The New To-Do

Today was a banner day!

Today I

Changed some pants.
Assisted in the safe passage of some tummy bubbles.
Wrestled one {1} pacifier and two {2} baby socks out of Peter Pan's mouth.
Listened to a lot of Beirut on youtube.
Got spit up all in mah hair.
Pushed a baby in a stroller to retrieve one {1} three-pack of wipes and two {2} 12-packs of Diet Coke.
Nursed a bajillion times.
Discovered a mysterious wet spot on the back of my jeans, and smelled it without even thinking twice. 
Pushed a baby in a stroller on a walk with the dogs and to pick up the laundry from the basement, and managed to stuff us all (one-handed!) into my tiny elevator.
Performed a private Christmas Concert, Audience of One.
Bathed a baby till he was squeaky clean, then lovingly smeared lotion all over him, including all ten {10} of his Huckleberry toes.
Thanked the Lord above for the person who invented baby swings and also for the person who discarded their perfectly good one on the street for me to find and love forever.

In a little bit I will

Rock a baby till he falls asleep.
Pray fervently that he will pretty-pretty-please sleep through the night!
Collapse exhausted onto the couch and have some egg nog with a Diet Coke chaser (don't knock it till you try it, yo).

My life these days is pretty flippin' rad.

is worth watching.


  1. i love every bit of this :)

  2. You shouldn't be so cute postpartum. I mean really. It's not fair to the rest of us. Also, Stay at home motherhood is pretty freakin' rad isn't it?

  3. I remember these moments the most when my babe was little, that is why this part:

    "Performed a private Christmas Concert, Audience of One."

    was my fav. Happy Christmas!

  4. my day was so similar. my thoughts on sequined tops: HOT except- will the sequins scratch up baby's face? especially when nursing. i wore a sequined top to holiday brunch this weekend and feared scratching of the baby face the WHOLE time.

  5. Now THAT'S a full day!! Just loved this, thanks for sharing!

  6. You are a blessed mommy! I love how you make joy in your mommyhood....I wish all mommies could realize that sleepless nights, spit up, diaper, and all the other gifts of motherhood really are a special days...really!

  7. I'd say the sequins just depend on the color - but I really think they are dashing and I'm attracted to any and all things shiny, so maybe don't take advice from me.

    Also that Huck of yours is absolutely adorable. Edible. In our house we'd call him "munchy". You know - when a baby is so cute you could just eat them? Nibble on their cheeks? Bite their thighs? Pluck their toes off? I hope I don't sound like a baby eating freak. Annnnd this comment stops here.

  8. The look on little Hucklberrys face is just priceless and makes me want to kiss his cheeks until I can't kiss anymore.

  9. Sequins are a HELLS YES, especially gold or silver ones under a ruffled black cardigan with skinny jeans...classic!

    (And also, doesn't anything glitter or sequins just make you feel like a rock star? Regardless of what it is?)

  10. sweet, sweet photo & go for the sequins & also, you.are.SUPERWOMAN, what with the getting of the dogs & the stroller & all into the elevator one handed! : ) love!

  11. are you using a baby wrap like a woombie or swaddleme? i didn't fully embrace them until 3 months, and i wish i had i agree, sequins<3 and adorable baby (and i like your skirt)

  12. wet spot= sat on a baby wipe (maybe) i have done that a million times!

  13. Look at you all beautiful in that skirt in your adorable, tiny kitchen with that giant H on the wall and baby in arms. You just flat out inspire me.

    And my favorite part: "Performed a private Christmas Concert, Audience of One."

  14. You are one busy woman! Mommy's learn how to do extraordinary things. Sounds like you are on track...

  15. You are hilarious! I'd say that a day worth a pedicure...and some. (I want that H in the background, and I really want your skirt)
    Your little man is just precious! And you are HOT! Like a tamale... ??? ;)

  16. It sounds like a beautiful day and the photo you have up is beautiful as well!!

  17. Please tell me it's not selfish to buy oneself things the week of Christmas! I just tell them to buy me less!

  18. I wish I could get Jeremy not to buy anything for himself the weeks before Christmas. He ruins all of my best gifts!

  19. Those picture are carry Mom and children love, awesome. thanks for sharing this.

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