Betsy My Love

We've sold our dear Betsy the Flying Potato. The Holbs put a sign on her window and less than six hours later, after four inquiries and three test drives, Betsy was betrothed to a baseball playing Moscow High senior. Oh but my dear heart breaks.

The Holbs has decided to call our street corner the "Corner of Magic," as the last time he put something out for sale (our old rickety treadmill of terror, may she rest in peace) it was sold in under 30 minutes. But, why not our house then? Question mark?

Well. What is there to say about dear Betsy? We bought her four years ago. The Holbs took her on many romantic outings to the dump, to the recycling center, and to rent carpet cleaners from the Safeway. She was so good to our little family, and now she is going to be some hot guy's make-out-mobile.

I am sure she is thrilled, the dirty girl.


  1. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for you that they realise how lovely a little house it is.

  2. Praying for ya...It took my parents a year to sell their house. The new people moved in yesterday. It just takes time.

  3. Praying for you to sell your house...riiiiight...NOW. Done. The Lord seems to hear my prayers when I pray for others. Just sayin'.

    So sorry to hear about Betsy. I mean, it's a good thing, right? I mean, you were selling her for a reason, right? Because she needs to stay in Idaho. (For the love, her full name, as I so gather, is Betsy the Flying Potato! She's a true Idahoan. PS My dad would probably love you for calling her that; he was born and raised in Idaho, and he loves all things potato, so...I'm just sayin'.)

    Time heals all wounds, Natalie. Your broken heart will heal. With time...

  4. I'm sure Betsy will feel young again as a make-out mobile. It was her destiny. She will be missed.

    As for you house, I said a prayer just now as I read your post. Everything works out for the best... just stay positive. :) Good luck!

  5. I actually cried when I gave up "our" first car, a van named Bob (for Beast Of Burden) that Karl had purchased from his parents for $400 whilst in college. Bob was the trustiest, most awesome van known to humankind. He'd taken a hit for many of the Taylor team, and under my love and attention, Bob blossomed into near-respectability (he WAS "born" in 1989, after he was getting up there and not the prettiest boy around). He was vacuumed and tidied regularly, gassed up with due diligence, and always sported a sparkling windshield and lovely interior scent. And he was famous: when the first counselor from our former student ward heard Karl was engaged, he said, "What? Did Bob break down or something?" Alas, when we moved to Oregon for post-college employment, Bob was deemed too vintage to make the drive, so we left him with some of Karl's VERY undeserving siblings, who promptly abused Bob into non-existence. I was furious and heartbroken. So was Karl. He once actually asked philosophically, "Do you think I'll get to meet the spirit of Bob in Heaven?"

    I SO believe he will. Bob will make it there--no doubt!

  6. AnonymousJune 08, 2010 are such a lovely girl and I enjoy your blog so much! You deserve to sell your home and move on to your next set of goals. When we put our little house up for sale we buried a statue of St Joseph upside down in our suggested by a friend...a very common practice from what I understand...and our house sold very quickly soon after...this happened in the beginning of the downturn in the market in our area.

    Good luck and prayers to you!

  7. AnonymousJune 08, 2010

    Verily Nay! I meant to call you Nat! So sorry for the typo!

    And RIP - Rev in Peace - Dear Betsy!

  8. Oh, Natalie, I am truly sorry to hear about Betsy the Flying Potato. I mean, I'm glad you were able to sell her so quickly, but should we really be able to SELL parts of our family like that, I wonder?

    Jeremy's little 94 Toyota pickup has been part of our family since before we were a family. Jeremy's dad passed Travis on to Jeremy back in 97, and Travis has been witness to many a make-out session starring the two of us. (This poor truck probably has an ongoing identity crisis because Jeremy insists that his name is actually Tiny Tim, but I know otherwise.)

    Recently, Jeremy's been talking of purchasing a new vehicle - one that will start even if it is raining or has recently rained, one that he could call reliable. (I call that boring and predictable, but what do I know?)

    I feel your pain.

  9. I will pray about the selling of your house. Although I still disagree with the realtor saying that if you take down the wall plates it would sell faster. I loved the wall plates! Something like that would inspire me to buy a house!

    I do feel sorry for the selling of Betsy. I sort of loved her. It makes me sad for when we sell Jessica (Tim's old blue suburban), he insists that her name is Blue..but that's so un-original!

    Heading now to check out the guest post! Perhaps you could guest post for me sometime! That would be lovely!

  10. An ode to Betsy: white and rickety, lovely and old- once she picked up sparky cokes, now sweaty gear and cute chicks she'll tote. Dear Betsy the flying potato you will be missed.

    I hope you sell the holbsabode soon- I know it's a frustrating wait, almost as frustrating as waiting for offspring me thinks

  11. Betsy, she was a good flying potato!

    Blessings on the house sale!


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