SNOWED IN!!!!!!!

Weeeeeeeeell, not quite. 

I feel a little bad for rolling my eyes about this silly megasuperblizzardstorm nonsense, because we all just do our best, ya know? Poor Juno, she gave it a good effort. I'll give her an A+ for intent, a C- for execution, and a gold star! For a very entertaining Twitter feed. 

She started off impressive, we all had high hopes. The snow started falling Monday morning in big fat flakes, swirling gently just outside the steamy window of the café where I was writing on Bergen Street, all dense and quiet and soft and muffling. Bless her, it sure was pretty. The schools were closing early, offices seemed to have expunged all their employees by noon, the mayor or whoever had even turned the subways off--I didn't even know that was a thing! First time in history! So I turned to my girlfriend next to me--we meet up a few times a week at cafés all over the place to keep each other keep on task with our various writing projects and/or watch each other's laptops while the other (usually me) uses the restroom (hold me closer, tiny bladder). She's new to New York and crisis-level weather events, and so when I asked her if she was ready for the storm, her eyes got wide as saucers. "Ready how?" "Well, fill your bathtub with water tonight," I told, and then she said, truly terrified, "Why??" I thought about it and then I realized . . . huh, I don't actually know why. Why do we do that? We all have water towers, why would we do that? Isn't this weird? There must have been a reason for this once.

(I've dutifully filled my bathtub with water for two hurricanes so far, and never, not once, has that come in handy. Not once!)

And now we have a snow day. It's not actually a snow day, but everyone's operating on snow-day laws, so here we are, fully committed! Nothing is open! Pass me the socks! We got Brandon in his pajamas, me with no pants on, and then there's Huck, who is inexplicably fully clothed. (I think he may have slept in those jeans--parents of the year!) I'm trying to figure out why my photos always look great in Lightroom and then all weird once I get them on this blog (somebody knows the answer to this--give it up, please!), aaaaaand I'm also watching Homeland. You know. Productive Tuesday.

And now for the fun part! In case you ever wondered what a megasuperblizzardstorm in Brooklyn looks like, here you go. All your wildest fantasies fulfilled. Nothing but the best! 

First we're going to start with: THE F TRAIN.

I was on that train. It was a rather emotionally-charged sardine kind of experience. So squished. Many odors. A few passengers got into a shouting match when one used the F word, and another yelled "there are children present, watch your mouth!" and then another shouted, "YOU watch your mouth!" 

I also overheard this delightful conversation, between a dad and his two kids that (I'm guessing) he'd just picked up from school:

Dad: I'm sorry, but I wasn't about to sit there while they watched a movie about a racing snail, when they hadn't even seen Citizen Kane yet.

Boy: It's called Turbo. 

Dad: Hurbo??


Dad: Well. It's just--I mean, watch The Graduate. Watch Citizen Kane. Casablanca! There are so many--The Godfather for crying out loud--and then we can talk about a racing snail.

Daughter: We saw Into The Woods over Christmas Break.

Dad: I did hear that one was really good.

Kiiiiind of made it worth it.

It is just now occurring to me that this could be the ugliest blizzard post on record.

Close us out with this guy, one of my handsome snow day cohorts . . . 

. . . and this guy, who walked two of the blocks on my way home with me and seemed completely unperturbed by my snow boots.

The end.


  1. I'm horribly jealous of your snow. It was 63 and sunny here is Seattle yesterday. The nerve. Just the words "snow day" conjure up so much cozy goodness. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  2. This might be the reason your photos look bad: "Turn off Google's Auto Enhance for Photos. A year or so ago, I noticed my pictures were looking pretty terrible when I uploaded them (the colors would be way off or they'd be significantly less sharp than they were when I looked at them on my computer before uploading them). Turns out that, if you have a Google+ account, you may have auto-enhance turned on for your photos and when you upload photos to your blog, it tries to fix your photos for you (not always for the better). Turn that feature off. And rejoice when your photos don't look horrendous anymore." (From

    1. Do you find these settings in blogger or google plus? I've had the same problem! :) Thanks a TON!

    2. Yes! This is what I was about to comment. It's incredibly frustrating when you don't know why, but a nice easy fix. Just google "turn off google's auto enhance" to find out where to do it.

  3. what a cutie, that huckleberry boy.

  4. How magical. You are right, there once was a reason for "fill your bathtub with water". Our town still operates on that theory. Lol. No town water, only tanks and if your power goes out then you have no water pump. Then it includes baths out in the rain. The kids think its fabulous.

  5. I love this pictures! Love NY!

  6. Yes, pretty weak sauce on the "Blizzard" but going out in NYC is always an adventure. Great post!

  7. "...and then we can talk about a racing snail." Yessssss! Literally smiled the whole way through this post! ;) Thank you for making this dry and very crowded Californian's day much more entertaining! You're awesome.

  8. I'm a portrait photographer and use blogstomp. It's magical and if you download a trial you will never go back. If you want to diy it you can learn more here -

  9. We took your snow in Boston! :)

  10. Lol- it looks positively dreamy;)

  11. I've never heard about the bathtub thing! Now I'm really curious. :)

    That conversation, well actually both of them, from the train was fantastic! I'm reallu bad about listening to the conversations going on around me in public places.

    Happy snow day to you!

  12. hold me closer tiny bladder!!! 100 points. also, you may need to calibrate your monitor? or save images for the web?

  13. so beautiful, thanks for sharing, Greetings from London

  14. hahaha once again your writing makes me laugh.
    Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  15. No snow in London...just wet wet so going to come back to visit NY this year, I feel homesick!!

  16. colour space - export as sRGB. betcha that'll do er.

  17. also i second blog stomp - amazing. make sure you're exporting out of blog stomp in the correct colour space too - sRGB

  18. Those photos of Huck. THOSE PHOTOS OF HUCK. That kid is such a charmer. I'm sure you're already fully aware that you and Brandon have won this award but I'm going to give it to you again: Makes Cutest Babies Award Forever. I love all of the blizzard photos! I'm glad you're enjoying your snow day, despite the lack of catastrophic snow!

    The What's In Between

  19. Yeah, I was disappointed. I waited to see the blizzard with the kid until the wee hours. Bummer!
    That F train scene... oh goodness! And the dad-kids talk was SO funny!

  20. I was having the same problem in Photoshop and saving the files as PNG instead JPG fixed it, but the file sizes are larger so they take longer to load. Let me know if you figure out an easier fix! It's been bothering me for ages!

  21. I love these posts! That last line about the pigeon and the snow boots is totally something Kathleen Kelly would have said in an email to Joe Fox. I love it! :)

  22. I have to agree with you about the ugliest blizzard....I mean, it is pretty in it's own way but as blizzards go, this one was lackluster. I usually wander around with my camera afterwards but this time I didn't go off my front porch. I think the fact that the snow was blown off the trees did it for me...I love the way the trees look with snow all over them....anyway, fun post, Natalie!

  23. I'd love to experience a proper Snow Day once in my life. We don't get snow where I live in Australia... and it's like this fairytale dream we all have as kids to have school cancelled because of snow. You guys live the life ;)


  24. I love snow as well :) nice pictures!

  25. Natalie omg u got me HOOKED on high maintenance girl..... things I got done at work today....0


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