a lot of photos of absolutely nothing at all are coming at you right now because that's what it is, kids. 

up first, big bird in central park. and sargent huck, reporting for playground duty! i took these photos on the first warm day of the entire year (shorts! my baby in shorts!) and i swear the sunshine was powerful enough that day to turn my solar power back on. 

my step bounced! 

since then the weather been acting all confused and disoriented. mother nature, should we be worried about you? have you had a stroke? it is june outside and today i needed a sweater. 

side note: too many of our good friends are moving out of the city these days and it's really got to stop. 

so let's talk about huck. 

these days with huck are the greatest, two has been the most fun. he's on a major pirate kick, always on the lookout for enemy ships. also he is singing. all. day. long. he's got a quick brain for song lyrics and lately we've been doing a lot of singing as we stroll down the sidewalk. we get funny looks. he makes even the hardest new yorkers smile. every night when i'm putting him to bed he says, "snuggle?" which is huck for "i'd like to put my arm down your shirt while i fall asleep, please." 

i let him because you are only two once.

p.s. five dogs in that stroller. f-i-v-e.

the hat guy is out! i love that hat guy but he is too pricey.

a note on the pink wedges as if anyone cares: i've only taken them out once, they were a gift and i love them, but to wear them you have to bend entire laws of physics. i DID feel like an amazon warrior woman the entire time i had them on.

okay so more huck now. huck is big into having his daddy sing "god bless america" while holding this little american flag, which huck runs through over and over like a bull. i don't know. the way he informs brandon that he'd like to play it is by shouting, "BLESS A ERICA?" 

we had roberta's pizza at madison square eats a couple of weeks ago and it has been haunting me ever since. OH MAH GOSH. i just want it written here for time and all eternity that roberta's is the best pizza in the city. and so it is written.

this was a LONG time ago, but while we're on the subject: we finally went to georgetown cupcake in soho and they are better than, like, all of the cupcakes. look at this! best pizza and best cupcake in one post, this is turning into such a serviceable blog, who'd have seen that one coming?

okay the end.


  1. Im first. Love you girl, dad

  2. I love this kind of everyday life post! lovely photos full of fun :)
    I'm with you on mother nature having a stroke! we are wearing sweaters in june up here too...enough!

  3. Roberta's is so worth the trip to Bushwick! You may wonder if you are in some sort of evil wizard's dungeon when you get there, but no worries, that's just the Morgan Ave L station. And then you will probably walk by the restaurant five times and maybe get lost in the middle of the loading docks. BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT. A) The wait is long, but they have a tiki tent for that. Literally. They give you your wait time and then they say "but you can wait in the tiki tent." B) The pizza is INCREDIBLE. Just dress Huck in that little hipster beanie and you'll fit right in ;).

  4. AnonymousJune 13, 2013

    I love your photo wall! Also I have to commend your high heel wearing abilities.

  5. AnonymousJune 13, 2013

    He is just the cutest!

  6. AnonymousJune 13, 2013

    Love that your dad is the first comment!

  7. 1- erica is a lucky gal.
    2- we have roberta's plans for next weekend-- come!
    3- this is my favorite kind of natalie post.
    4- your dad! <3

  8. Agree with xolacey...the post was entertaining and then your dad's comment sealed the deal :-)

  9. This is a great post! Love that your dad commented. Hanna Lei

  10. Huck looks like he's doing the pony dance from Gangnam Style at the top of the playground. Rock star!

  11. AnonymousJune 13, 2013

    I have to admit, when I lived in SoHo I was a frequent (probably too frequent) customer at Georgetown Cupcakes and they are good, but the best cupcake (and cheesecake) is from Two Little Red Hens on the UES, which may or may not have factored into my decision to move to the UES from SoHo after my lease was up ;).

    I haven't had Roberta's so I will take your word on that one, but my favorite slice has to be Famous Ray's on 63rd and Lex. Any other pizza just won't do.



  12. Love that random photo of Big Bird!
    Love all the pictures and facts about your little boy Huck! I would totally be one of those people who smiled at him if I saw him singing in the city! Aww.
    I like that wall of photos you seem to have in your house. Very cool idea.

  13. Sinus headaches are the worst! Love the hat picture a lot, it really stood out. Of course that cute little guy of yours always comes in first ;)

  14. Dude! Cute kid! I've been a "ghost reader" for a while and decided to finally comment!
    Have you tried any essential oils for your sinus headaches? I would love to send you a free sample!

  15. This is going to sound nuts but my doc just helped me in the sinus department. I have horrible migraines and sinus problems. Sometimes they last a whole month. With two small children I need my head to be Happy. I just had one a month ago for a week and he put Botox in my forehead. I have never had Botox ever. But within minutes of him injecting my forehead I felt AH-MAZING!!! It's been a month and I don't ever have headaches. I did have another sinus infection but my teeth hurt and that was it. Some insurance companies will cover Botox for headaches when nothing else works.

