Information pertinent to this post: I think the Rockaways might be my favorite beach near the city to visit, the Rockaway Taco place is closed this year (all year! and I still have never had one of their fish tacos!) and that up there is Castle Black. You know. Gotta protect the beach from those free people to the north, not to mention those White Walkers Waves.


But Anna Bow was a pretty good substitute. Breakfast burritos? 97th Street!


We are so grateful for our friends. The ones with cars who are also hair stylists + authors and who have fun ideas for salt-water themed hair photo shoots + think for some reason my hair might be decent enough to participate (that'd be you, Rubi) and the ones named Isabelle who I don't get to see often enough and who is so freaking beautiful and talented with her camera not to mention wonderful as a person and I miss her and Nashville, you are a jerk for taking her. 

And a shout out to Sir Henrius Holbrookius, who was just the perfect gentleman all day long. I sometimes can't believe what a wonderful pal he is turning into. Well, he always has been, but it just keeps going. Willing to eat what everyone else wanted to eat, patient when the work needed to go down, hella fun when the play got to happen, and a source of stimulating conversation the entire time we were stuck in traffic. 

We now know everything there is to know about sharks, including which colors they are (blue, gray) and which colors they are not (polka dot) (dang it). Thanks, Huck!

The Rockaways really do win though. The azure of the sky next to the tan of the sand next to the newly painted buildings on the board walk next to those rocking first aid stations . . . the whole day felt like a beautiful post card. 

(Rough sand though, pack your good sandals.)

We've got a really good collection of these shells going in a jar on Huck's dresser by now. Oh summer! 

Sigh. Beautiful day, lucky ducks. I think for future reference this one is definitely worth the subway ride out there.

Huck later that night:

Don't you love that?


  1. That top photo is absolutely gorgeous! I can't get over how blue the sky looks.

  2. Your hat! Where did you get your perfect beach hat?

  3. I love the one of you two on the beach! What a nice day :)

  4. Hey Natalie,
    Is that just a normal Polaroid that you used?

  5. Hey Natalie, is that just a normal Polaroid camera you used?

  6. Lovely! We have been planning Brooklyn beach trips for the next few weeks and this is on my list - thanks for making it my number #1!

  7. Further proof I need a polaroid! And a simple black bathing suit! And a cute kid ;)

    x. Morgan /

  8. What kind of camera is that? It looks like a holga.... but I'm pretty sure u have to get those developed.... unless you got them developed and brought them back to the beach to take photos of photos.... sounds like a good excuse to go twice to me lol

  9. Where is your swimsuit from?? I must have it!

  10. Hi! Where did you get your beach bag?? xoxo

  11. And gorgeous beach ANNNDDD breakfast burritos? You guys live the life!!! My dream is to have a hair stylist friend, oh the things I would make them do.

    Megan ||

  12. Hucks hair is just the best, I may have to try tease my sons hair the same way:) xx

  13. Just look at that lovely blue sky x

  14. Show your little guy a photo of a Whale Shark! They're polka dotted. He will love it! :-)

  15. Gorgeous shots Natalie! Love your beach blanket / towel!

    Love from London


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