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Oh heyyyyy!! It's probably about time for a blog post. Am I right or what?! 

Well! As is prudent, we shall start things off with some pictures of me. Hi! That is what blogs are for is it not!?

Next we will segue gracefully into the part where we get all caught up on the comings and goings at Camp Holbrook. Are you ready? Is your Diet Dr Pepper handy? I can wait. 

Goofy stuff first: me and my busted foot got to attend a Lucius performance last week at the Madewell 5th Avenue in collaboration with Spotify. (That there was a lot of proper nouns.) I was there to cover the party and promote it across my social media channels, because that is what I am these days: these days I am Paris Hilton. ;)*

*Winksmile per Holbrook Code enacted 2012.

It was really fun, with tacos and friends and chambray shirts with embroidery on the backs that made my heart eyes all bug out. And photo booths! Always photo booths.
Yay Kacia!

Embroidery on the back!! These are the dreams, people!

Did I mention I had a busted foot? Yeah well, I dropped an iPad on my foot the day before, I mean I really nailed the sucker, bottom right corner of the iPad (and it wasn't a Mini, either). BAM. Split the skin open and everything, and then my foot swelled up real nice and pretty. So I spent the bulk of the party upstairs on the ottoman wondering if my foot was going to fall off or not. 

(It didn't.) 

After a day or two of hobbling around pathetically and getting that one face where people go, "I don't know... you should probably have that looked at..." I played the responsible card and grumbled on into Quick Care to confirm that it wasn't broken. I did enjoy the part where the X-Ray technician dude asked if it was at all possible that I could be pregnant and I got to sigh and say, very Eeyore-like, "Nope. Not possible." #wompwomp 

But who am I kidding? Quick Care is always a good time! And this time around I got to sit in the waiting room next to a guy who had two dogs at his feet and a hypodermic needle sticking out of his arm, so . . . 

Other funny New York things that made my week:

This bird, helping himself to Huck's unfinished cheeseburger at Bareburger in the Village. He just landed there and got right to it, as if he owned the place or something. It was altogether inspirational. Climb every mountain, birdie!

Brandon took Huck roller skating the other day is that cute or what.

In between bouts of humidity-busting rain we had ourselves some chips and salsa on the fire escape.  Oh Brooklyn in the summer!!!!!!!!

By Sunday I was like, "Get me out of this house! My foot is mostly fine!" so we walked the few blocks up to Windsor Terrace to meet some of our favorite people for a late lunch date.

I like these photos here because they are a classic example of one of those delicious mom moments where I go, "Hey Brandon! Get a photo!" and Huck goes, "Mo-o-o-o-m," and then I go, "You will smile, dammit!" 

You know what I mean? 

There! Sort of. 


Huck has reached maximum turkey lately, it's pretty fantastic. Attitude!! Tonight as I was putting that turkey to bed I told him to close his eyes and imagine a pink rhino I was describing (he's decided his spirit animal is a pink rhino, no I am not kidding). Huck responded in a very aggravated tone, "Mom! Don't tell me to do that, that would make me go crazy. You don't want me to go crazy, do you?"

Well, no, you're right Huck. That would be bad. ????


So yes, the Double Windsor in Windsor Terrace (double windsor? geeeeet it?), where we enjoyed some very tasty french fries should you be in the area needing yourself some french fries. 

And now for Huck in cheetah face paint in three . . . two . . . one . . . 

Now that that's finished, here's some more.

So, we've had rain:

Yikes. We've had general post-rain dreaminess:

We've had strongly-worded letters to the president of Netflix regarding his current Power Rangers line up:

(I take excellent dictation.)

We've had bike rides:

We've had flowers on Sunday mornings!

Aaaaand we've had Brooklyn hipster type events at the Local Loft. ;) That place is pretty, guys.

By now I've become a total photo booth professional, I'm super skilled:


Yesssss! So many hours go into becoming an avocado toast professional, it's really a lot of work. BTW the avocado toast at The Butcher's Daughter has sort of a whipped cream texture? And it comes with a side of green apples soaked in lemon juice. It's pretty lovely.

We've also been dreaded pirates aboard the Toby's Public House pirate ship sailing along the dreadful 6th Avenue seas. With pizza.

Oh my gosh this post might never end! 

Brandon's been busy lately, busy working, coming home, working, then coming home again. It's sort of a bummer, busy season. We're nearly through it, though, and this autumn is going to be really fantastic, I can't wait.

Lastly and in closing, are 2AM DIY crown braid sessions from my friend's new book after the kid's gone to sleep, after which time we've then suffered through sore arms for, like, forever afterwards. 

BOOM! Donezo. This post may have made the record books for sheer number of photos of myself included alone. Yes!!!! Go me! Anyway we've got a lot of blog posts coming up this week and next so don't say I never gave you nothing. ;) ;) ;) winksmile winksmile winksmile. And holy cow, Game of Thrones, eh?

Oooookay. Graceful ending: HERE.


  1. oh my, oh my. but mostly? --the "embroidery on the back" !!!! ♡♡♡♡

  2. great post as always... snap.. I tried the crown braid this morning before work, not sure mine looks as good as yours:) Sending hugs from Irelandxxx

  3. brooklyn looks wonderful in the summer! i just bought those bensimon sneakers and they are life!

  4. Holy cow that was like 10 posts in 1! I had to keep scrolling just to see if I could reach the end! Lots of good stuff.

  5. So many pictures! Everything looks like a blast. -Hanna Lei

  6. Yay! Long posts with heart-eye-inducing photos are the best kind of posts.

  7. Those Noo York birds are so pushy :)

  8. Are those Red Stripes in your hand?!

  9. How do you do your hair in that braid!!! Tutorial please?! Link to already existing tutorial? Don't leave me hanging over here!


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