never a particularly bright time in anyone's life, in case you've ever noticed."

    I can't wait till you say that too your Holbchildren when they want to run away to NYC!

  6. wish I COULD answer this, but dang-it if I can't seem to remember enough about felicity to form an opinion one way or the other...*wonders if Netflix has Felicity on dvd*....

    I will have to actually watch some and get back to you on this one!

    Following a boy, while it seems like a weak if you don't have a plan of your own to some people....but dearest Nat, having faith in someone the way you do in Holbs, perhaps it takes a GREATER leap of faith to bet on someone who ISN"T you!?! no?


  7. UPDATE: Felicity, season 1, "VERY LONG WAIT"

    Season two...they don't have

    Season three...available

    Season four...they don't have...

    well who'd want to wait a long wait to watch season's 1 and 3 without 2 and 4?

    it's madness i tell you! lol


  8. Can't answer your question, but I think you can comfortably allow for your husband to be smarter than you, or more attractive than you to certain institutions because YOU, the mighty woman Natalie, can GROW A BABY in your body! Take that, Holbsman!

  9. It makes me REALLY want to watch Felicity again! It aired when I was in college & was a really important part of my life.

    In fact, I told Sam that I wanted a Palm Pilot because Felicity had one. But then I found out it was an electronic calendar, and I so didn't want it anymore.

    When I was pregnant, I liked to wear cardigans in my normal size over tanks. It was cute plus I could wear it postpartum!!

  10. I liked Ben better so I vote Ben! I always wished I had Felicity's hair, until I found out the Felicity reminded my husband of an ex-girlfriend then I was happy to be me and not her.

    HeatherLynn check your local library- I've been getting the tv dvd's at mine when I cant wait out the netflix queue or want the whole series at once etc.

  11. I must say, I ALSO had a thing for Ben. And, OH HOW I LOVED FELICITY! I wish they'd play reruns on tv again. I mean, REALLY? I'm so done with Saved by the Bell. How did she look so darned cute all the time? AND Oh, how I looved loved loved Javier! I mean, she seriously should have just stayed at Dean and Deluca. Do you know, to this day on my bucket list is to have a cup of joe from Dean and Deluca. Seems like a little thing to some...but when you loved Felicity like I did, it's a big thing. :)

  12. I loved Noel...with Ben and Felicity there was just too much whispering. My aged ears couldn't take it.

  13. all you really need to do is learn how to raspilly whisper (that's totally a word, btw) "hey" to the holbs. and then you will know that you are felicity!

  14. Nat, I have a present for you over at my blog it will go nicely with the fetus! You deserve it.

  15. Ah, Felicity, Felicity. I never did watch that show, but I ALWAYS wanted to. I plan at some point in my life to get the seasons and watch them straight through. But until that time, I cannot vote in your Ben or Noel discussion. This is sad.

  16. All I have to say is that our relationship just got awkward. My husband is now in love with you. So I guess you have a Ben and a Noel in your life, not just one or the other. So I solved that for you.

    Seriously. My man is obsessed with Felicity and he's loud and proud about it. He has all seasons on DVD and therefore feels a kinship to you at this moment.

    rock on, Felicity

  17. I've never wished so hard that I had watched even one episode of Felicity as I'm wishing right now...

    It must be said: I'm shocked (and a whole lotta jealous!) that swallowing your pride tasted like unto a hucklberry shake! Whenever I am forced to swallow MY pride, it's all burny and nasty and hurts us! More like swallowing what I'd imagine pickled herring to taste like, or something.

    Anyway...I hope all's well with you as you sojourn across this great country of ours!!!

  18. The pink ranger WASN'T julie (felicity's BFF) it was some other really tall chick that doesn't come back to the story.

    I was so into felicity back in the day, but I treated myself to a felicity boxset this year and I watched every season, that's how I can give you my very informed correction on this.

  19. Okay first and sadly cause I also watch power rangers with my two young sons....The pink ranger was julie for a short period of time, trust me on that one.

    I loved Felicity, one of the best shows ever. They don't make shows like that anymore..boooo. I too think she should have picked Noel (or Leon) They had played reruns of Felicity for awhile on Oxygen (much to my husbands dismay cause he really didn't like watching it the first time around) One of my favorite episodes though was when Ben took her to the roof top to watch the old movie. Least favorite the Alfred Hitchcock one...

  20. I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did! This post totally made my day!! I was always a ben fan myself:)

  21. Felicity and Ben forever! I love that show too!

    Hope your journey to NYC is filled with good friends, indie music, and lots of excitement! (By the way, this is one of my favorite episodes too!)

  22. Ah Felicity! If I were you, I would get all 4 seasons on dvd and keep them handy when that baby comes and needs your attention in the middle of the night. It makes nursing a baby at 2:00 a.m. a whole lot more enjoyable if Felicity keeps you company. Oh man, I love that episode with Noel taking the smart powder and shouting in the library. Also great - when Felicity goes to the bookstore to find a sex book. That cracks me up every time. And to Josie up there, I think you are talking about the girl Felicty sees Ben with when she is getting her student i.d. card taken. Everyone else is talking about how he started dating Julie (pink power ranger) shortly thereafter. Man are we a bunch of nerds or what?! Good luck in New York!

  23. I know it's 2011 but I just wanted to say that I love Felicity. I borrowed the DVD's from my sister years ago and didn't do a single thing except watch them for two straight weeks. It was the best of times. It was the worst.

    I think I'll give her a call.


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