This is my handsome husband. His name is Brandon. Yesterday this Handsome Husband Brandon turned... well, he might not like me to say so. But, okayyy, he turned 37. It's a rather distinguished age if you ask me. It's the age at which mere men become Nordic Seafaring Lumberjack Captains of Commerce, apparently. O captain my captain! 

Last night, after an afternoon celebrating the birth of Brandon by making our way s-l-o-w-l-y through Brooklyn Heights (throbbing head colds, check mate), I got myself on the computer and did up our astrological charts, just for funsies. Henry Holbrook's chart is fascinating. And TERRIFYING. (Never trust a Scorpio!) Mine is what you'd expect--all of the feelings, kind and fair, with a tendency to way overthink just about everything. (Fellow Libras born on a full moon, you feel me.) (Maybe.) Brandon's was rather beautiful to read through, actually, and confirmed what I've always suspected about that ginger, which is to say, complicated. And now we are going to talk about that.

Brandon Holbrook is the most magical combination of stars and suns and moons, and such a puzzle. Left- and right-brained, Brandon is the Yin but he's also the Yang. Where the rest of us are more or less one-note--Huck all charm and charisma, me all love and feelings--my Holbs is your typical symphony. Or, to put it another way, he's a plate of chicken and waffles. You know, all the things, all at once. Sweet yet savory, sensitive yet stiff, critical yet sympathetic, generous yet stringent. Of all the Virgos, Brandon is the Virgo-est. I will enjoy for the rest of my life learning to understand and wrap my head around this man that I married. He's such a beautiful soul.

The world loves a Brandon best, I think. He's got this sort of gravitational pull. I felt it the first moment we met, and continue to feel it every day. Even when I'm at my angriest with him (which isn't that often), I just can't stay away. I belong right there. So might everybody, I suspect. Brandon can set a room at ease, be both encouraging and frustrating simultaneously. He's the life of the party. He's the anchor and the sail. 

We call it Birthday Season at our house and it's sort of a silly joke, but it's taken on such a sweet significance to me lately as we age and our personalities further blossom and dance and mesh (and sometimes don't mesh, haha). Brandon and Huck and I, we are different fruits of the very same season, harvested under the same golden sunlight. Apple, butternut, cranberry; carrots, beets, and arugula. We're sweet, nutty, tart, peppery; very different, but when combined we make up a delicious, sometimes odd little salad. Brandon is probably the lettuce. This has become a really terrible combination of metaphors, someone should make me stop already.

Oh Brandon Holbrook, you're a beautiful little mystery, and aging like a fine cheese. We're so glad you're ours! May this year be your best year yet. 


  1. Happiest of days to your love!

  2. I want a birthday season! Brandon is probably lettuce.. lol.


  3. Bring on the metaphors! This was such a beautifully written post. Love the picture you painted :)

  4. Such a sweet post! I would love to see more posts on marriage, your relationships and family dynamics. You're so inspiring!

  5. This was a gorgeous piece of writing! Brandon looks like he would be the kind of guy everyone likes....happy birthday to him :)

  6. recently read the story of when you met/ how you got together, so glad you found each other, Happy bday brandon


  7. Ahhhhh fine cheese. Hehe. Happy birthday Brandon! And happy birthday season to you all.



  8. this was the sweetest. happy belated birthday to brandon!

  9. Happy birthday to Brandon!

    If you are interested in personalities and how they all interact and gel together I would definitely suggest you look into the Meyer & Briggs personality test - it's absolutely fascinating! I learned so much about myself and my partner when we did the full test together :)

  10. Happy Birthday, yada, yada... let's talk about that cake! Homemade or bakery? Filling or frosting between the layers? How many layers?
    Was it as good as it looks?
    Pretty, pretty pretty!

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  12. this wasn't a terrible combination of metaphors! this was a literary version of "cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2"!!!

  13. and damn, i love the font on this blog.

  14. Ahh, yes, the aging cheese. Beautiful song of love for your husband. If we all could be as lucky as he. Happy birthday, cousin by marriage.

    1. Thanks, cousin by marriage. Or "cuz" as I like to say. Who is this anyway? The blogger profile provides zero personal info.

  15. nice... Happy Birthday sir! Hope it was a great one.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  16. I love the way you love brandon. and I love you!

  17. Funny, I am also a 09/21 baby and you pretty much described me and how my husband would describe me...also, how I feel about myself. How can I simultaneously be the leader of all leaders and the goofball?? The most sensitive soul and the critical witch?? The calmest and the antsiest?? Its a confusing space to live in sometimes, and I know, as I'm sure Brandon knows, its even more confusing for our loved ones to grasp us! I appreciate my husband's ability to see me as both "sun and moon, yin and yang," and is willing to stick by my side. We feel lucky to have you by our sides!
    -from a fellow Virgo puzzle


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