Check us out all sparkling and new in 2015!

As is customary at this time of year, I cobbled together a few of our favorites from our annual Christmas photo album for the grandparents + laid them all here lovingly for your browsing pleasure. As I scrolled through just now I thought to myself, just as I think to myself every year: Geez crap. What a blessing it is to have a record of all these nutsballs things we come up with to do around here, and how grateful I am for the blogging that I do in here, in whatever form it happens, and for whatever reason it does, because in the end it's my people that I'm preserving. And I just think that's really neat.

So let's see . . . January in Portland, March in New York. Manhattan in July, Brooklyn in August. Christmas in Utah, New Years at home. 2014 has seen us all over the place. It was a wild year. And while I didn't totally land all the jumps I tried to make this year--I didn't make a baby, though I did make a book; We didn't get a tropical vacation, but we did hit the lake--I feel like I managed to pull all these extra weird tricks that I now can't imagine our life without. Are all of the years going to be this much bonkers and this much work?! I mean, obviously, yes, they are. The thought of it makes me laugh in disbelief and feel giddy with excitement, too.

So I got ya the story of our 2014 in photos, after the jump.
Your scroller fingers are about to get real tired, maybe you wanna run for a soda first? I'll wait.
Okay. Hit it.

The end! I officially declare 2014 CLOSED! 


Many thanks to Justin Hackworth for the fire escape shot and to Emma Jane Kepley for the Gap + Christmas card photos. The rest be thanks to me, yo! Oh, and Brandon. And Ikea. Ok.


  1. Your family is just too cute. -Hanna Lei

  2. Keep blogging. It's so worth it :) I hope 2015 has a little more peace for you xxxxx

  3. what a lovely year you've had! The camera loves that kid! such a tiny funny model.
    happy new year, Nat!

  4. Oh my goodness, that sweet boy! What a cheeky little fella : ) Wishing you and your family and wonderful new year! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

  5. Such a lovely family. Keep doing your thing. 2015 is a going to be a very, very good one! I know it. x

  6. My- you all are such a beautiful family!! I al like worlds most u photographic gal- it's terrible, if you can find one photo that I don't looked stoned in, it's a miracle. So I'm a little jealous of some of these beaut! Looks like an incredible year, filled with lots and lots of happy. Hope this year manages to be even more.


  7. Hey, welcome back! Gorgeous photos, your family is adorable!
    I was wondering, have you thought about posting an update to your skincare routine? Your skin looks lovely,
    Happy New Year!

  8. love love love your family so much!! you're my inspirations!

    xo joselovincolors

  9. great photos. can't wait to see this year through your photographs! and your book!

  10. I looked through these photos with Nick Drakes "Brighter Later" spinning on the record player and it really fit well. I think that may be the Holbrook family song? Try it out. :) xx

  11. Gosh you guys sure are cute!

  12. Huck with the fishbowl, just made my day :)

  13. I love the photos! Especially the last two :)

  14. You've go some real cute ones, for sure. Also those Christmas ones at the end are A+ spectacular. Also also, forgot how much I love that pink maxi skirt of yours. WINNERS ALL AROUND!

  15. P.S. -- upon leaving your blog, seredipitiously stumbled upon this: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/decorating-and-life-lessons-from-the-gilmore-girls-214455

  16. Oh gah! My first post didn't even show up, making that P.S. seem silly. BUT! I had commented that I had forgotten all about Huck the lion and was beyond pleased to see that sweaty summer beast. Looking forward to the birth of your book and to following along with you Holbrooks as you take on 2015 :) xox

  17. AWW, I loved it. I want my own holbrook photo album. And by the way, Huck is TOO much! That face. Gah! So cute. You and Brandon aren't so bad either! ;)

    Kisses and hugs, always.


  18. Lovely :)
    so many great memories you'll have from your pictures.
    cute kid, yo!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  19. You're so cute, yo! Happy 2015 :-)


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