Any time the Holbrooks come across something that falls under the "nerd" umbrella we absolutely have to do it. It's in our blood, and my love for nerddom runs deep, so of course we made time during our weekend upstate to visit Fort Delaware, because how could we not!? Any time you get dudes in tights is a good time for me. (That sounds terrible haha.)

If I could smell-o-vision this room to you, I would. Oh my good holy pancakes it smelled amazing. Woodsy, cool, dry, sweet, and seriously I might need an intervention; the whole time we were there I kept telling Brandon how making my own clothing, all the way from flax to finish, would be so gratifying to me. I'm sure he's terrified I'll show up with a spinning wheel soon. Though actually, this is a hobby he's been very supportive of. He told me he's hoping I learn to make macrame pot hangers next. This is true love.

Brandon snapped this photo after Huck tripped on an uneven floorboard and skinned his knee. We tell Huck his scrapes and bruises are big boy medals of honor. He's gotten so big and so capable, and so strong, but with it comes harder bumps and bigger bruises. I've started carrying an arsenal of bandaids and wet wipes in my bag. Doctor Mom! Every now and then I still get asked to kiss an ouchie better. Once Huck had me kiss a bumped nog right in front of a really cute girl, this was very manly of him I thought. (Huck prefers to play with the 11-year-old girls, smart kid.)

ON ME: hat from one of those touristy hat stands in Times Square (five bucks, holla) // American Apparel tote //  Saltwaters (same pair going on 8 years now, can you get over that?) // my dress was a gift from Lynne at Cardigan New York. (Smallish ladies always drowning in Banana Republic, rejoice! Lynne's stuff is TRUE TO SIZE. Which NEVER HAPPENS ANYMORE.)

ON HUCK: Tank + shorts from GapKids (not online anymore? but pretty sure they were in the girl's section) // and Saltwater sandals (because matching your kid is supes cool, guys)

The end!


  1. Looks like so much fun. I love the dress -Hanna Lei

  2. when we were little, my dad called Neosporin "special medicine". i had completely forgotten, and then a few years ago my brother came to stay with us for the summer, and one day he got a cut. "Baba, do you have any special medicine?" he asked, and i laughed out loud. because of course i did, right in the band-aids case where it belongs!

  3. love the dress! and i must get those sandals to match my little girl.

  4. LOVE these photos! my son has those same red shorts. :)

  5. I love that you and huck have matching shoes. adorable. and that you guys do nerdy things. always so fun to read about..

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

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  7. Love the photos. I could almost smell the place. :)

    (where is your watch from?)

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  9. NERD PILGRIMAGES FOREVERMORE!! My fiance and I are forever dragging each other to the most ridiculous things... I made him go to Harry Potter Studio in London, as well as the World Irish Dancing Championships for a day, he made me go to the place that War of the Worlds was set in (which isn’t even like a real thing that happened or anything… the book was set in this one teeny little town…) as well as a model train exhibition (NB we were the only people over the age of 10 and under the age of 60 there) and most recently in Rome we went to the site of the 1942 World’s Fair/World Expo (I think!) that never even happened but was supposed to. So the moral of this story is, look, I am totally feeling this post and the whole thing and I would be right there if I lived in the same country!!! Nerds unite!

    jemima xx -

  10. HH is really looking like a Kennedy.

  11. I believe in matching families in a fierce way. My husband says I have too much time on my hands to worry about it, but honestly is there anything cuter?? Plus, I know my 17 month old still thinks I'm the cats meow, so why the hell not?

  12. I knew I liked you for a reason...

    As if your love of black and whites, white dresses, and awesome cultural experiences for your child weren't enough, youi had to go and whip out a phrase I've said for years...holy pancakes!

    Love and sunshine, your kindred spirit in Charleston :-)

  13. Oh my gosh!! Huck looks so much like Prince George in these photos!! So adorable!!! Ps you're so gorgeous! Your style is so amazing :)

  14. AnonymousJuly 19, 2014

    All your photos are so effortlessly beautiful! And I need your dress :)

  15. Cute kids and nice dress.You look so pretty❤❤❤



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