The city's been awfully pretty lately. In that dingy, wintry, murky, grayscale kind of pretty. You have to sort of look for it. But you know what, I like the city in the winter. I really do. I like the cozy heat inside the caf├ęs, the faces buried into snoods and scarves, the cheerfulness of the dudes at the Union Square Greenmarket who you know are suffering interminably or else they must have skin made of steel . . . We all complain about the cold and come up with excuses to stay indoors, but you know what, I think the winter can be rather beautiful. If you're crazy.  

Luckily, psychiatrists have agreed that I am. 

(Just kidding.)

Some of the city lately . . . 


1. Eggs and pickled carrots for brunch / 
2&3. Little Italy still has their Christmas on / 
4. A rainy intersection on a terribly drizzly day /


1. Colonial architecture / 
2. Coffee shops where you can sit all day and get work done like a proper person / 
3&4. Shop windows where you'll find all sorts of things / 
5. The Corner Bistro / 
6&7. A favorite stretch of 8th Avenue  / 
8. A bit of ivy still hanging on / 
9. The arch by twilight /


(By which I mean my hood, not the hood.)
1. Back into the swing of things with a mountain of dry cleaning /
2. And a bit of taxidermy at a local tattoo shop /



  1. love the nyc posts! i find such comfort in the winter too. it's that cozy feeling you get while you're home i guess. :)

  2. gorgeous photos!

  3. i just left nyc, where i lived in little italy then south slope, and worked in the west village. so this was wonderfully familiar :) thank you!

  4. NYC photos never get old. (And I am fond of winter too, so there's that.)

  5. NYC looks amazing! This are so great pictures!

  6. I dream of living in NYC just for a bit! I've never been and we have four littles but I don't care, I want to try it just for a few months. I don't think I could give up freedom of the farm life for good, but for a bit- oh how I would love to be a city girl!

  7. This post makes me want to visit New York! It looks beautiful in the winter. Thank you for capturing it. Also, where is that gray jacket from that you're wearing in the mirror picture? It caught my eye.

  8. I love how the brick seems to just pop and is all contrasty in the winter months...makes my heart melt.

  9. Those puppies in the Village crack me up—the one is always such a little rascal towards all of the others! I laughed when I saw that you took a photo of them :)

  10. Loved this post, I was in New York once many years ago and I LOVED it, everything about it:) Hope to go back some day.. Hucks boots are the cutest, I think my son Reece may have to invest :)xx


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