don't I look not at all like myself in this photo?
Wiiiiith Vaseline Lip Tins! 


First, a glowing memory, from our first day back in Moscow, Round Two. 
Actually, we were in Pullman at the time. 

There I was, sitting on a hotel bed, in Pullman, Washington. An assortment of souvenirs from our trip to New Orleans were scattered all around me, including a plastic alligator that is supposed to grow larger when left in water overnight. Chompers The Gator, we were calling him. He was hanging out in some very dirty water in a smudgy glass on the side table next to me. (Huck had figured that stirring it with his fingers would help . . . somehow. Maybe it did! Who knows.) In my lap I held a list of all the local restaurants (most of which I remembered being not-that-great), and in my hand, my cell phone, which I was using to knock out one at a time all of the potential delivery options in the area. Because NOBODY delivers NOTHING in Pullman. Except the Pita Pit. Which was CLOSED! BECAUSE THE STUDENTS HADN'T COME BACK YET OR SOMETHING? 

It was all so incredibly depressing. And not just because I was hungry and didn't feel like putting on pants. And not just because my only delivery option was Pizza Perfection (and I've never been a huge fan, sorry). Not even because we were back in this dumb part of the country that I swore I'd never have to see again so long as I lived, and not even because I had just left the city of my dreams where I could get my morning coffee delivered to me by my favorite bodega guy Rico! (Rico I miss you! And your bran muffins!!) 

No, my primary cause of depression in that moment was that, just the day before, somewhere mid fly-over states in an airplane taking me to my doom, I had literally watched as all of the moisture in my body that New York and New Orleans had so kindly provided via gumbo- and garbage-smelling humidity was sucked straight out of my body, and here I was, parched. I was PARCHED! Chapped, thirsty, dry, wasted, and Pullman tap water tastes disgusting, and we had nothing in the hotel room to drink--no water bottles, Holiday Inn??--and by now even the GATOR WATER was starting to look pretty good to me, and so I decided (quite rationally, I'd like to add), that my best bet was a dip in the indoor pool down the hall -- water, right?? -- and clearly that would solve all my problems, except that water was FREEZING, and also, chlorine has a way of not hydrating much? If you'll recall from chemistry class or whatever.

(You know, I know I actually took a chemistry class at some point in my educational career, I just don't actually remember a bleeding second of it. Or even where the classroom was! Was it at BYU? In high school? Seriously my brain has blocked all my scientific learning from age 10 through 22 and isn't that depressing?)

The point of all this is to say, one legitimately needs to moisturize out here in ways one never truly needed to moisturize out east. If one is me. 

And now, to continue with this week's theme of epidermal moisturization, I am going to talk to you about Vaseline!

I have loved Vaseline like a sister for as long as I can remember. Vaseline is partly responsible for bringing my sad, chapped lips back to life every time I've moved out west. (Don't forget to drink lots of water!) 

In fact! In 2011 I wrote an article for Babble called "14 Beauty-full uses for Vaseline," but now I can't seem to find it. 

In an exciting twist on my love of Vaseline, they've now come out with a new line of Lip Therapy Tins. Tins! So portable! In Original, Aloe, Cocoa Butter, and Rosy Lips. You can get them at most drugstores, including online at Vaseline.US and

Now! Go forth and moisturize! 


  1. OBSESSED with these! In the past, you could only get the tins in the UK. My cousin was in Scotland a few years ago and brought me back a literal bagful of these babies. Pro tip: Vaseline the crap out of your lips right before bed. Wake up to ZERO chaps. Take that, winter.

  2. Vaseline and me go waaaay back. I use it everywhere! Yes - under eyes, eyelashes, dry elbows and knees and hair; also eyebrow tamer, cuticle calmer, overnight foot treatment, emergency cheek highlighter and slicked on legs for Beyonce like shine. I get the rosy for my lips because it's got a little tint to it and aloe for the rest.

  3. I was in the hospital here in Ireland last year for mastitis (boooo) and my friend brought me a little tin of Vaseline, that I had never seen it in a tin before like that (I moved here from the States two years ago). So handy, I love the tins. We always had an old school container of vaseline growing up and I'm very nostalgic for it - it is just the best thing for chapped lips in the winter.

  4. What great uses for it! I just learned recently that Vaseline tests on animals though. What a bummer! I just posted about beauty today too! :) Happiest of weekends to you!

  5. Awh, I used to love Vaseline back in the day. Now I try to stay away from petroleum as much as I can. That stuff is Yikes! I've seen some awesome aloe lip stuff from the hippies at my local co-op and I'm thinking I should get some now! My lips have been so dry lately.

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  7. I thought these were the most adorable little things when I discovered them while visiting London. However, I'm trying to avoid petroleum-based products now, and use more natural ones like shea butter. I had bought several of the tins and I reuse the containers after because they are so cute. I keep a bit of arrowroot starch in one for a portable dry shampoo!

  8. your freckles are so gorgeous!

  9. I walked myself next door to Duane Ready right after reading this and bought one of every kind! love the idea of putting it on eyelashes. I just moved to NY and don't know where to start to look for someone GOOD and reasonably priced to keep up my eyelash extensions here? I have sadly let mine fall off one by one because I don't know who to go to here!


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