THE GREAT COOKIE QUEST :: momofuku milk bar ::

we stumbled on the momofuku milk bar quite accidentally on saturday while out on a very long and very chilly walk around town. i'd heard good things about their cookies (especially their compost cookie) so when i saw it i sort of squealed inside the way you do when you spot a celebrity (emma stone, yesterday, 72d street), although i do have to say, as a girl who gets grossed out by the mere thought of drinking the milk at the end of a bowl of cereal, i just can't get behind their cereal milk concept. the whole thing makes me shudder. but right.

we got a couple cookies and some pork buns and ate them on a bench outside verdi square in the cold. we tried the compost, the blueberries and creme, THE MARSHMALLOW CORNFLAKE . . . ingredients in the compost cookie include butterscotch chips, graham cracker crumbs, pretzel bits and coffee grounds. (coffee grounds!)

the thing about momofuku cookies is they're really flat and chewy. more "candy" and less "baked good." they all kind of have a hint of caramel flavor. they're like caramel toffee cookie leather. 
they're good.

we tried the pork buns per holbsrequest. they were $8 a piece and were maybe almost worth the price. that's a lot of dollars for a steamed bun!

i think i'm going to have to go back tomorrow because...

momofuku milk bar score
on a scale of 1-5
appearance: 1
nyc experience: 4
total: 15

next time you're in the city
561 columbus avenue



  1. You saw Emma Stone?! I love her! And I totally agree with you on the cereal milk thing. Ew.

  2. that pork buns looks pretty amazing. as do those cookies. and cereal milk? i'm having a love/hate with the thought.
    xx jes

  3. Reading this made my oatmeal seem so much more depressing. Oh, I would love some compost cookie.

  4. I feel ya on the cereal milk thing. My boyfriend would drink MY cereal milk if I let him - he's kinda gross like that

    Also, marshmallow cornflake cookie!?? My mind is blown.
    That's all!

  5. yes! My best friend always brings me cookies from Momofuku cookies when she comes down here, delicious!

  6. Try the birthday cake truffles! They have a hold on my heart like nothing else.

  7. Awesome pictures! It looks like a yummy cookie!

  8. So let me get this straight... they serve cereal flavored milk? Like I could order Trix milk? Sounds like a stomach ache waiting to happen. I'll definitely get in line for a chewy cookie though!

    Every time I see your yellow skinnies, it makes me want to go buy a pair. I love them!

    Along Abbey Road
    DownEast Basics Giveaway

  9. where are your shoes from? love!

    1. from a shoe store in the neighborhood called tani... i think they might be dolce vita? flatforms!

  10. that cookie looks so great.

    and where did you get those shoes?

  11. I've heard the crack pie is pretty good too, so that will be on my list when i finally get around to going there.

    Ugh! You are the second person who told me they saw Emma Stone at 72nd on saturday! Why wasn't I there?!?!

  12. EMMA STONE! Our future BFF! You know, after you and I are BFF.

  13. emma stone?! jealous.

    and i happen to love cereal milk so this place sounds divine!

  14. I have to say that your pants in the last photo made me remember how ANGRY i am at myself that i didn't get the anthro pilcros in yellow (are those the anthro ones? love.). so i decided to take a looksey and WHATDOYAKNOW, they had a pair left in my size! woooooooooooo! thanks for the inspiration ;)

    anna @

  15. Yummmm! You guys always find the best cookies. It makes me so hungry!!



  16. Looks delish! Loving your yellow skinnies. xo

  17. dude, bake their crack pie! the recipe's floating around online. i honestly almost shed a tear when i baked it. xoxo

  18. sounds delish! and I'm with you on the cereal milk concept...yuck!

  19. Mmm. I want a whole closet of colorful skinnies. The yellow is divine. And j-cricket do I ever need a cookie quest of my own.

  20. what?! noooooo! i hate momofuku cookies. they're not soft enough or thick enough or doughy enough (?). now i feel like i have to come up with a whole new way to describe cookies because you called momofuku cookies chewy. this post is really throwing me for a loop! haha. the veggie buns are delicious, though. (can't vouch for the pork, but i believe it!)

  21. I've been wanting to go there forever! Have you seen their cookbook? Want that too...

    ps, love the sweet shirt

  22. 1. obsessed with your shoes.
    2. this places sounds absolutely amazing. i typically LOVE the left over milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl (cue gasp) so i might just have to get some.
    3. extreeeeemely jealous that you saw emma stone. she's my girl crush. ha
    xo TJ

  23. LOVE those WEDGES! looks great on you! :-)

  24. I have to add that breast milk tastes like cereal milk! Hence the happy babies. ;) Now that probably really grosses you out! xo

  25. emma stone, i might die! Also, cornflake marshmallow... I think I might book a stopover in NYC in my upcoming (work - bleh) trip to the US just to get one!

  26. do i spy swans on your shirt? where oh where is it from! you, and the cookies, look lovely :)

  27. You keep this up, you won't be able to fit into those cute yellow pants. Nice to see you in my former neighborhood, though. 83rd & CPW is a great area of NYC.

  28. those cookies sound amazing! but i'm not so sure about the milk.

    i always love your colored skinnies. so freakin cute!

  29. That cookie sounds AMAZING!!! PS. Your shoes are amazing too! Where are they from?

  30. The Butter Cake is where it's at. You've got to try that next. DELICIOUS.

  31. I know this is an old post and I know it is about the crackaliciousness that is the milk bar...but your shoes are super cool!


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