jeans: kut, shirt: levi's, flats: sseko designs, tote: sseko designsbracelet: austin (similar here),
awesome attitude: yo mama

So lemme tell you a thing about a thing. 

I've been going through my closet lately. ('Show me a woman who blah blah blah . . . ' you've read my book already, right?? ;) While I was in there the other day I noticed my denim jumpsuits. Like errant children, those denim jumpsuits. I own two; they're awfully sweet. Lately they've shared an equal amount of their mother's neglect. The poor dears.

So I said, 'I'm sorry jumpers!' (Do you ever feel the need to apologize to your clothes?) And then made the appropriate decisions.

The problem with the first is that it looks so similar to a combination of denim + jeans that I already wear all of the time. And the second of the two, well, I love her madly, but she is OUT THERE. Best suited for places where it's normal to see other people walking around in frumpy bubbles made of clothing while still feeling fabulous, maybe. 

And so they were rendered redundant. Such a sad story!

the first went out to consignment, the second to our storage unit, in case you needed to know. 
(i'm holding out hope for you, bubble romper! good luck in our storage unit, it's chilly!) 
(these are the shirt and jeans in question, should you wish to cast scorn.) 

But what I REALLY came here to tell you is, did you know epiphanic is an actual word? When you have an epiphany, that means your situation was epiphanic.

Epiphanous: Not a word. And why not?


  1. Thank you for sharing sseko with us. What a beautiful combination of function, loveliness, and make the world a better place by educating women-ness. The prints are calling my name right now. . . Read good books and ask hard questions. . . perfect!

  2. Love the tote! And denim is back as the in thing this season, so maybe the bubble romper might have its time to shine after all? ;)

    Charlotte xx
    Fox Socks

  3. gosh I adore you!
    lovely lovely bag!!

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  5. Love denim on denim, it looks great on you!

    Satin Sundays

  6. This is my favourite sort of thing to read with an outfit post. Everything you write is so authentic. Big Fan. :)

  7. Please tell me you have a 'Denim Only' storage unit?!!

  8. When you're back and recovered from moving, will you do a post on taking care of fresh eggs from your own chickens? Do you wash them before storing? Do you eat them raw in cookie dough? I'm new to this and so squeemish. I need advice from a seasoned chicken lover and fresh egg user.

  9. I should also say, you're just a source I trust, that's why I want you to do it--haha. Internet searches lead to sites like "" and make me think I'm taking advice from people hiding out for the apocalypse. But you're good and advice away!

    1. oh man I definitely will! haha, fresh eggs are scary. I mean, they're not AT ALL, but the whole idea of it at first!!!

  10. I absolutely love your style! Both writing and fashion

  11. I love this outfit! It looks comfortable and perfect to wear everyday :)

    Samantha -


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