this was a big week for me and the subways. 

i rode on more subways this week than i probably have in months. and all kinds of subways, cross town subways and down town subways and above ground subways and outer borough subways and subways that were easily a million degrees hotter than the sun, not to mention swampy.  

huck and i have been watching this weird cartoon lately about a bunch of animals on wheels. (who engineered these animals on wheels? and then left them to fend for themselves in the jungle?) they were all excited about this certain flower which smells like whatever your favorite scent is in the world. i thought about it (way too much, you'll see in a minute) and decided that my flower would smell like an approaching subway train on a really hot, sweltering day underground. it kind of smells like humidity and grease and relief, and it comes with such a powerful breeze that it cools your sweat and makes your head tingle and gives you the chills in the best possible way.  

and now i kiiiind of want to talk more about jungle junction. 

so, in my head this cartoon is a sort of dystopian universe where science has gone way wrong in the wilds. like, some kind of mad scientist or evil engineer, or maybe he had good intentions? creates these bizarre animals--truly they are ungodly, these animals. this makes the show sort of hysterically disturbing for me to watch. some further questions i have: do you think elevan was designed to be a passenger van? or more for cargo? what would you do with a frog on wheels? something disturbing i'm guessing... will this devolve into some kind of lord of the flies situation? who's in charge? it's not that pink pig, is it? or is it every animal thing for itself? who sends the gasoline so that they can run? DO they run on gasoline? what happens when they all rust out and are filled with vines and some future civilization discovers them? will this civilization be darwinian and now have to assume that they'd somehow evolved from these creatures with wheels? i am over thinking this.

here are some of buster's favorite shots from this week, with help from the holbsphone (that shot of times square is his view from work!) and the many phones at the fred flare hq. 


  1. the first comment?? i'm speechless!! another fantastic read from you. you are my favorite in all of blogland!! have a great weekend!!

  2. What a fun experience! Why did Holbs have to remind you that you weren't a model? Was he worried you were going to run off with one of the photographers? He should know you better than that!

    Strangely, I want an ice cream cone.

  3. i'm curious to find out what exactly you were doing for fred flare. it looks awesome! and how in the world do you hook up with such luck? by the way, a person {like me} could get seriously lost in that SEA of people, holy cow! incredible.

  4. those shoes scare me... but you, you totally rock them you "not a model" you. ;)

    Happy Weekend.

  5. are those oreo jimmies on that icecream cone? and hot diggity dog those are some wild shoes they look like they might require gasoline to get about animals on wheels. watch out frogs and pigs!

    you have a great weekend.


  6. Natalie, you're TOTALLY a model. I'm so glad you took the subway out to Greenpoint to hang out with us. Also I can't stop watching Jungle Junction. It's so deeply confusing, and yet so entertaining... xoxo, Bee

  7. I cannot wait to see the special project! You have such a great taste! I secretly wish you would turn your blog into a fashion blog, but then again I don't because I wouldn't get to see some of the beautiful pictures you take and all your awesome essays. This comment is turning into an essay. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  8. what fun! i love what your darling husband told you before going off to fred flare. ha!

  9. AHHH! i love that you brought up jungle junction. i was a research intern and ran focus groups for that show!!!! I TOO HAD THE SAME QUESTIONS!!! it makes no sense. why is the elephant bffs with the pig? why is a pig in the jungle? pigs aren't typically jungle animals...they're more farm animals, no?

    as for the wheels, the secret that all these big kids tv execs aren't telling you is that they pretty much just want to sell toys. animals with wheels make a really easy toy; CHEAP PLOY, jungle junction.

  10. Ok, that ice cream cone photo is straight up AMAZING.

    Also, you are sooo a model. And you're the very best kind of model... gorgeous, real, and inspiring. Super excited to see your Fred Flare collab.

    Now- please oh please direct me to those darling floral jeans you wore behind the scenes. Needs me some of that. :)

    1. girl, they are target! 22 bucks! get on that!! ;)

  11. your imagination rocks! and not a model? phuh! ;)

  12. all of these photographs are way too perfect! those shoes are fierce! and i can only imagine how fabulous getting your hair and make-up done and getting photos taken! a dream! you look beautiful!
    xo TJ

  13. those shoes! that ice cream cone! the donuts! so much goodness all in one post.

    and, um, what is this jungle junction business? :-/

    also, don't tell your husband but you're totally a model. shh. secrets.

  14. oh how I miss my busy life in London, sometimes, now when I´m living on the end of Europe - Sicily (feel like on the end of the world) but than I spend a day on the beach or just look on the lovely antik street under my balcony and I know, that anywhere is the best place for living, just if You feel comfortable with You and Your dearest=)....
    Thank You for bring me to the city time to time=)

  15. Natalie! We're so glad you had a great time on Thursday! The entire Fred Flare team is smitten with you. Thank you for making the trek out to Greenpoint to spend the afternoon with us. You're welcome anytime! xo, Sharon

  16. a. you are a fabulous model impersonator ;)
    b. those shoes are DIVINE!
    c. i love your mint green nail polish...where'd you get it?

  17. That ice cream looks amazing.

  18. Yes that ice cream looks amazing and I have never seen Time's Square look so busy!

  19. Hello.. Love your blog and blog name ;). My blog was recently an apple blog and they just discontinued their blogging service. I love the feel of yours. It appears you are using blogger.. yet with a cool little pyramid & a more updated look. Do you mind sharing who, what, & where..
    Thank you much! Jenny Gutwein

  20. hilarious, as always. btw, what brand is that electric blue watch you're wearing at the photo shoot? i love it!

  21. are those shoes uncomfortable to walk in?

  22. I haven't been to your blog in a while since I recently had a baby boy of my own so I'm happy and surprised to see how much Huck has grown! He is so cute! And I really like your Disney baby posts. :)


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