Cute Baby Alert!

Today was a good day, because today was the day my wallet came back to me from Queens.

I lost it in a cab on my way to the doctor's office, where I was declared fit for "strenuous physical exertion," wink wink, and then as I was packing up all of my parts and pieces (do I have my keys? do I have my Huck? does my Huck have his socks?), I was suddenly aware that I was missing my wallet, my cab fare home, my ID, aaaaaaand my MetroCard.

And then in a moment of pure Irish luck (I am not Irish), my phone rang (Lady GaGa is my ring tone), and on the other line a-calling was Huck's pediatrician (her name is Carole).

"You left your wallet in a cab!" Carole said.

"I know!" I said back. "Wait--how do you know?"

"Billy called me."

"Who is Billy?"

"Your cab driver."


"He said to call him before five."

I looked at my watch. 4:59. Luckily I can dial super fast.

What do you suppose a wallet does while it is in Queens? And what do you suppose the inside of a cab company's office must look like? People must leave things in cabs all the time. I always get a little nervous when it is time to pay and calculate the tip and try to exit the car gracefully. It's any wonder I leave cabs with any of my belongings at all. Probably a lot of take-out boxes get left in cabs. I always leave my take-out boxes in mysterious places. Do you do that too?

When my wallet returned to me from Queens I did the cursory check to make sure everything was there that should be there (credit cards) and that nothing was there that shouldn't be there (bedbugs). (Really, you've got to take these things seriously.) And what do you know? Every last cent.

So now you know the story of how my wallet came back to me from its grand adventure in Queens. It is also the story of how I came to know that, as much as people might try and pretend otherwise, New York City is actually a pretty nice place to live after all.


  1. aww I'm so glad you got it back! So very lucky!!

  2. oh my, that is some walk! happy you made it safely and got your wallet back!

  3. OMG, you ARE Elizabeth Bennett!
    (Pride and Prejudice - the book rather than the movie)
    I always wondered what would become of her after she had a baby =)

    I know this time it was necessary, but you seem "quite fond of walking!"

  4. I'm going to take this as my cue to tell a New York wallet story:

    New Year's Eve 2008-9, I am with two friends, one of whom may or may not be a little, er, saucy, and we are going out to the middle of Brooklyn. Only our subway changed into express and left us further into the middle of Brooklyn. After attempting unsuccessfully to hail a cab there, we went back down to wait for another train, and then we left the saucy friend's bag on the subway platform.

    Luckily she had her phone ON her, and her dad's camera. And she was safe and sound.

    But not a week later, a woman called her at her home in Virginia (she had been just visiting NYC!), and said she looked her up via her drivers' license. And called her house. And sent her the purse, with all her money, cards, IDs, make up, and cash!

    Ta-da! Go NYC.

  5. I do enjoy reading your posts so much. That baby is very very sweet (English version of cute!) I'm glad you got your wallet back and New York sounds positively delightful with networks of doctors and cabbie's working together to make life easier. Enjoy whatever 'strenuous exercise' might spring to mind? By the way, I've been following your blog for so long. I wonder if you've ever popped over to mine for a visit - I'd be delighted to welcome you and might even put the kettle on in your honour!

  6. You are my hero and that hucklebaby is so delicious that I'm not quite sure how you don't eat him alive.

  7. I like the way you write. Very fun and entertaining. Usually I don't like reading long blog posts but I couldn't help but want to find out about the great adventures of your wallet! ;)

  8. I am glad you didn't consider the park. That's one cute HuckSpud you got there. Made in Idaho, ya know.

  9. were just practicing a "different" kind of physical strenuous activity with your little holbsbaby:)

  10. The fun I miss living in rural central America. I never leave my wallet anywhere..except at home. But that is only when I'm in an extreme rush to the grocery store and then off again to something else equally important. I get to the check out girl and find I have no money at all, instead it is all safe and warm in my house...across town.

  11. I lose things like this all of the time, usually I find them in the refridgerator.

  12. Yeah, yeah, great story. Faith in human nature, turning a good deed. Let's just talk about that adorable, impossibly cute little Holbsbaby! OMG. They don't come cuter than that, Nat! Just want to chomp on those cheeks!

  13. Oh my goodness! That baby looks 100% like his mama! Too cute!

  14. This post is hilariously awesome.


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