the problem with dogs as babies...

is that dogs can't be babies
not really, anyway

babies can fly inside airplanes
and be taken to restaurants
and ne worried and stressed over
and nobody looks at you funny

as long as your baby
isn't a dog baby
that is

the problem with dogs as babies
is that dogs can't be babies

babies are people
and dogs aren't people
even if you love them
just like people
which is confusing
but that's just the way
it is

the problem with dogs as babies
is that you can't be a mama bear
when your baby bear is a dog

people will look at you strange
and question your priorities
and obviously
you are wrong

real babies
clearly take precedence
over dog babies

i guess i have lots to learn
about dog babies
and real babies

because if you asked me today
i'd tell you

that these dogs
are my babies

and i'd really, really like to make this work.


  1. I won't question you on your babies 'cause I totally understand. My baby is four-legged and furry, but he meows instead of woofs!

  2. I'm glad you put that last part there, cuz I was about to cry about the dogs not being real babies! Pet babies are just as important as baby-babies. People give away baby-babies, too, and does anyone think of them as disposable? No, they do not!

    Meh. *hugs* I hope you and your dog babies and the Holbs & the babybaby you're currently making are all doing well. : )

  3. absolutely! i completely agree with you!

    i'm offended when i'm not allowed to take my pup into places, it hurts me deep in my soul and i swear up and down that i'll never go into such a place again that won't accept my baby pup... but alas, i can't let go of target..

    if it wasn't for my daughter pup i wouldnt want a human baby... there is nothing like the love of your pup, they love u 24 hrs a day... i wish ppl would understand! glad u do!

  4. My dogs are my babies too and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise (even though people try). Great post.

  5. My dog is my baby. Even though everyone with "real" babies tells me that's not the case I really don't care because she's MY baby and that's really all that matters anyway.

    Please don't say you're being forced to part wtih one of your babies because of this move to NYC!

  6. I have a dog baby too. I think it's our way of sharing our love with someone or something that will love us back... because not everyone has a REAL baby. And, well, even real babies need babies to love too. Right?

  7. Like I tell everybody, the best baby I ever had is my sweet Yorkie. She cuddles with me and never talks back. She lets me cradle her and she never cries. I dont have to bottle or breast feed her. And she pees and poops outside. She's the best baby.

  8. This is a very different style than you usually post, but I really like it.

    Barney and Pan have been with you for so long, been there through thick and thin, I can see why they're your babies. And you've shared them with us for so long, it feels like they're our babies too. 2 Minutes in the Life of Pan is one of my very favorite posts.

    It makes me really sad to think you might have let your babies live somewhere else. It isn't a fair choice for a momma to have to make.

  9. AnonymousJuly 26, 2010

    I absolutely LOVE my dog. She IS my baby. There are very few places I don't take my dog. She goes everywhere with us, when it's not too hot or too cold to have her in the car or out with us. Most everything we do allows us to involve our dog to join us. We are thinking of buying a motorcycle "cruiser" and my husband actually said "We should get a sidecar...for Kimber". Of course we wouldn't but it was a pretty funny thought for a moment! I'm glad you're sticking up for your dog babies! Don't ever let anyone tell you that they aren't as important as your people baby. If you love them, they are worth it.

  10. Christy BJuly 26, 2010

    As the loving mother of a Scottie and a Westie, I can only say "Amen".

  11. You know what? We've recently been discussing getting a dog.

    And the last three posts I've read today have been about dogs.

    Hmmm. Think it's a sign?

  12. We just got home from a 3 week car trip from Wisconsin to Los Angeles and back again - me, my husband and our dog. I feel you, and I love this post. Pardon me while I go post a link to it on my FB page and my Twitter...


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