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Well, so this is our wall. I'd like to introduce you all to our wall. Wall? This is People. Shake hands and be friendly, guys. I occasionally post Instagrams of me standing in front of this wall looking dumb wearing various outfits that all look the same. One rad instagrammer person took to hashtagging "your wall" in the comments of these photos, and I think it's funny every dang time. So on we roll. Brandon tells me that if I insist on taking photos of the things that I wear that I should at least be switching things up a bit with new and exciting walls, and of course he's probably right, but where's the fun in that? So sue me. Do I feel silly about it? Of course I feel silly about it! But that there is the element of danger, you see. ;) 

Huck seems to get a kick out of this funny little tradition of ours and has been known to request multiple poses + faces and I'm telling you, somehow this is going to ruin his whole life, I am just sure of it. ;) But he's really good with an iPhone, and what a waste of talent it would be . . . ;)

Huck somehow still fits into a lot of the clothes he wore as a baby. A lot of his shirts and pants he's managed to wear for three years running! It's changed the way I think about his clothing allowances. He's like the incredible not-growing growing boy, which mostly comes down to how suuuuuuper fat he was. He's now stretching up into his clothes, rather than out. I'm perfectly fine with this, because once you find good kids clothes it's hard to let them go. I have a hard time finding clothes for Huck that I like. Huck has no issue with the way he dresses, I suppose we've reached a mind-meld when it comes to finding things for him to wear that we both like, but I mean, I know what I want Huck to look like, and it's not like he's ready to join a construction team or start a hip hop group. But that's just what I think. I say, let's dress our boys in neutrals and basics, and let's make these basics be the kind of clothes that are meant to stick around a while. With good fabric and strong stitching. Reinforced seams! I've realized that it's actually helpful in the long haul if I make a few investment style purchases here and there for Huck's wardrobe, because we really get our money's worth. For so long I'd had it drilled into my head for so long that spending any more than necessary on a kid's closet is a total waste, but it turns out it's not true. Not all kids are going to grow out of their clothes right away, and it's good to plan for an item to stick around beyond a few months.
Any time I come across a good source for kid's clothes I get pretty excited and want to inform the world, so here, I got one for your filing cabinet! Melijoe.

Melijoe is a French company started in 2007 by Nathalie Christen-Genty, a mother of 5 (five!). It's since become one of Europe's top e-commerce sites, carrying all of the industry's very best children's clothing brands in one place--120 in all!--and also featuring super quick worldwide shipping (hard to come by!) and customer service in six languages. I'd never heard of Melijoe before they this season and now I think that is just a shame. They carry a huge selection, so you'll find your basics as well as your hip hop options. :) Any time we can skip the big department stores and support a female-owned business instead is a good time by me. Plus there's a kick ass summer sale going down right now in case that's fun. (Of course that's fun.)
We recently picked out a few transition pieces for Huck. A light, spring weight cardigan, a summer tee, an updated stripe, and a pair of rain boots to fit his newly-enormous feet, and right away you notice they just feel different. The cotton is thick, the rubber is strong, they're constructed to last, they're the kinds of pieces he'll be able to wear over and over, on into fall, on into winter, maybe even on into next spring! So, consider this post a tally in the "sometimes investment duds for kids is a good idea" column. Sometimes. 

This post is also just a really good excuse to show off Huck's patented Stink Face. :)

Because it is a glory.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Melijoe. Hey thanks, Melijoe!


  1. I like your wall. It's white and boy do I love a good white wall! lol

  2. Love the wall, love the clothes!! Have you heard of WildlyCo yet? They're amazing for kid's basics!! We live in them - and love that they're made sweatshop-free!!

  3. and that instagrammer would be me! totally with you on the quality vs. quantity of the kid's wardrobe. (baby capsule, no?) mine has feet that don't grow and shoes get a lot of wear so it's totally been worth it to invest in new, well made shoes.

  4. You both always take such great pictures -Hanna Lei

  5. See I'm the opposite... I love that you have a go to wall and don't have to jump in front of every pastel coloured brick wall you see! this one is just perfect, why change it.

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  6. cute pictures:) We are the same... my son Reece is 3 almost 4 and he is still wearing items that are aged 1 to 2 yrs, I never seem to get it as he has got so much taller... I am sure people/family etc are thinking we should buy him a new wardrobe but well why would we:) xxxx

  7. I think you have a sweet thing going on with your little man and should enjoy it as much as you both can! Do you remember the model/style of your Pumas?


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