and lo! the angel said unto them
fear not! for behold i bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people.

'cause if you take a pair of scissors and cut your mini marshmallows in half like a hot dog bun,
you can sandwich them onto a very long string,
and thus ye shall have a completed mini marshmallow garland in under 20 minutes flat.

 glory to god in the highest! and on earth peace! good will towards men! 

❅  ❅  ❅

while we are on the subject of christmas trees and light blasphemy, one of my favorite things last year was all the christmas trees we did. (i hope you liked them too!) we're doing it again cause if it ain't broke and stuff.

this year we've been doing it on instagram. you tag with the hashtag and at the end of every week, i post as many of your trees as i possibly can. it's a total party.

this is a fancy graphic i know.
in a week's time we got almost 300 trees, it was so much fun.
please keep them coming!

and let there be christmas trees!

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@noelleodesigns // @jhsmyth
@courtneysnowden // @memccall
@daina_a // @makealongstoryshort
@kjleap // @lindsayjones1
@lorynbrooke // @littlelew
 @emilynlunt // @haileyanevich
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@sureye // @carlotaz
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@pattimurphy // @thekrossroads
@bmccaughey // @lindseystewart
@antiqueorange //  @antiqueorange
@danabethhuck // @sarakells

a few of my favorites this week... i tried to include as many as i could!
(to see them all, search the hashtag #natthefatratxmas on your instagram, or click HERE!)

(p.s. if you've blogged about your christmas tree, i'd love it if you linked to your post in the comments!)

❅  ❅  ❅

and now, changing the subject!
babble was down for a couple weeks
but it's back up! so here we go! 

(gotta catch you up on all you missed while babble was down question mark?)

(these'd make great stocking stuffers...)

aaaaaaand huck's blog!


  1. I may need to make marshmallow garland for my kids tree, I think they would love it. Here is the post about our trees, so excited to have two this year!!

  2. I love seeing each of these trees! Each one is beautiul! Makes me want to put up a few more in my small condo!

  3. Trees! My favorite may just be that adorable mini table-top one in the burlap sack. I blogged about my tree decorating festivities here:

    Probably too big a tree for my tiny apartment, but SO WORTH IT.

  4. I love to see all the different styles!

  5. love seeing all these trees! here is ours

  6. Haha! I loved the one that looked like the little girl pulled it down. Here is my Christmas tree post:

  7. this is such a fun post!! we tried decorating a tree... but our cats must have confused it for a mountain of CAT NIP!! and it was attacked within minutes. sooo i decorated my boyfriend instead!! here's a link!!

  8. Love it! I've blogged about my tree (mainly about my resentment towards my ginger-allergy-ridden fiancée who requires a shameful plastic tree...:

  9. this is soo cool! i'll go now and take a pic of ours...

  10. LOVE seeing all those trees!! thanks for all that hard work uploading all of them on!! So cute.

  11. love all the trees! - that baby angel?? omggg
    there's our blogged tree - with our 6 mo old putting on the star!

  12. The one in the burlap sack, so cute! Blogged about our first Christmas tree as married people!

  13. Wow these trees are beautiful! Esp the ones with their kids ♥

  14. That marshmallow garland! I'm on it like a car bonnet.

    Our two-headed tree - and a video of our battle to keep the baubles on - is here:

    Merry Christmas!

  15. I think my favorite is how different each tree and each setting is.
    Also someone is clearly watching the first presidency Christmas devotional in that one picture.

  16. I;ve been loving looking at everyone's tree on this hashtag, but it's more fun looking at them on the blog! thanks for including mine


    And I love that I made the list...right next to my aunt, Courtney Snowden! How random is that?? Of over 300 trees, you chose ours to be right next to each other. White flocked candy trees must run in our family.

    Merry Christmas!

  18. I love your marshmallow garland. If I didn't have cats who ate it, I'd totally do that! Christmas trees are the best way to get in the holiday spirit! Oh, and the deets on our Christmas tree for 2012 can be seen here:

  19. I blogged about my tree and all of the inexpensive ways to make Christmas magical here:

    Hope you like it!

