i look way cooler in this photo than i will ever actually be in this lifetime

Hey-oh Spring! 

Lemme ask you a question. Do you believe in seasonal wardrobes? I do. I really do. I'd even go so far as to have a testimony of them. That's what this post is. Just so you know what you're jumping into.

a few new-to-me spring pieces for 2016

When I was 10 and starting the fifth grade, my mom took me back-to-school shopping at the local Mervyn's. (Oh, Mervyn's! Do we remember Mervyn's?) I will remember until I die those pieces we picked out that day under the hot Arizona sun, and the way a Mervyn's smells inside, and the squeaky sheen of patent leather shoes, because you always get a new pair of patent leather church shoes before school starts, there is no other way. 

We came home with a pair of forest green pants, a pair of burgundy pants, a forest green turtleneck, a burgundy turtleneck -- are we sensing a theme here? -- and then a patchwork vest in . . . yes, in forest green and burgundy red. Those five pieces represented to me the coolest girl wardrobe in the fifth grade ever, and I could not wait to start wearing them.

Of course, school starts up in August in Arizona and so I didn't really have a use for those clothes until well into November. Even if it had gotten freakishly cold in September, conscience would dictate that I could not wear my deep autumn colors until it was fully well and good the deep autumn. 

And so I waited. 

And pined. 

And yearned!

And then I wore the snot out of them from late October until late February, at which point those colors no longer felt right, and I had to switch over to my springtime rotation. Pinks, blues, you know. Easter egg colors.

Living with a personal code of wardrobe ethics is exhausting sometimes! And so limiting!

(Please tell me you are into taking this topic as equally jokingly deathly non-seriously as me, otherwise it'll spoil the fun.)

Well, I peaked at age 10, probably. It's okay. And since then, though my beliefs are the same, I no longer like those Easter egg colors for spring. (I am a Deep Winter, pastels look like consumption on me.) Instead, every March, I just want to wear white. Beige, cream, off-white, true-white, white-white. It feels refreshing and light and like just the right match for a sometimes-iffy spring sun. 

It's terribly impractical of me and of course that only adds to the fun. The other day I got out of the car with the crumbs of an entire Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie all over the seat my pants. But you know what, I won't let that hold me back. Life is a playground for the impractical! 

Here are a few favorite springtime looks to demonstrate the versatility and sheer shiny diamond-ness that shopping secondhand and wearing only white can provide.  In whites! 

Here it comes!


Also wearing: vintage Levi's and tan Bensimons


A million years ago I hosted a braiding party at Lilla P in the Meatpacking District and there was this woman who stopped in that I will never forget. She was wearing super baggy khakis, leather oxfords, a gauzy white linen top, and not a stitch of make up, and I haven't been able to forget her. She carried a leather bag that was so soft it was legitimately like touching butter. Yeah, I asked if I could touch it, and it totally weirded her out. 

Anyway she was dressed like a Jedi except it all came off so amazingly chic. HOW!? In the back of my mind I've been on the lookout for a similar pair of khakis ever since, and while I haven't nailed the saggy baggy front-pleat pegged-leg rolled ankle of it just yet, these J. Brand khakis I found on thredUP are definitely doing the trick. A white Rag & Bone button up thermal from thredUp instead of linen, hi it's not that warm here yet. 


Playing with proportions! As a short person I'm not used to going baggy top AND bottom, but trying new things are the spice of life! Aren't I brave? ;) 

Obviously each of these outfits is screaming to be smeared with chocolate, and the minute I get the last of my winter clothes in the basement it is SO going to snow. 

Bring it on. :)


  1. I LOVE that first top! Off I go to give ThreadUp all my money.

  2. Really intrigued by ThredUp. This is the second post about them I've seen this week...I feel like that might be a sign. :)

  3. O Mervyn's! I remember that store so well for school shopping. I actually got a modeling job with them for their in-store signage and I remember thinking I was just the coolest kid ever!!

  4. LOVE that third outfit! I mean they all look great but that third one is so breezy and I'm craving it!

  5. Such lovely looks! I've been pining after white lace dresses (of the 70s California sort lately) - spring is in the air!

  6. Wow, what a great site. I just bought boots, 7 sweaters, 2 dresses and a skirt (mainly J.Crew and Club Monaco) for $180! Yay for 20% off for new customers, free shipping and no sales tax (Portland, holla).

    I admit to being a terrible thrifter. I get overwhelmed by all the junk,it's nice to have it edited - and I did all the shopping in my jammers. Even better.

  7. Those wide-legged trousers are amazing! Being short, it can be so hard putting together an outfit of baggy clothes but you pulled it off flawlessly!

    xx, Caitlin

  8. I just love your words! Following you on Snapchat has definitely added to my reading of your blog because now I hear it in your voice haha! I normally skip right passed other bloggers outfit posts, as they're usually not for me, but you manage to make them so funny and readable! You're by far my fave snapchatter too (out of the 10 I follow haha!) - bloody love those ridiculous chickens. You've even made me think of getting some but it seems like a big commitment...

  9. Ah! I was scouring ThredUp after reading this post and subsequently received an email because that's how businesses work nowadays. At bottom of said email where they list their contact information, I was like, hmm that address looks familiar. Their headquarters are totally in the same office building that my husband works in! I wonder what they'd do if I just walked in one day and asked where all the clothes at?

  10. I love Threadup-I have bought and sold on there. It is easy both ways which is great for a crazy busy chic like me. Thirfting is fun yet time consuming. I still use Schoola (your sugguestion) from time to time to buy and donate.

  11. Thank you for sharing ThredUp! I'd never heard of it. We live in a tiny town that has a surprisingly great consignment shop. I wish more people bought secondhand and this looks like an awesome and convenient way to do it.

  12. Ooh! LOVE the second pair of khakis, and how you styled the culotte style pants in third outfit (which never seem to look attainable to me, but you rocked it!)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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