  16. Almost the cutest thing about this post was that your dad commented first :) *adorable* but then there is Huck's face, and so, you know, that always takes the cake! You guys are the cutest! :)

  17. Love these photos of your boy! So cute that he loves singing songs, especially your national anthem. My boy does the cutest quirkest things too, wonder where they learn it from. Haha. :)

  18. awww beautiful, Nat! I hope that sinus headache has made its way away from you.

  19. I love that your dad is first commenter!

    Two years old is sorta the best.

  20. Gosh, his poses lately are the greatest.
    We're loving two over here as well. I can't record the amazingness fast enough.

    Feel better!

  21. Huck!


    Ah, what a beautiful boy. Seriously, just...cuteness epitomised. So very.

    As I was reading your post, Lucy Schwartz's "When we were young" came on (AKA the Parenthood opening credits theme) and, well, it was just so apt somehow, you know? Really went with the photos, big time.

    The photo where Huck has his palm against his cheek?

    OUCH, MY HEART. Just too gorgeous!

    1. ...aaaaand I totally forgot to comment on that scrumptious-looking pizza which: OM NOM NOM!

      We've also got a lot of amaaaaaazing authentic-Italian style pizzas in Melbourne on account of the big came-in-the-40s-and-50s Italian population. (Amazing coffee, too, even though I'm not a coffee drinker.) But seriously, thank you, immigration!

  22. Huck's blessing me? What a sweetie! ;) also, it's been way too long since I've seen you. Lets hang out soon. Shake shack date?

  23. My two-year-old also asks to "snuggle" and then tries to put his entire head down the front of my shirt (he weaned 6 months ago, so it's just plain silly).

  24. Oh my, every time I read a post on your blog I dream about living in NYC...your Huck is a precious child.
    Have a nice day!

  25. AnonymousJune 14, 2013

    I think the most beauty is in the ordinary days. Thanks for sharing yours.


  26. We're friends with the Manager of Robertas - which is a good friend to have, trust me. LOL! I celebrated my 30th there in February - it is so freakin' good. It's almost sinful. We ate until we were quite certain we wouldn't be able to make it back to the city. And, after almost 5 bottles of wine - most of us fell asleep on the subway. LOL. All hail, Roberta's!

  27. OH!! And, next time you go - make sure you order the Bee Sting Pizza. It's not on the menu but it is amazing and they will know you're the best customer they have that night. BEE STING PIZZA.

  28. AnonymousJune 14, 2013

    So many great images!!! Hard to chose a favourite!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  29. Huck in that chambray shirt. I died.

  30. Oh my gosh that first picture of huck and brandon is to-die-for adorable. Big bird in central park made me laugh out loud!


  31. Why do I live on the West Coast, again?

  32. The picture with his hands on his hips is the cutest.

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  33. soo..the two photos of the guy in the bandana. am i missing something? i've read all the text in this post and i can't figure out what they have to do with it? it's kind of sort of cracking me up. ARE THE PHOTOS RELEVANT AND I'M MISSING IT OR ARE THEY RANDOM AND UNEXPLAINED? HALP.

  34. oh my goodness all these pictures are so cute!!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  35. I hope your antibiotics work! I had chronic sinus infections for years. After trying everything from every antiobiotic under the sun to surgeries, I finally tried the chiropractor. It was MAGIC. Apparently sometimes if your back is not aligned then it can irritate the nerves in your sinuses blah, blah, blah. Plus, the massages!

  36. L L L L LOVE these photos! Bad news about the sinus headache - 8 days = ouch!

  37. hope you're feeling better now m'lady.

    xo em

  38. Your are my favorite blogger because I always feel your love for your husband and son in each post - no matter how ordinary the day may be - the love is always there.

  39. AnonymousJune 15, 2013

    Oh huck. Seriously, those faces? Good grief he's cute.

    And pah-leas! I need that pizza right now. Gosh, I'm drooling - so unbecoming of such a fancy lady.

  40. Hi dear, I don't know how to email you, so I'm just going to do a comment - that works, right? I was put onto your blog by a mutual friend (Allison Faulkner, also my sisters are huge fans of yours - one blogs at .. don't know if you know her at all?).. anyway, hello! Just what I needed. I am not a huge blog reader person, but dang, it really helped to read your posts about infertility - slash - this great uncertainty that is trying to create new life. Thank you so much for writing about it in a way that I feel completely relatable. I can't tell you how much it means to me - there's a great deal written out there about infertility, but so much of it just rubs me the weird/wrong way. But you're a breath of fresh air, so thanks, truly. And if I ever move back to New York (fingers crossed - moved away from the city 3 years ago, but it's where my husband and I want to settle down eventually), hope you're still around and we can chat in person. cheers!

  41. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    Fun times!!! And now I want pizza and cupcakes:) And your little boy is so cute; I keep my fingers and toes crossed that you get another little sweetheart asap! And a nettie pot may help with your sinus; this time of year is the pits with all the junk flying through the air that makes it's way into it's happy place; ones sinus! Take care sweets!

  43. That 1st picture! Straight up chillin'!

  44. Cutest post. Ever. Ever ever ever.


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