  20. These are amazing! I've been checking Instagram every day to see the newest additions (everyone is so creative!)

    I did a little post about the Christmas fit I have going on in my apartment (love living in the PNW and having evergreens everywhere to collect decorating supplies as I need them!):

    Thanks for always making my day with you blog Natalie! This Christmas fun is making me smile like a giddy fool!

  21. This is just a wonderful thing to see. All those Christmas trees, so special, so unique! Thank you for gathering and sharing.

  22. I love all of these Christmas trees My Blog


  24. The tree with the baby angel on top was my favorite. One of the first you posted.

  25. these are awesome!! made my night! It has been so hot down here recently (like, 75 every day), so it is hard to remember that Christmas is coming. But, it is! And all of these trees are so festive...they are definitely getting me in the holiday spirit.

  26. Thanks for posting my little angel!

  27. These trees are amazing! I love seeing how creative people get with their trees!! I decided to buy a living dwarf tree and we named him Hermie. I blogged about him here:


  28. I blogged about mine over here:

    I love Christmas--and all of those trees :)

  29. I blogged about my christmas tree! Also tagged you in a couple pics of my tree on instagram, which hopefully you saw!
    All these trees are so pretty, it gets me in such the christmas spirit!(:


  30. I see mine! Cute! Love all the trees!! And I love your marshmallow garland!!

  31. Yay mine made it! Thanks for doing this, it's so fun and cheery!

  32. I blogged about two trees! My parents' and mine, both of which I decorated nearly single-handedly. ;) I prefer it that way.


    my parents':


  33. Do we get to vote on our favorites? Mine was the one decorated with an orange cat and a black and white cat. I also liked the one lying down with the little girl and 'B' next to it.

    One year, my cat, Angel, got the garland wrapped around her chest and she almost dragged that Christmas tree out of the living room. Despite this, she spent most of her time parked half way up on a thick branch. That tree never stood straight and the next year, my mom bought a fake tree. It was never as much fun after that.

    Thanks for posting these!

  34. Hey! I'm up there! SO FUN!!!

    I also posted about trimming my tree here:

    Love your blog always. Thanks for being so fun, Natalie! :)

  35. Yay! Thank you for sharing my mini tree and hosting this super fun project. I love seeing all these trees, i think my fave is the one with the kitties playing and climbing it.

    I made my tree out of the FREE clippings from the tree lot and posted an easy how to here:

  36. so glad you're doing this again this year! here's our tree trimming from this year :) i might (or might not) have 5 more throughout the house. all little of course. merry christmas!

  37. What a great idea! Nothing says "Christmas" to me quite like the tree. Here's a link to the Christmas tree post on my blog.

  38. Do you know I can't even shop "alone" on anymore? I need to clear Babble -- and your suggestions FIRST -- before I even consider making a purchase. You're like my personal shopper. Of course, you put together a list to top all lists and the clothes are all giving me life right now. I so want that sequined heart sweater too!

  39. These are precious - great pics for the post! "A Christmas Story" + complete with our Christmas tree photos! From, Cyndi @ Travel, hike, eat. Repeat.

  40. i love all these trees and i blogged about mine {link: }

    and the fact yours had like a spiders nest in it seriously freaked me out--i have been checking mine regularly :)

  41. Love this! I recently did a post on all of the Christmas trees since we've been married. :)

  42. Oh gosh, this post just makes me so happy! So much Christmas and holiday cheer! These trees are beautiful! Great idea, girl :)
    xo TJ

  43. I can't believe you guys had SPIDERS in your first tree!

    Thanks for sharing everyone's trees. I'm in need of that little extra holiday pep this season. Check out our tree at

  44. after a huge purge last year, i just have an itty bitty tinsel tree with about 6 ornaments. all dear to my heart. so i love this thing!

  45. This is our first Christmas in the city and we do not have room for any tree in our tiny apartment so I compiled a mix of tree limbs to create a "Charlie Brown tree affect."

    Have a looksie!


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