This is my father-in-law. His name is Joe. He is growing this beard so he can compete in the upcoming "Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest" in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Joe likes to collect falcons. NOT eagles.

(I like to collect antlers. One of which I unpacked just today, and I was all, "Surprise! I packed this!")

This is my Holbsfarmerhusband, on a tractor, in Chesterfield Idaho, where my father-in-law Joe was born.

And now this has come full circle.

The Holbs has requested that I write a haiku regarding the above panoramic photograph of wonder.

my husband likes to
sleep with one arm draped over
his eyes. dramatic.

There it is! (Are you supposed to capitalize things in haikus? The spirit told me not to, so, I didn't.)

This informative post has been brought to you by the fact that all I did today was nap and buy milk at the Food Emporium.


  1. I got to play w/ the 3 year old nephew! That for sure counts as interesting. : )

    Joe looks like a nice fil to have!

  2. the food emporium near lincoln center or perhaps in the 90's? can i suggest fairway instead--it can be unbelievably stressful, but the selection and prices are better. or westside market (it's tamer).

  3. I quit my current job and accepted a new job. Does that count as interesting or does it just make me a nerdy accountant? Yeah. Nerdy.

    Love the haiku!

  4. i slept over at my cousins' and we ate sushi at three in the morning and watched the time traveler's wife and an even steven's marathon. also, we played disney song karaoke with their niece's.

  5. K, that tractor, awesome! :D

  6. Love the pic of The Holbs on the tractor. Its so rural! Beautiful view.

  7. Our power went out and I read Eragon for 3 hours by candlelight.

  8. I did homework. But it was interesting homework!!!!

  9. I went with my cousin to get both of her nipples pierced. For sure the most interesting thing I did yesterday! And probably all year. Yowza!

  10. I really love that tractor. And also, Joe's beard. He needs to braid it.
    Today I spent some time schmoozing with the state's top politicians at a launch for something-or-other, and witnessed a man fainting. Then I went to my belly dancing class and learned how to do an oriental arabesque (who knew?!).
    But I am now fantasising about your day. Nap. Buy Milk. Nap. End. Ahhh, delightful.

  11. My seven-year-old discovered Victoria's Secret catalogs. Victoria's secret? She will corrupt your children. :)

  12. My son turned 10. I made cupcakes with blue frosting and sprinkles. (per his request).

  13. (the spirit told me not to...i am using that one on my husband regularly from now on! brilliant!)

  14. I think you are probably going to win some type of award for that haiku. It is TRANSCENDENT.

    (I'm not sure I know what transcendent actually means. Something about floating? Or glowing? Or ghosts? Something? I don't know?)

    I am horribly jealous of your day, you know. Yesterday I had work and kindergarten assessments and car problems and more work and showering and I felt like I just ran back and forth and back and forth and back and forth like a drunken raccoon all day long.

    My head hurts.

  15. I learned that when a woman witnesses a man doing something "manly," that that hormone that starts with P skyrockets and gives them thoughts about doing the nasty. So, you know, keep your man around tractors, it's sure to produce good things :)
    I also waited on a table where a guy proposed to his lady friend by moving over to her side of the booth. He did not get done on one knee. Lame. He did prepare by bringing in flowers and rose petals beforehand.

  16. nat, how on earth could you go to food emporium when you are SO deliciously close to fairway! 74th and B'way, babyyy.

    Btws the other natalie was supposed to email you since she has to work tomorrow. lame, i know. i will remind her again. jon and i are supposed to go to the beach tomorrow, but perhaps i can convince him to ikea instead. he could keep holbshusband company and they could talk about boring tax stuffs

  17. Dear Nat,

    Today was my first day of real college. And that called for a big fountain coke.


  18. Everything about this post is adorable. It made me smile big time, which is just wonderful since today begins our new semester at the college. My job is about to get busier. *boo*

  19. I got a cortisone shot in my foot. And it hurt. then I made cookies.

    exciting huh?

  20. On today, the third day of our school year, one of our students decided to run away. He was pursued out of the building by the secretary, who happens to be a runner. Good thing, too, because he gave up before she did and she drug him back to school by the wrist (can you do that without getting in trouble?!) I hope he THINKS REALLY HARD about his erring ways, like all wayward children are supposed to do in suspension!

  21. I turned cupcakes into hot pink and purple little monsters for my child's birthday.

  22. Joe seems like a really cool guy! Does he collect falcons as in real live birds?

    You made a haiku! Thats awesome and it takes a lot of brain power!

    I went to a cardiology appointment for my baby wasn't exciting at all.

  23. HA! Your haiku was awesome times two. And? I think your father-in-law's beard makes me feel like I can trust him. He knows his way around a fishing rod, for sure. He wouldn't let me go hungry.

  24. Rust-red old engine
    imaginarily driven
    by Holbsy The Red

    Oops, too many syllables in the middle line.

    Dad Joe grew a beard.
    Red Holbs drives an old tractor,
    while Nat writes haiku.

    I don't like that one so much.

    Holbs bosses iron
    while Nat looks on in wonder.
    Beautiful mountains.

    YES! That's it! What do you think, Natalie? (And I'm glad you found an antler! Your New York apartment would have been very sad without it.)

  25. this post made me laugh...i mean really laugh...really hard thanks Natalie...i needed that tonite! miss you in moscow :)


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