And then it was the Fourth of July! It just happened, like, whooosh! Didn't it? For the record I did NOT say Rabbit Rabbit on Tuesday morning but I kind of feel like July is gonna be my month anyway, just call it a hunch. 

It's been a pretty quiet week. The kind of quiet that feels settled and anchored. Brandon went out of town and then came back again. I've been finishing the final draft of my book, in between stolen moments at the loom making my sister a house warming gift. Huck has made an appearance at every playground in two of the five boroughs at least four times over. We've been in and out of Brooklyn easily forty five times already between Tuesday and today alone. Huck gets irritated when the train has to go back underground after the trek across the Manhattan bridge, every single time. 

Oh these are good days. It's hot, it's muggy, the subway has that certain smell to it that reminds me of our first summer in Brooklyn... You know that blast of crisp, frigid air when the train doors open after you've lost your entire life force in sweat while waiting at the platform? That sensation continues to be the very best sensation of my whole entire life, second only to when you get to walk past a store that has their doors open* and it's like walking through a magical cloud of refrigeration. And sparkles! I swear it, sometimes those open-door pockets feel like glitter. This is the kind of weather we call broccoli weather at our house, because you take one step outside and you have immediately become a steamed broccoli. (We like to go for the more obvious names at our house. Case in point, Huck's imaginary horse, named Penguin.)

*Almost forgot. The first time you realize you can bend over from a seated position to pick something up off the floor after you've just had a baby. That was a HUGE moment for me.

We like to keep our national holidays super low-key. There might be a picnic, we'll probably catch the fireworks on TV. We keep threatening to go to the beach but apparently we're waiting for the beach fairies to come plan it for us, you know how it is. So long as there's a hot dog in there somewhere, I don't even care. We'll probably go back to Brooklyn another thirty times before the weekend is up. Also it's only Thursday and already I've had five bagels this week. I'm totally winning at life right now.

Here are a few photos from today's jaunt into Brooklyn. Jaunt number fifty-one, if I'm counting right. (You guys we got there today at 9:30 a.m. IN THE MORNING. It's only 4PM and I've already been awake for, like, five days now.)

If you're like me, all you're noticing right now is that Brandon's face is naked. Sob. "It's too trendy," says the OG grouchy hipster. Should you feel so inclined, please leave a 100-word persuasive essay in the comments, and spread this hashtag far and wide: #bringbackbrandonsbeard! You know, since hashtags seem to get junk done these days. ;) Okay, okay.  

It's really hot out. 

This cracks me up. It's what 99% of all our photos in all our camera rolls look like, am I right? These shots are sort of dear to me. I like to keep a small collection of them in a little folder for nights when I need a laugh. I call it: The Very Best Bad Photos Ever Taken in Holbrook History. As you can imagine there are many to choose from. :) Some day that'd make a killer blog post!

Oh why can't every day be like the Fourth of July? Why can't that feeling go on endlessly? Let's keep that Fourth of July spirit going strong all year long. Did we get enough rambling in here yet? I done think we did. Take us out, Huck.


Oh hey, past Fourth of July posts?


  1. Your child would be the only human being who can pull of an outfit completely made up of stars and stripes, and still look like the cutest thing on the planet! Have a great 4th!!


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    2. I believe he possess a characteristic referred to as #Swag ;]

  2. AnonymousJuly 03, 2014

    Too cute! He is too cute :-)

  3. That Huck just keeps getting cuter and cuter! He has the best poses!
    Happy 4th to you and yours!

  4. oh that first photo is awesome! and yeah brandon's beard was pretty friggin' epic! maybe again for the fall/winter? :)

  5. AnonymousJuly 03, 2014

    #bringbackbrandonsbeard you're an adorable little family :-) happy independence day!

  6. Yes, the zenith of the beard has come and gone. Brandon's right. But you should tell him that the true hipster thing to do would would be to not care whether or not it's trendy, but wear it anyway. Wear it for the next 70 years and defy the laws of nature. ;)

  7. Ugh, beard shave day is so annoying. #bringbackbrandonsbeard

  8. although it's probably way cooler without the beard in this sweltering fourth-of-july heat, #bringbackbrandonsbeard. these pictures look so barren without it.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  9. Hahaha. I do have a few unflattering pictures of myself on my phone. But you still look good! ;)

    Have a great 4th of July!

  10. I was so sad when my husband had to shave off his beard for work and I get super excited for holidays when he can grow it back again. Brandon should totally keep his. Hipsters be damned! #bringbackbrandonsbeard

  11. My husband has had a beard for the past 5 years and I've made him promise on pain of death never to shave it off. I feel your pain. #bringbackbrandonsbeard

  12. Aww I love Huck's spirited outfit it is amazing! I hope you have a great 4th of July :)

  13. Brandon is totally an OG hipster! Maybe he is reinventing the whole thing before he even realises it... like he will now lead the trend of beard-less being back in and then he will grow it back out of rebellion because it will then be cool to NOT have a beard and then yeah. Does that make sense? I dunno. It's early and I'm tired. ANYWAY. Last shot = the greatest. Mr Huck has styyyyyyle. Happy 4th of July to you!

  14. The bracketed comment about having got to Brooklyn for 9:30am and having 'already been awake for, like, five days now' is an example of why I think you and I should be friends! :-)

  15. That stance in the first picture. Huck will be the next Macklemore.
    Also, I ordered some saltwaters and I'm really excited to have adventure shoes that are actually cute rather than chacos. Hooray!

  16. Huck is more stylish than I will ever be in my entire life. THE END.

  17. Take a look at what I'm wearing, people. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys?

  18. lovely photos! looks like fun was had by all :)

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  20. AnonymousJuly 06, 2014

    Finally, I think your blog might let me leave a comment! Long-time reader, first-time commenter, life-time birthday twin (that was when I tried to comment last year, when I twigged all the cool kids were born on 2nd Oct). Just to add that I am anti-husband beards, but my nearly-6-year-old does entirely the same hand-on-thigh-Daddy-I-love-you-SO-MUCH thing x


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